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Posted in: Asian central banks, policymakers wade in to calm markets after Brexit vote See in context

None of you are talking about the very real impact this will have on jobs and families both in the UK and elsewhere. Not to mention that Scotland may revisit her departure from the Uk to remain I. The EU independently.

This is a poke in the eye for most of the world.

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Posted in: IMF urges 'reloaded' Abenomics for Japan growth targets See in context

The definition of insanity is continuously repeating the same solution knowing it will fail. If Abe raises taxes it will kick the economy in the head and make things worst. A new idea is required. Abe and his right wing friends have failed. Time for some new ideas.

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident See in context

Heartbreaking. Far too young to go.

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Posted in: It is not realistic to quit coal entirely. Environmental aspects alone can’t dictate the way countries set their energy policies. See in context

Between profiteers, climate change denial, inability to see alternatives, just plain intransigence and lack of creative thinking.... humanity is screwed.

I mean we cannot even convince a lot of critical leaders that it is a real issue. When money is added to the mix, not enough will happen to change how we do things. And this is talk about the tier 1 nations. Forget progress with developing nations.

We are doing ourselves in for money and taking the entirety of the world with us. (Frog in a boiling pot folks.)

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Posted in: Same-sex kiss cut from Singapore staging of Les Miserables See in context

Singapore is run by a shadow dictatorial government. I would never live there. Too backwards and repressive of free thought. Nothing to do but go to bars. No unique scenery. The food was the only redeeming aspect of my visits there. When I read about their policies and decisions, I just feel sorry for people who have to live there. It is a yuppie clad hell with hot humid weather. Yuck.

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Posted in: Trump urges ban on immigration from countries with 'history of terrorism' See in context

I am ashamed that my country has even considered such a fool to be suitable for president. As for his followers, well... there is a lowest common denominator in every society. Thankfully his followers represent a noisy small segment of our society. In the general election he has something like a 26% national approval rating. Sadly the DEM candidate HRC is not liked much more. But she has the backing of the status quo people who will certainly see that this buffoon Trump is not elected.

His followers should get used to the idea of disappointment now and save themselves a shock on election day.

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Posted in: Diet member wants Japan to get with it on tattooing See in context

Tattoos are no longer uncommon in Japan. Many young people have them for fashion. Delllusioned's notions of japan being 2 generations behind doesn't hold any water. Japan is different, yet, but if you look beneath the surface it is often ahead of many places when it comes to subcultures. And this isn't anything new. It has been this way for quite some time.

Japan puts on a good show of conservatism until you look closely. Japan has many world famous tattoo and piercing artists. Japan has leading experimental music and art leaders. It has many sexual and fetish cutting edges as well.

The Yak notion on tattoos is only kept alive by the aged people who are in denial for the Japan they live in today. I have found many people here with tattoos, piercings, various subcultures and counter cultures.

Very simply, if Japan wants money from tourists, then they need to be open to how foreign people are. It is that simple. Wilful ignorance or denial won't make the country money. Adapting will.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologises again for spending on luxury hotels, pajamas See in context

Forget the apologies. Jail time sounds more appropriate. Followed by heavy personal liability for the wasted funds.

When will Japanese voters learn that voting in these traditional politicians and proteges they will end up with the same corruption as before?

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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

What kind of idiot compares horrific tragedies and tries to rank them? Whenever any innocent people are killed in a war, in a disaster or in come conflict it is worthy of remembrance and compassion. Ranking them is a bone headed arrogant way of thinking that is why we continuously have tragedies.

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Posted in: Philippine dictator Marcos to get hero's burial: Duterte See in context

Duterte is the Trump of the Philippines. Another braggart moron voted in by ignorant voters who have done themselves more harm than they can even comprehend.

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Posted in: Chinese media slam U.S. lifting of Vietnam arms embargo See in context

China should get used to disappointment if they continue bullying other countries in Asia. If they keep this up, of course the west will support those nations to assure balance. Didn't anyone share notes on the cold war with China's government? Maybe we should send them a copy of some text books.

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Posted in: NBA's Cuban says he's open to No. 2 spot - with Trump or Clinton See in context

Another rich a-hole wanting a job he hasn't an ounce of capacity to perform.

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Posted in: Is pajama fashion the new trend among young Japanese women? See in context

By the time this article posted, the trend is probably over. Japanese youth fashion changes so fast it is out of style by the time you open the shopping bag at home. No big deal, it will be gone by the weekend.

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Posted in: 'Vagina kayak' artist convicted in obscenity case See in context

This case is important for art and for reasonable rule of law. The same Oyaji condemning who are condemning her are probably ok with the whole Japanese sex industry because. They let that go because it benefits men. But come down hard on an artist. It is hypocritical.

I hope she takes it all the way she can and wins in the end. Free expression is under attack in Japan, a simple artist may well help fight back. That is why this is news folks, and why it matters.

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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

then the tourism board should start by talking to these Salarymen on the trains every day. I commute here daily and the stink sometimes is nearly fatal.

Japan can be profoundly stupid when it comes to reality. Flatulence by foreigners? What about the locals?

Idiotic xenophobic fools are in charge of tourism? We and the Japanese economy are screwed if that is the case. It amazes me how daft some people can be.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

I am sorry but if you think it is a lie or you don't know, then you have not done your homework. The science is overwhelming and we are seeing the results in mass die off events of animals as well as in weather pattern changes.

So far the only people I have encountered who do not accept the existence of climate change fall into three categories.

People with a vested financial interest in denial of climate change. Uninformed individuals who have bought into the lies of category 1 people. Believer people who believe that humanity cannot change the world despite the evidence.

In all cases, wilful ignorance is a serious problem we have to face. Just because you believe, or decide that something isn't true, does not invalidate the science or the facts. If you want to be clueless and on the wrong side of history, that is a wilful choice to be ignorant.

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Posted in: Questions swirl about Prince's health with unexplained death See in context

He is gone. He made the world a better place to exist thanks to his music. He touched a lot of lives world wide which is more than most of us could ever claim. I am sad for his early departure. Grateful for his music. Let him rest in peace. May his music continue to bring joy to people forever.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should step down if he puts off a consumption tax increase again. See in context

Abe never had a plan. Abe had a list of arrows he had no idea how to implement. In any case it isn't just a bad PM that is the issue. It is a system that is so insular that it is incapable of change unless faced with a mortal threat. So far that threat has not appeared. As long as Japan can get by without the wealthy and the corporations losing too much they will. Things have been getting harder on working people here for quite some time, the lack of representative government for ordinary people, means they have no hope of it getting any better. Rough roads are all that we can expect.

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Posted in: We have absolutely no idea at this point about the future, because we do not even know where we want to live -- much less whether we want to rent another apartment or build a new home. See in context

Many people moved with voluntary relocation programs. However, most have had a hard time settling in new areas successfully. Beyond that many people have been harbouring hope of restoring their home communities and returning. The government and independent agencies are saying conflicting things about how possible that is.

The limbo is a perfect storm of many issues that leave people up on the air long term.

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Posted in: Belgian police clash with hooligans at shrine for victims of suicide bombings See in context

JEffLee. the problem with fascism is that it looks relative sane while it is not in a position of power. It looks like rightfully angry working class people standing up for themselves. Sure it looks hateful and angry, but since they are usually not killing people or carrying out too much violence, they are often dismissed as ruffians.

Well, Jefflee. History tells a very different story about fascism. Whether that is European or South American. They come to power looking like they want to save everyone from danger or repression or something or other. Once in power they single out all those people who they blame for their country's problems and they start making them disappear.

All the terrorist groups combined since the end of World War II have not killed even a fraction of the people killed in the years of repression by European fascism. Nor have the numbers killed by South American fascists been overcome by terror numbers.

Are they cutting off heads today? No, but who will they be killing if they ever come back to power. And in what numbers?

No thank you!! We need to see fascism for what it is. An imminent and dangerous threat every bit equal to the extremisms of ISIS, but far more dangerous should it ever be allowed into power again. Check your history and see the real danger for what it is.

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Posted in: Trump criticizes NATO; says he's OK with Japan, S Korea having nuclear weapons See in context

OssanAmerica. There is nothing anyone can do about North Korea and China having nuclear weapons at this point. Having more in Japan and South Korea will not help anything.

You must be hold enough to have lived through the MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) policy years during the cold war. We all rested assured that if anyone started a war we would all die. Nice! Feeling lonely for that time in history?

If anything we need to be making the world free of nuclear weapons. But that will never happen when rabid right wing fools are calling for more of the world to have nuclear weapons. Trump is a circus act trying to lure the uneducated and uninformed into thinking he has real world policies. His policies come directly from the air and return there as soon as they are spoken.

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Posted in: Belgian police clash with hooligans at shrine for victims of suicide bombings See in context

So Belgium has their own Trump like followers.

We have to worry not only about terrorism but about the rise of neo-fascism around the world too. In many ways I worry far more over the rise of fascism and its attempt to return to our societies more than I worry over ISIS. Fascism is far more dangerous to our future. It feeds upon fear. Terrorism just helps drive people into the arms of movements that thrive upon fear and hatred. In this respect ISIS is helping to rebuild fascism in the world.

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Posted in: Trump criticizes NATO; says he's OK with Japan, S Korea having nuclear weapons See in context

Trump is an embarrassing buffoon with no grasp of global politics. Every day that that foolish silly would be fascist is on the stage is another day we lose face world wide. Between his vitriolic nonsense and the hysterical hatred and backwardness of his followers, Trump is single handedly tearing down as much of our world reputation as he possibly can.

He is the saviour of the uninformed, uneducated, bigoted and hateful. He is a leader of those duped into thinking that a megalomanic like him would have any concern for the plight of working people.

Most of Trump's policies appear out of thin air and exist in the ether of his speeches long enough to sound like thoughtful ideas. When asked about them later, he can rarely recall what his polices where. They change as quickly as the smoke from a cigarette disperses in the air of an open park, leaving hints that it existed but no substance at all.

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Posted in: We have absolutely no idea at this point about the future, because we do not even know where we want to live -- much less whether we want to rent another apartment or build a new home. See in context

With the government telling people it is safe. With services for the victims being largely siphoned off by corruption. With desires to reunite their communities but no clear way of doing so. YES sensei258, people are still struggling.

I have met a lot of people from the north who are disaffected. They have lived in limbo for quite some time over the fate of their home areas. They have often had to recreate lives ad hoc in hopes of finding work, schools and some semblance or normal.

Many are still dealing with the horror of having significant numbers of their neighbours and loved ones killed and never found.

So yes Sensei258, people are still trying to sort out their lives.

I wonder how well you would be doing in their shoes five years on? Until you have talked to these people. Until you have been to their cities and seen the devastation. Until you have helped reassemble photo albums of people you know are dead and who have left families grieving for them, then I suspect you have no idea.

But this is easily fixed. Go volunteer in the north. Go help people and hear their stories. Then maybe you won't post comments that illustrate so little understanding of the plight of other people.

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Posted in: Japanese man detained in Turkey for trying to join Islamic State See in context

Sadly there is no cure for stupidity. There are people out there who will follow just about anyone selling just about any idea. I mean ISIS is no different than so many other insane ideas that people subscribe to thanks to spending time on the internet.

Bottom line, this guy should be put somewhere very secure for a long while until it is clear he has come to his senses. Or not.

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Posted in: Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks See in context

Wc626. Ted has many racist and bigoted ideas too. I don't think most of us have much more respect for Cruz than we do for Trump. It is just that Trump is the most imminent danger that needs to be eliminated.

In the end Cruz and his religious extremism may be just as dangerous to the future of our country.

We are on the brink of disaster. A GOP congress and either of these men in the White House could destroy our global standing for generations. Their regressive ideas and policies would harm working people and all minority groups in ways we cannot begin to measure yet.

There is only one thing that can be done. We have to defeat the GOP and send its remains spinning into dissolution and disarray. Allowing the GOP party to cave in upon itself may well be the first essential step towards breaking the two party hold on American democracy.

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Posted in: Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks See in context

mr_jgb "What if it's one of your family members at the Brussels airport were just bombed and killed?"

Then I would not want to soil their memories by giving up the values that our family has held in high esteem. See I am not willing to give into the hysteria that Trump is selling. I know that my family and I are more at risk from gun violence by white Americans than they are at risk from terrorism. I know that it is guns on our streets that pose the real threat to our daily security and safety. So my attention is focused there. As I said before in this threat 32,000+ deaths by guns domestically in the US in 2011 and less than 1300 by terror from ISIS since 2014. Less than 2% annually. That is reality.

Cars pose a greater threat to my family. Bathroom tubs and sinks will kill more people this year than the global non-Syria and non-Iraq terror murders around the entire world.

Have some perspective!!!

Further. Become a police state in violation of international humanity conventions will paint an even bigger target on the backs of all Americans while empowering repression against our own people. How can any rational person think this is a good idea or a reasonable response to terror.

Trump is a circus clown and his followers are terrified uninformed sheep. Trump is pandering to their fears and prejudices to get what he wants. He does't give a damn about working people and has no track record at all for being pro-working class. How any working person can think this guy represents anything other than their bigotry and fear is beyond imagination.

Wake up man and see how duped you are.

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Posted in: Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks See in context

It''S Me. I could not agree more.

Istanbul, one of my most loved cities in the world, had an attack last week that barely got covered on the news. Just a footnote really. Yet Istanbul is considered to be a European city too.

There is an inherent capacity for the west to see its own tragedies as the only ones that matter. ISIS murder numbers outside Syria and Iraq are less than 1300 but upwards of 170,000 have been killed in Iraq and Syria in the same time period. Thus the mass flight of the population seeking safety and shelter elsewhere.

One of the many causes of terrorism is this inequity between the value of western lives and those of people in other parts of the world. Until we begin to really address and change this, then terrorists will continue to be created in the worlds where life is treated less preciously.

Trump's policies promise to pour gasoline on the fire that causes terrorism. His rhetoric suggests profound ignorance of the actual roots of the problem and are a knee jerk reaction rather than any kind of rational policy thinking. And sadly his uneducated and fearful flock will eat it up as real and effective.

We cannot become purveyors of violence. We cannot ignore the suffering of people outside the west. We cannot sit by and let 170,000 people die and then be enflamed when 31 are killed. We should be outraged and dong something about every single life that is lost to terror. And in doing something, we should be finding and implementing solutions to reduce the threat of terror at its roots and not by corrupting the liberty and reason of our societies.

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Posted in: Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks See in context

Bass4funk. I am certain you cannot begin to prove why the last 7 years have been dark beyond hatred for Obama. The factual numbers on the economy, jobs and deficit all support that President Obama has done a great job. And done so despite the spiteful obstructionism practiced by the corrupt and inept GOP leaders in congress.

Where was your outrage as GWB trashed the economy and gave charity to the big banks during his reign in office? It is sickening to see how much racism and bigotry have led a small but noisy segment of our country to condemn everything the president has done these past 7 years. Especially since much of that improved the state of life for hard working people of all classes. It is delusional to persist in this perspective when the factual numbers so obviously disprove these notions that you have.

Further, this affinity for Trump, a liar, a cheat and a poor businessman again underlines the fact that most of this hysteria for Trump and against Obama has roots in the old familiar evils of prejudice, hatred, bigotry and above all fear.

So unless you have numbers to back up you insinuations, then give it a rest. We have heard this story before and it is not more true the 50 millionth time told by someone without a clue about factual reality than it was the first time.

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Posted in: Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks See in context

Bass4funk and Mark G. "Looking away is not the answer"

Knee jerk irrational and hysterical responses are not the answer either friends.

So you agree with committing war crimes? You agree with trampling on every decent aspect of what separates us from the terrorists.

So in 2011 32,000 people died in the US from gun violence. Compared to less than 1,300 from ALL ISIS attacks outside of Syrian and Iraq since 2014. That works out to about 1.9% of gun deaths per year.

Are you also onboard to end guns in America to protect us? Are you onboard to control them so that the other 30,000 people will be protected? Or is your support for Trump's terrorism policies just hysterical fear over something that is less dangerous to you and your family than the common bathroom accident?

See if we give up all that makes us a just and peaceful society to quell a fear that is less dangerous to us that the common bathtub or automobile, then the terrorist win! Get it? They win! Why? Because they have ruined everything that defines our civilisation so a few hysterical reactionaries like you can be happy and feel a little more safe. Something profoundly irrational since the very same people will fight to the death to keep guns on our streets.

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