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Posted in: Japan's ruling party loses all 3 seats in by-elections See in context

Good for them. Down with the LDP!!!

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Posted in: Mexican film wins top prize at Moscow International Film Festival while major studios boycott Russia See in context

It's too bad that film companies are boycotting Russia. Cinema and other arts have a huge potential to promote peace and friendliness among peoples, even if (or especially if) their governments are at war with each other.

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Posted in: Trump meets former Japanese PM Aso; criticizes strong dollar against yen See in context

Great. The guy with the crooked mouth meets the guy who's crooked all over. Just two crooked guys!

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Posted in: Russians head to polls in election set to extend Putin's rule See in context


Navalny had no credible history in country wide electoral politics - that's what the western media aren't telling you about their appointed "opposition leader".

Oh yeah? Is that why Putin had to murder him? That makes no sense.

How can you support a leader who locks up and kills anyone who disagrees with the current government narrative? The vast majority of Russian people can't stand Putin, but they're afraid to say so because they know the consequences...

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate hits fresh low at 20% See in context

Everyone hates the LDP, and yet everyone votes for them. This paradox constantly baffles me.

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Posted in: Tourists banned from private alleys in Kyoto's geisha district See in context


You know Japanese people, they will self police. The busy bodies will monitor and approach every foreigner to escort them out as citizen police patrol.

Are you being sarcastic? If so, good point. Most Japanese people are passive-aggressive and terrified of direct confrontation. Rather than approach foreigners to escort them away, what you'll hear is a lot of tongue clicking and cursing under their breath in barely audible tones...

And besides, if the road is closed to "tourists," how are they supposed to determine which foreigners are tourists and which are residents, and ditto for Japanese people?

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Posted in: Trans-skeptical U.S. book finds new Japanese publisher See in context

The problem is that so many people these days mistake skepticism for being anti-transgender.

Even those who are sympathetic to transgender people often get slapped with an anti-trans label because they are not extreme enough in their support for the cause.

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Posted in: Trump backs Israel's war in Gaza See in context

Great, so now on top him being a racist, misogynist, egotistical arrogant narcissist, he also supports the genocide of the Palestinian people. Can there be a more blatantly horrible person than him?

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Posted in: Joy, envy in Japan as baseball star Ohtani speaks more about marriage See in context

@Quo Primum

And the fact that your comment is getting more 'down' votes than 'up' votes is evidence that many people slobber over the lives of celebrities and give them borderline 'cult worship.'

I disagree. Things aren't so black and white. It is possible for people to follow the lives of their favourite celebrities, and to feel emotional about big changes, without going to the point of obsessing over them or "worshiping" them.

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Posted in: NATO allies rule out sending troops to Ukraine as Russia rebukes Macron See in context


NATO requires consensus on troop deployment, not a French Cowboy trying to reenact Napolean back in the day!

Let me remind you that the only one trying to reenact Napoleon is Putin.

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Posted in: Man given prison term for food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka See in context


It’s about time all schools, work areas and public establishments prohibit personal cellphone usage...

Wait, someone commits a crime and you want to ban people from using smartphones at work and in public places? That's like, someone wrote something naughty, so you decide to ban pencils!

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Posted in: Frightening video shows Japan’s stop-and-listen-for-trains driving rule maybe isn’t so silly after all See in context

I thought this was a thing in every country.

In a similar vein, I see so many people cross the road on foot without bothering to look left and right, darting into traffic without the notion that there might be a bike or car coming. Is there no sense of danger? Are children not taught when they're young to look both ways before crossing the road??

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Posted in: Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT See in context

@Marc Lowe

Authors like Grisham, Picoult and Martin, who make frivolous lawsuits should be boycotted and their works removed from bookshelves and online bookstores.

It's one thing to condone the use of AI in the creative process.

It's a completely different thing to start banning books of those who disagree with you. Although I agree that AI is a useful tool, I think you should reconsider your extremist proposition.

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Posted in: Ruling-party candidate strongly opposed by China wins Taiwan's presidential election See in context

The CCP has no place in today's world. Down with the CCP!

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Posted in: Japan's ruling LDP starts debates to reform political funds rules See in context

More like, they're going to discuss how they can continue taking bribes and kickbacks and still get away with it.

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Posted in: Railway companies in Japan saw 1,124 cases of customer harassment, such as abusive language, unreasonable demands and aggressive behavior directed by commuters at station and train staff last year, according to a transport ministry survey. Have you seen any such bad behavior? See in context


I think the title should read "worker harassment". Nobody is harassing the customers.

The definition of "customer harassment" is "disruptive behaviour by customers," not towards them.

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Posted in: Railway companies in Japan saw 1,124 cases of customer harassment, such as abusive language, unreasonable demands and aggressive behavior directed by commuters at station and train staff last year, according to a transport ministry survey. Have you seen any such bad behavior? See in context

JR staff are too polite. Abusive behaviour shouldn't be tolerated. Such offenders should be showed the door and told where they can shove their petty complaints.

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Posted in: Comedian Matsumoto to go on hiatus amid sex scandal report See in context

Shukan Bunshun is the thing we need to get rid of. No real journalism. Just scandal after scandal, a bunch of paparazzi making money off other people's misfortunes.

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Posted in: Kishida plans to replace chief cabinet secretary Matsuno: report See in context

Make everyone who gets caught receiving a bribe or kickback wear a banner on their head that shows the total amount they received.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for man over 2019 Kyoto Animation arson-murders See in context

Japan is as backwards as Texas with respect to the death penalty.

Besides, in this case, life in prison would be the harsher sentence.

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Posted in: Bestseller Musk biography to be adapted into film See in context

with the billionaire seen as struggling to recognize that technology and sheer will power will not create miracles.

He is also struggling to recognise that the vast majority of people in the world view him as a spoiled, egomaniac halfwit.

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Posted in: Japan hospital denies LGBT woman support for IVF pregnancy See in context


A very wise decision.

In what universe? You an all the other homophobes here need to get back in your time machine and return to the Middle Ages.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context


We are talking about Japan fraud. stay Focus!

Um, no. We are talking about Chinese propaganda.

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Posted in: After weeks in besieged Gaza, some foreign nationals and injured Palestinians allowed to leave See in context


There would be exponentially fewer civilian lives lost as collateral damage in Gaza had Egypt opened their border earlier to Palestinians and others trying to evacuate 

I think you don't understand the word "exponentially." There would be exponentially fewer civilian lives lost if Israel didn't bomb civilian targets.

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Posted in: Biden says support for Israel, Ukraine vital for U.S. security; will ask Congress for billions See in context

Supporting Ukraine and supporting Israel are two separate matters entirely. The fact that Biden can say he supports both of them, and in the same sentence, makes him a hypocrite. What Russia is doing in Ukraine is equivalent to what Israel is doing in Palestine.

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Posted in: Biden to visit Israel on Wednesday; Iran issues warning See in context


the Jews didn’t do anything to get slaughtered like they did by the Nazis except for the one crime of being Jewish.

 it was Hamas that struck first with the intention of killing as many Jews as possible.

Except that Israel is retaliating by killing innocent Palestinians, who have done nothing wrong, except for the one crime of not being Jewish.

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Posted in: Transport ministry to penalize used car dealer Bigmotor over fraud See in context

They should force Big Motors to include a picture of a man striking a car with a golf ball in their logo.

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Posted in: Nagoya ordinance prohibits walking on escalators See in context

Most of the incidents that occur on escalators (and these occur with even more frequency on stairs and in the streets) are caused by people walking with their eyes glued to their smartphones.

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Posted in: Judge rules Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire See in context

And he's also the smartest man ever to have graced the halls of Congress within the last century...

You made my day, Bass. Thanks for supplying us with some comic relief!

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Posted in: Japan looks to promote electronic visas as inbound tourism recovers See in context

Great. While the rest of the developed world has already been doing this for years, Japan, who used to be a developed nation, is finally getting on board. Send your fax to the following number to apply! .........

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