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Love the Dress on a girl in the Second photo, Its something I wouldn't mind buying my girlfriend. And her high heals look cute with the dress. One thing I always love about Tokyo is the Fashion.

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I didn't hear about this news anywhere... Great Job!! I wish they would show this on tv! It would open the eyes of people on the way they see sport!

Shingo might not be in the news, but he is a better player then Nishikori! will ever be. For those who don't know.. He is the world number 1. And has won 7!!! Australian opens! Also he won THREE Grand slams last year! What a legend!

Good luck to Nishikori to get close to anything Shingo has done. All the bes with the next one Shingo!!

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@ Qsamasensei Really awesome! I'm a bit jealous. Thanks for the Information! Sometimes I wish we had more..positive/interesting news like this!

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@ papigiulio

I agree it looks like alot of fun. The one thing I love in Japan is all the different types of Festivals. Getting dressed up in so many different clothes and costumes, would be heaps of fun.

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@ serendipitous

Yea, I agree.. I know I have watch a popular Film about a guy losing his Job, and lots of people are being sacked. Anyway.. he does find a way out by the end of the movie.. But,...

His friend... loses his Job.. and can't support his family.. and pretends to go to work.. but he is really looking for another job.. he can't find one.. after 1 week 2 months.. 6 months.. he can't work.. And so along with his wife and child ... he kills himself with them.. (All three of them) in there home.. with some way.. I can't remember.. how...

So I agree it is in the culture a bit.. that if you have a problem with your family... you have to deal with it no matter what.. which can be unfortunate.. I think thas why in Japan if you have a problem with your family it really is best to look for help from family and friends.. anyone.

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@ Michal Ostrihoň

Yea I agree having someone who is kind is important, but at least I know for me at first.. I am attracted to they way the act (when on a date) And how the dress.. ect..

As most people are kind when you first meet them.. So I find I base it off looks at first... I kind feel its natural! and also if they are still kind after meeting and getting to know them.. then I most likely gonna be happy.

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Posted in: The No. 1 thing that foreign men find 'not so kawaii' about Japanese women See in context

@Jason Santana

It can be hard walking in any different way.. (E.g.. some type of samurai style.. forget the name...) or different Shoes.. Like walking in the Snow or walking with High heals..(Or even walking in the snow in high heals.. haha) But the more you do it the better you get. Though yea, some do it more natural.. I find it hard to judge.. as all girls.. women.. start walking in high heals.. for the first time at differen't stages, Even some women in late 20's 30's might never of worn high heals before.

My Japanese girlfriend works in high heals,(She always has too) so.. she can basically run in them..^^ Its happened before.. Running.. to her shop.. so not to be late for work.. I was running with her in sports shoes and she was keeping up with me..

I find no problem with the different style of walking.. (Even samurai.. walk a little different, and everyone loves samurai right??) I really wouldn't care how a girl walks.. and the way of talking.. I don't think most girls speak in a 'cute' voice all the time its only sometimes..(For work.. or friends.. or just playing around..) So its no problem.. I even sometimes like the 'cute' voice some girls put on. As its just a different form of "acting", it can be cute and interesting at times.

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