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Posted in: Death penalty sought for man over 2019 Kyoto Animation arson-murders See in context

Japan is as backwards as Texas with respect to the death penalty.

Besides, in this case, life in prison would be the harsher sentence.

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Posted in: Bestseller Musk biography to be adapted into film See in context

with the billionaire seen as struggling to recognize that technology and sheer will power will not create miracles.

He is also struggling to recognise that the vast majority of people in the world view him as a spoiled, egomaniac halfwit.

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Posted in: Japan hospital denies LGBT woman support for IVF pregnancy See in context


A very wise decision.

In what universe? You an all the other homophobes here need to get back in your time machine and return to the Middle Ages.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context


We are talking about Japan fraud. stay Focus!

Um, no. We are talking about Chinese propaganda.

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Posted in: After weeks in besieged Gaza, some foreign nationals and injured Palestinians allowed to leave See in context


There would be exponentially fewer civilian lives lost as collateral damage in Gaza had Egypt opened their border earlier to Palestinians and others trying to evacuate 

I think you don't understand the word "exponentially." There would be exponentially fewer civilian lives lost if Israel didn't bomb civilian targets.

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Posted in: Biden says support for Israel, Ukraine vital for U.S. security; will ask Congress for billions See in context

Supporting Ukraine and supporting Israel are two separate matters entirely. The fact that Biden can say he supports both of them, and in the same sentence, makes him a hypocrite. What Russia is doing in Ukraine is equivalent to what Israel is doing in Palestine.

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Posted in: Biden to visit Israel on Wednesday; Iran issues warning See in context


the Jews didn’t do anything to get slaughtered like they did by the Nazis except for the one crime of being Jewish.

 it was Hamas that struck first with the intention of killing as many Jews as possible.

Except that Israel is retaliating by killing innocent Palestinians, who have done nothing wrong, except for the one crime of not being Jewish.

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Posted in: Transport ministry to penalize used car dealer Bigmotor over fraud See in context

They should force Big Motors to include a picture of a man striking a car with a golf ball in their logo.

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Posted in: Nagoya ordinance prohibits walking on escalators See in context

Most of the incidents that occur on escalators (and these occur with even more frequency on stairs and in the streets) are caused by people walking with their eyes glued to their smartphones.

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Posted in: Judge rules Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire See in context

And he's also the smartest man ever to have graced the halls of Congress within the last century...

You made my day, Bass. Thanks for supplying us with some comic relief!

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Posted in: Japan looks to promote electronic visas as inbound tourism recovers See in context

Great. While the rest of the developed world has already been doing this for years, Japan, who used to be a developed nation, is finally getting on board. Send your fax to the following number to apply! .........

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Posted in: 400,000 nuisance calls made to Japanese Embassy in China over Fukushima See in context

What's really sad is how many Chinese people have been completely brainwashed by their government's propaganda.

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Posted in: Osaka police officers fire guns at knife-wielding man See in context


Lousy ass shooting if you ask me! When you shoot, you shoot to kill, that's it, no other reason.

That's a sickening thing to say. You don't even know what the guy did and you want him dead??

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Posted in: Convenience store clerk arrested for punching customer over receipt in Hyogo Prefecture See in context


If a customer says they don't want the receipt, don't give it to him. Basic common sense and courtesy. It's called good service.

By that same token, if the guy gives you the receipt anyway, don't have a tantrum and throw it at him. Just smile and toss it into the bin. It's called not being a psychopath.

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Posted in: Chinese public sees Japan, U.S. as least trustworthy: survey See in context

Surprise, surprise!

Most people only think what the state-run media tells them to think.

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Posted in: At least 130,000 bank accounts affected by latest My Number ID card issue See in context

If they're not letting people link family members' bank accounts, why didn't they structure the sign-up process so that it would refuse to link bank accounts in different names? That's like, you go shopping online, they ask for your credit card. You give it to them, they send you the goods. Then a few days later you get a phone call saying, "Sorry, we don't accept that credit card."

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Posted in: Japan moves to criminalize exploitative photo voyeurism See in context

It is a value that pervades our society. There is a Japanese view that sexualizes women.

That has nothing to do with it. The real problem is that in Japanese society there is such a taboo on sexual expression of any kind that many men find themselves with no other outlet.

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Posted in: Teacher moonlighting as bar host arrested in Nagoya See in context

This is what happens when you have Showa-minded people in city offices and at the heads of schools.

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Posted in: Singapore hangs prisoner over cannabis trafficking See in context

Talk about archaic. Singapore claims to be a first-world country. But this....

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Posted in: Heroic fisherman who caught Kishida’s attacker now a fashion icon See in context

Although Workman is great, shouldn't we be focusing more on these two men's heroic deed?

I know too many people who would have just looked on with a "don't rock the boat" attitude. This country needs more people like these two, willing to stand up and take actions based on what is directly in front of them.

Oh, and I personally would have translated "この野郎" as... well no, wait, I'd better not say type it here...!

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Posted in: Ukraine says it is finding more Chinese components in Russian weapons See in context

Yet another reason why nobody can trust China.

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Posted in: Cambodia deports 19 Japanese cybercrime scam suspects See in context

For those saying, "They got what they deserve," did you even read the article??

It really does seem like they might be victims themselves.

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Posted in: Gelmisa leads Ethiopian trifecta at Tokyo Marathon See in context

Used to pay those ridiculously high entrance fees to run overcrowded marathons along boring courses until I figured out I could use Google Maps to chart my own more scenic courses and run 42K for free. Plenty of water available at house garden hoses en route, and I bring along a¥1,000 note for a 7-11 beer at the turnaround.

I get that. You can run a marathon any day of the week, and that is fine, and that is good. I do that every once in a while too.

And yet... nothing beats running through the city streets, all the traffic stopped FOR YOU, all the people cheering FOR YOU. It's an experience like no other.

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Posted in: When you drink coffee or tea in Japan, do you prefer the chains like Starbucks, Tully’s, Doutor, etc, or do you prefer the traditional “kissaten?” See in context

Nowadays more kissaten are becoming non-smoking. Some of them are quite nice.

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Posted in: Calls grow for G7 chair Japan to focus on issues other than Ukraine See in context

Japan, for example, could contribute toward promoting universal health care coverage to other countries by offering expertise on its own system, as the Asian nation has provided public medical insurance for all its citizens since 1961, analysts said.

Perhaps more than anyone the US could learn from Japan's example in this respect!

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Posted in: Osaka Marathon See in context

What an exciting finish!

Congrats to everyone who participated!

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Posted in: Woman cyclist dies after being hit by car; driver arrested See in context

We can speculate and say things like, "The man wasn't looking at the road." "The woman might have been crossing on red," etc. etc. But the fact is that this article gives no details that might allow us insight into why the accident happened. There's no way you can point a finger if you don't know what took place.

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Posted in: Record 94% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward Russia: survey See in context

What a useless poll. What does "Russia" mean? The Russian government? Or the Russian people? If we're talking about governments here, we could also ask, "What percent of Japanese do not feel friendly toward the Japanese government?" and we'd likely get a very similar answer!

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

This is good news. For those people saying that people wore masks before Covid... Well yeah, some people did... when they had a cold or allergies. But nobody stared anybody down for NOT wearing one.

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Posted in: Japanese TV network makes multiple apologies for reporter chewing gum on air See in context

How dare he be human! Doesn't he know that a reporter isn't allowed to show any emotion!

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