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Posted in: Australian cricket great Shane Warne dies at 52 See in context

What a cricketer. Really can’t believe this. Even as an Englishman, it his was skill AND entertainment watching him that made him so special. Its only a few weeks ago watching The Ashes that his commentary was once again not only educating AND entertaining me, he always seemed to come on especially for the later evening sessions after a few glasses of white!

RIP Champ.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

51 people!

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

Yet your beloved South African data is now showing many more children hospitalized with Covid @Sanjinosebleed, or do you know conveniently ignore this news as it doesn't suit your narrative? In fact, if you do a simple search you will find many reports published in the last 48 hours showing the trend.

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Posted in: Russia says it will take nothing less than NATO expansion ban See in context

I'm loving @Ingvars (our man in Moscow) manic Russian propaganda today :) Veryu careful to say he is an 'Ethnic Scandinavian' many times. Sure many in Eatern Ukraine will be happy to return to Russian rule but that is not the whole country, is it now?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,719 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,991 See in context

Quality reply @Bob. But, do you really expect anything else after almost 2 years of the same response?

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Posted in: Over 500 people taken to hospitals in Tokyo after falling due to snow See in context

Hokkaido are fully prepared for it every winter @Ingvar. Comparison unnecessary.

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Posted in: 12,000 sign petition to ease Japan's tight entry rules over Omicron See in context

As long as Citizens and tax paying residents are allowed to return, which they are then Japan can do as they see fit. 12,000 people wasting their time.

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Posted in: Japan entry controls to stay until more known about Omicron See in context

I agree. 21 days full isolation for ALL arrivals from overseas

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Posted in: Japan hangs 3 death-row inmates; 1st executions in 2 years See in context

Well done Japan. For heinous crimes beyond doubt, let them hang by the neck until dead.

Other G7 countries should take notice and reinstate the death penalty. Although, the French had the right idea. The Firing Squad.

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Posted in: JR East, West to cut commuter services next year amid pandemic See in context

and @Bungle - and in most countries your logical conclusion would indeed happen.

Fortunately the privatised arms of JNR as we know them today don't do that but will only be able continue with this if cuts are made elsewhere. The Revenue simply isn't there.

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Posted in: Life at 50: 'Sex and the City' women back for new chapter See in context

er...just don't bother watching @snowy. Or commenting. You've probably spent as much time commenting and thinking about what to write than it would tale to watch an episode. Seems like has nobody has actually watched it. I have, and its ok. Just that.

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Posted in: Diverse doubts: How vaccine skepticism takes root See in context

Raw Beer: This is an anti vaxxer website that misinterprets VAERS data.

The whole website is devoted to discredit the vaccines and the manufacturers!

I look at the real VAERS website, and many more, probably 10x as many as you. I have found nothing to concern me. The websites you refer us to are just made by deceptive, conspiring forces trying to undermine society.

Even you had to slip in the comment ‘based on data’ - You know its a farce. So, yes, I continue to find you hilarious.

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Posted in: Diverse doubts: How vaccine skepticism takes root See in context

But @prionking, when we ask you who these 'tens of thousands' of doctors and nurses are you invariably send us to the right wing / religious site FLCCC or one the same five or six doctors who have been pushing 'therapies' since early 2020. The Nurses union in the UK, and Doctors in general are expressing disgust that 90% of those now requiring ICU treatment for COVID are unvaccinated and taking up valuable bed space for cancer patients etc. But I guess.. Thats an acceptable loss of life to you.

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Posted in: Diverse doubts: How vaccine skepticism takes root See in context

Raw Beer. You're hilarious mate. All your 'off the charts' chat etc. Every day you are sliding into a minority of people who could possibly get shunned from society for the next few years. Everything, from your therapeutics to your VAERS misinterpretation is just frankly nuts.

Your repeat posting of the first doctor to give an interview about the new variant over a number of days bordered on obsessive. Most of your anti vaxxer buddies I notice have now crawled under a rock. Give it up mate. Go and get jabbed.

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Posted in: Diverse doubts: How vaccine skepticism takes root See in context

But this is not the VAERS Website.

This is an analysis designed for the anti vaxxer crowd. Try again GreenPeas.

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Posted in: Japan cautiously enters year-end party season amid Omicron concerns See in context

Well said @Bronco. They are totally missing out, I fear the younger and ‘woke’ generation are starting to live a ‘cookie cutter’ life and it sounds awfully dull.

Put your mobile phone down, get out there drinking and picking up boys/girls the old fashioned way.

@Raw Beer: Pretty sure you’ll struggle to find any company anyway!

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Posted in: Hong Kong quarantine pushes Cathay pilots to 'breaking point' See in context

... And your best experience was on JAL? Right.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 127 See in context

Really... @Raw Beer. Are you going to continually post links via various websites of Anglique Coetzee from last weekend? We know very little yet and I am well aware of your views on vaccines, but putting that aside, is this just a further attempt to further ignore the huge health crisis of the last two years and continue to be so blasé? I don't care what the symptoms are, I am much more concerned about further people dying that don't need to. Your wretched views on social distancing and mask wearing are deplorable. Is there not even a middle ground you will accept? I wouldn't wish this in anybody, but I wonder if your views would change if a family member or friend was severely sickened by this?

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

Same policy for flights was implemented for 3 two week periods early in 2021 when things were very grim in Europe and the US. The only time true discrimination occurred was between April-August 2020 when foreign Nationals who were either outside the country at that time or chose to travel at that time could not re enter.

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Posted in: Japan starts booster COVID vaccinations See in context

Raw Beer. Still quoting one Doctor from last week. Seriously. Is that all you have. What a tool you are.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

@Joffy: Abe did exactly the same April 2020-August2020. Shut ALL foreign residents out.

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Posted in: Japan starts booster COVID vaccinations See in context

Yep - Bring it on.

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Posted in: CNN suspends anchor Chris Cuomo over help he gave his governor brother See in context

Good - Personally, I'd just take both Fox and CNN off the air. Both as bad as each other. Senseless propaganda channels.

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Posted in: Kishida taking no chances as Japan closes border over Omicron See in context

What is ALL the fuss about? We are just back exactly where we were right up until the end of October. No changes - apart from the countries and the number of days required in an awful APA Hotel - which will just grow by the day. Back to 3500 entrants a day which had only been increased to 5000 last Friday. Vaxxed no longer count. Reckon this will be it until end of March.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st case of Omicron variant See in context

@Raw Beer: That will be the same 'mild virus' that 5.2 Million people have already died from? Just to make sure we are talking about the same topic here?

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Posted in: Target to keep stores closed on Thanksgiving for good See in context

Every Restaurant AND The Tokyo American Club are celebrating on the 25th. I don't know any of my American friends who roll it to the next day because of the time difference! I'vbe seen them hungover for the last 30 years on the Friday! My boss is good enough to get lunch delivered for the whole office every Thanksgiving and we don't have it the next day.

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Posted in: After slow starts, some Asian vaccination rates now soaring See in context

@Ingvar: At no point did I acknowledge Sputnik was the mist effective and safest vaccine out there.

Plenty of information to be found on which vaccinations are being used in Cambodia, and AZ is being used as a booster for those who had Sinovac the first time round.

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Posted in: After slow starts, some Asian vaccination rates now soaring See in context

@Ingvar: Sinovac and AstraZeneca have by far the most widely used vaccines in Cambodia, yes, Sputnik is also approved for use but they were only supllied with a small amount. Cambodias government itself that they would source vaccines by all means necessary - In face Japan donated some of their domestically produced AZ to the country.

Sinovac has been given to those 5 and older. They have achieved a 79% vaccination rate thus far and life is returning to normal there. Fortunately they have not been exposed to anti-vax propaganda and/or have correctly chosen not to listen to it.

I had Moderna @zichi as did most of my colleagues. Yes - we all suffered side effects, nothing awful though 12-36 hours post jab and it came highly recommended by my doctor, who I consulted prior to my jabs whilst deciding between Pfizer through the ward office or Moderna arranged by my employer. Almost all the old and infirm that I know such as yourself, andincluding my own Mother seemed to suffer no side effects from Pfizer. The younger people did.

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Posted in: Australia to re-open borders to students, workers, vaccinated citizens of Japan, S Korea See in context

@Sanjinosebleed: You''ll need to be vaccinated. You and your children.

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Posted in: If you do not live in Japan, once the country reopens its international borders without restrictions, would you like to visit? See in context

Borders should remain closed at least until the Northern Hemisphere winter is over. The current demonstrations in Europe and their citizens lack of responsibility to vaccinate should preclude everybody from entering unnecessarily Why risk it? The HUGE uptick in domestic tourism being witnessed now (try and book a weekend at a domestic hotel) , coupled with a complete lack of overseas tourism means no need for it.

I agree with El Rata - even when the borders open, it ain't gonna be for the unjabbed for a LONG time

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