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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

@tora - It's an nice try to make us view another 'theorist'. No need for it.

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Posted in: Crystal Palace thrash Man Utd 4-0 to leave Ten Hag's future in doubt See in context

@ffs - sadly - you will probably lose players to more prominent teams in the off season. Shame. Good manager you picked up there, interviewed well post game on Sky this morning.

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Posted in: Vinyl record production value in Japan has recovered to levels seen about three decades ago, according to the Recording Industry Association of Japan. What do you think is the reason for this renewed popularity? See in context

@bass4funk is totally correct. I''m just happy that people are actually buying music again. Over the last 20 years the world moved to downloads and then streaming which until the last few years was horribly compressed. I made the decision to stick to CD's and then convert to FLACS for my own personal use mainly down the space constraints more than anything and now listen to those primarily and also subscribe to Tidal which offers uncompressed streaming - But then, I have audio equipment that the difference is obvious versus using Spotify or Apple Music. Yes, I am aware that Apple offer lossless but it's a real pain to extract the stream outside the Apple eco-system.

I'm pleased that Vinyl is having a comeback - seems to be the younger crowd too which means that are now hearing music as it what was meant to be heard. Not something compressed and lifeless.

The vinyl being manufactured now is heavier and more robust than in decades gone by and cared for will offer years of pleasure.

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Posted in: Should Japan try to prop up the yen? See in context

@Garthgoyle: Define failure. If the short term gain is scare speculators off taking it beyond 160 short term, and past the last FOMC meeting which was not good news for the Yen then they have succeeded for the moment.

Longer term, I hope for the same as Mr. Kipling. 125-140 should keep everybody happy.

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Posted in: Yen falls to lower 155 zone against dollar after suspected intervention See in context

@wtfjapan: Actually, the BOJ have intervened to weaken the yen also previously.

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Posted in: ANA enjoys record earnings on robust tourism growth See in context

Into what? @J Prin

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Posted in: Does beer taste better from a bottle or a can? See in context

Nah. Asahi too gassy. Kirin slightly bitter. Sapporo spot on. Suntory undrinkable. No refined taste here.

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Posted in: Does beer taste better from a bottle or a can? See in context

@Moonraker: Really? I think you'll find a lot of us can, especially between the major brands here. If you're not a beer drinker, fine - don't mock. Go back to your 'herb' juice.

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Posted in: ANA enjoys record earnings on robust tourism growth See in context

Good for them. They offer an excellent product from the ground up. International prices are actually starting to fall after peaking at the end of last year. My first choice for flying to Europe, US and East Asia.

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Posted in: Liverpool's Premier League title hopes hit by 2-0 loss to Everton See in context

Such a shame for Klopp - but Liverpool didn't turn up. Up to Man City to take 3 points tonight and stop it falling Arsenals grubby hands (anybody else but them....please)

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Posted in: Advantage Man City in Premier League title race after losses for Arsenal and Liverpool See in context

I don't want Man City to win too quickly - got good odds on Man City not LOSING another PL game from Jan until the end of the season.

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Posted in: Advantage Man City in Premier League title race after losses for Arsenal and Liverpool See in context

kohakuebisuToday  10:39 am JST

I watched both games on a dodgy Internet stream of UK coverage

and you are proud f that why?

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Posted in: Some cancer patients can find it hard to tell family and friends See in context

Cancer is never cured. It is considered in deep remission if no reoccurrence after 5 years.

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Posted in: Japan's two largest airlines, JAL and ANA, are shifting more international flights from Narita to Haneda airport. Which airport is most convenient for you? See in context

Haneda. By a country - I live two minutes away to an entrance to the Yamate Tunnel. its 20-25 minutes to the airport by cab. I flew two weeks ago - left my place at 6:30am ,was in the Lounge at 7:05am.

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Posted in: Kim's sister says N Korea will reject any contact with Japan See in context

She needs a good session in the Alfa Inn.

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Posted in: UK homes have worst value for money in developed world: study See in context

Thatcher was a God. We could do with leaders like her and Reagan now.

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Posted in: Officials of Yokohama City have proposed a ban on smoking at all roughly 2,700 parks they manage, including popular tourist spots, with violators facing fines of 50,000 yen. What do you think of this proposal? See in context

I pay taxes to clean the street. I should be allowed to smoke 'somewhere' at leisure. Even if it s a an area reserved for smokers.

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Posted in: N Korea says Kishida has requested summit with Kim Jong Un See in context

I'm sorry @indigo - its clearly not, as they admitted to some. Nice post.

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Posted in: Conspiracies linger after Princess of Wales cancer revelation See in context

@Jimizo: Cor. Big statement, but in this case, sadly true.

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Posted in: As speculation about the next Bond grows, here's how some actors have responded to casting rumors See in context

British, Caucasian and Straight . Please.

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Posted in: M5.3 earthquake hits Tokyo, nearby areas See in context

@John: It's nothing of the sort .

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Posted in: Are you for or against the planned sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel? See in context

For. The Japanese can show them how to operate an industry properly.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan? See in context

My Balcony.

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Posted in: Would a Trump return to the White House after the November election be good news for Japan? See in context

@Mr Kipling: You repeat this constantly - without referring to the reasons why it is (and rightly) so.

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Posted in: Palace releases altered image of UK's Princess Catherine See in context

..is your art rendered online EXACTLY as it would appear on my wall should I purchase from you?

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