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RAINkyutech comments

Posted in: Police arrest 27-year-old Nara woman over Kyoto murder See in context

.It is very bad news. I can't understand why she was killed. She is poor girl , so I want you to solve this crime soon.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death over 16 arson murders See in context

I remember this article of Osaka. I think this is very bad news. He is crazy man. I can't kill 16 people too.

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Posted in: Taken for a ride See in context

I want to go to Asakusa. I like "Kaminarimon", because my favorite comic is "Kotira Katushikaku Kouennmae Hasyutuzyo".

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Posted in: Nap time See in context

He must not sleep , because he is working time. Window is open, so maybe I think weather is very hot. I wish weather become cold soon.

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Posted in: One dead, 60 injured as typhoon sideswipes Japan See in context

I live in Fukuoka, so the typhoon was not hit directly. However, Miyazaki was hit. I worry about my friends, because my friends live in Miyazaki.

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Posted in: Soothing tea See in context

This is Japanese culture. Maybe it is difficult for me to learn it. I know "Senno Rikyu. He is famous for "Tea of Sengoku era". I want to be great man like him.

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Posted in: Cast of Harry Potter sends messages to tsunami victims on flag of Japan See in context

Ireton said, “We offer you this in the hope that the victims of this terrible disaster find the strength and bravery to piece together their lives once again.” This is great. I read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows " ,but I want to see a movie too. I am looking forward to see it.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for murder of taxi driver in Fukuoka See in context

I am scared. I have two reasons. First, I live in Fukuoka. So, it is very close. Second , I am as old as he. He said “I stabbed the driver and took his money.”. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Swan lake See in context

How nice!! Excellent photography! I think a seagull mistake for seagull's parents. I want to see it.

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Posted in: Solar backpack See in context

Good idea!!! It is good style. I want to buy it. Everyone should use this.

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Posted in: Big bird See in context

So big!! I want to get in this airplane.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy drowns in kindergarten pool See in context

It is bad news. I am sad. Be careful in the pool

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors seek life in Briton's death See in context

Ichihashi is crazy. I wish the judge makes him hang for his vile crime .

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

How nice!! I want to swim in this sea. I have not been to sea yet in this summer.

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Posted in: Fuji Rock Festival See in context

I want to join in Fuji Rock Festival. However, 39800 yen is very expensive.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist stabbed in Honolulu neighborhood See in context

That's too bad. I am scared , because I am Japanese.

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Posted in: Maki Horikita to play doctor in postwar drama See in context

Maki is very cute. I will watch "Ume-chan sensei,” .

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Posted in: Iron man See in context

Wow! I want this boy to defeat Iron man.

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Posted in: Emi Takei receives Ms Lilly award See in context

Great. She is so cute. I want to marry with her.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of one-year-old son See in context

That's too bad. She is as old as I am. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: 16 children taken to hospital after collapsing during athletics meet See in context

Recently, japan is very hot . Maybe, we become to die without air conditioner.

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Posted in: Woman found beaten to death in Yokohama apartment See in context

I think murderer become to increase, because Japan is a recession.

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Posted in: Love in Action See in context

I don't like them , because they are not cute and they are not good at singing songs.

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Posted in: Bunny girl See in context

She is crazy. I think it is shameful. I don't want to wear this costume.

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

I can't believe it.why does she die? I am very sad. So, I like her character. God rest her soul.

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