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While it is sad and probably negligent, we take it for granted the luxury of A/c's and so on. All it takes is a month of neglect for modern civilization to fall back to desperate conditions. I for one would prefer building some natural tolerance even if you are from developed world. People around the world used to survive decently not long ago without some of these amenities. How is the body going to adapt if you are used to A/c everywhere (cars, offices, home, restaurants e.t.c)?

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"I thought Japan was less violent country than others..."

I guess you do not believe in statistics, less violent does not mean zero incidents....percapita sir. Hideous crime....older generations may be correct in that no more than 5 to 7 years gap man vs woman? I am presuming that part of the problems may be due to age differences and what not...

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Posted in: Can Corbyn’s Labour Party rid itself of anti-Semitism? See in context

I agree, it's almost a default attack to call someone an "anti-semite" instead of debating the issue. Lot of people got massacred and entire populations have been decimated (native americans, european colonial atrocities, US aggression in Vietnam, Korea, Japanese WW2 crimes, islamic brutalities, isreali crimes and so on) but it seems like Jews do get the privilege (perhaps because they are white or they are just too powerful behind the scenes). It is time to tone it down and be objective before calling someone some thing. It feels like there is no real freedom in the first or second world now a days to debate anything. I blame people for consuming all sorts of nonsense from these 24 hour networks. Get rid of that stupid tv.

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy 5 Ospreys at Yokota in October See in context

The ospreys come for maintenance once in a while in my city in the US and they have a very distinct sound and loud vs an apache or some other helicopter. I would not want to live near a base....it gets tiring day after day but I guess it is necessary and justified in some cases. Japan is too small and don't have the luxury of picking base real estate in every case....I guess they have to deal with it one way or other.

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

"Why on earth are you ashamed, Raj? Were you seated next to the guy and could have stopped him?"

Because he is carrying US passport and is expected to try and not shame our country. This incident is not something that is unavoidable and I feel sorry for the gentlemen at the receiving end of this man's offence. If not ashamed, should I be proud?

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

I am ashamed as an American too. I hope this person gets banned from flying for 5 years in non-emergencies (pleasure and work) in addition to serving whatever other punishments for this offence.

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"This trading in an endangered species should end. Shameful it's not an issue in the media here."

Agreed, Japanese people seem to think there is an endless supply of marine life. Everything in moderation taught and practiced at an individual level is the only way to live a sustained life. One thing I do like is that there seems to be minimal waste once they murder a living thing....seems like they eat pretty much every thing vs some other cultures.

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Those complaining about smallness of Japanese housing in Tokyo, I am always disgusted at how wasteful people in west are in their lifestyles (water to keep their lawns in green, every little space occupied by some junk, big automobiles, food wastage and so on). In general they have no respect for what they take out of nature and having a recycle bin makes them feel great and exporting their trash to other countries seems to be their right. Japan does not have much space and prone to disasters, it is a miracle that they do what they do. In America, the mighty Colorado river does not even reach the ocean anymore. USA is a beautiful country but people need to get over their obsession of living their life jumbo sized. This is nothing but robbery of the future generations at grand scale and sounds like China and India also want to follow this unsustainable model.

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Posted in: Japan, home of the high-tech loo, hopes basic toilet can save lives See in context

How about India, people there seems to think relieving themselves anywhere and everywhere seems to be their god given birth right (men mostly).

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Posted in: Daihatsu's new light car aimed at women with focus on security rather than fuel economy See in context

It has the potential to look good as a classic in 12 to 15 years.

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Posted in: Murakami's latest book given 'indecent' rating in Hong Kong See in context

This is pure hypocrisy with respect to commentators that are passionately passing judgement about democracy and what not....Japan would be much more harsh if some foreigner interferes in their affairs (right or wrong). We all know how US is making a big deal about some stupid ads (unproven) on FB/Twitter that no one cares to influence the legitimate victory of Trump. No one likes some one else to iterfere in their affairs (family to friends to countries). I am not a fan of China or detest most of what communism offers but do not try to ride your sky high moral horse, it really looks stupid. I have hard time now a days to seperate communism and socialism and capitalism. While US or Japan are more free compared to other countries, you will only know the full power of system and its unfairness/helplessness/hopelessness towards the little man when you have an unfortunate chance of running into trouble with the system. Also being taxed to death so they can support lazy ass segments of society like in US or Europe is also not capitalist character. Captitalism is supposed to generate motivation through the light handedness of government involvement.

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The people have given Mr. Trump 4 years and it is his discretion to set a foreign policy. I think he is acting reasonably well in general US interests. I wish he would try not to be an Israeli or Saudi dog and stop rallying for war with Iran. He should instead capitalize and sell US business deals to Iran and profit from it and outdo Russia, China and EU. In other words put US interests first....I would prefer competition over confrontation with a major nuclear power. The US culture has a great edge over any other country in terms of prolific innovation, creativity and business acumen. No reason for US to bully or use big stick all the time. Only idiots use violence to achieve goals (it should be last resort and use with extreme caution). Also stop throwing sanctions at everyone, sooner or later it will have no punch and puts dollar under threat. Our media will and should be marginalized as long as we as a country think objectively and issue based rather than ideology or feel good factors.

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Japan is way better in crime stats than the nuts randomly shooting up people in US. We Americans do have issues, drugs everywhere, cities totally unsafe once it gets dark, mindless aggressive behavior (fights occur so frequently now a days even on flights) and mindless shooting murders. Japan is not perfect but it has it way better. Fair is fair....they do seem to have society induced isolation that eventually leads to random acts. Good parenting, common sense laws, reasonable teachers and work life balance e.t.c are the only measures to minimize or prevent these incidents.

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Japanese cars are generally very good overall and efficient. German cars are hyped up and cost an arm and leg over time (recent ones). I call German engineering BS and they absolutely suck at UI and software development (all European software...SAP is an example). Japan seems to have a problem with competing with Germans in sports luxury segment (old man's Lexus wont cut it). Germans do have M3, S4, RS4 e.t.c. WRX is a great value in budget performance but it is showing its age. I do not like anything Detroit pumps out in general....hideous cadillac and ridiculous and wasteful trucks. Ford RS is good though....Japan and US needs to get into M3 and S4, RS4 segments....instead of tariffs, I hope Detroit steps up quality in both design and materials and compete with Japan and Germany.

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Posted in: Auto industry urges Trump to hit brakes on proposed car tariffs See in context

I am an American of Indian descent and I support Trump on this issue, it is about time for US now or never. At least he is getting it some attention but its a whole different thing whether he has the full strategy to wage and win the tariff war where it is fair to allies and us. Our congress is sold out and so is the media and people are getting dumber and dumber as they do not objectively discuss anything good or bad except to protest and profit aimlessly for small politics.

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I am born in India but lived in US for most of my life but for all intensive purposes I am an Indian American. I can understand to a certain extent why foreigners feel the way they do in Japan or in their interaction with Japanese. It is not fair to blame Japanese because in my opinion all these old eastern civilizations (Chinese, Indian and Japanese) kind of are a life style more than anything. They can not easily be acquired even if you live there a life time. Some cultures are probably more receptive than others, for instance Indian vs Japanese in that Indians are probably better hosts at a personal level than Japanese but deep down you will still be a foreigner for us and depending on what your goals are you may feel like rejected. Japan being isolated due to its geography as well as it's ability to protect itself from outside forces for the majority of their existence does add a lot to their mindset in terms of retaining their identity and not seeing a need like accepting a foreign language. I still think Japanese have a lot to offer as a society and there is no particular reason for any foreigner to feel inferior or superior (at a non superficial) by having or not having a friend. I am going to add a race part to it based on my observations in life so far...."whites (generalization but not at a personal level)" do have a tendency to think world revolves around them and they must be acknowledged (whether is economics, politics, sports e.t.c). Japan seems to not care about them (whites or other races) in particular, I never thought in my visit to Japan that they treat whites better than others. This may subconsciously impact a white person in general. In other words Japanese are comfortable in their own as much as they are. I wish more countries are like that. Although I do have friends of all races in USA, it is not like white people invite their friends home at an intimate level, most of them are cheap, somewhat ignorant about world view for a developed country and the rules they impose on the world are universal only when they are winning (the point I am making is to bring a perspective on your own character). But as far as work relationships go, I generally find them better and more capable than many others. On my travels in India I met some foreigners trying to become Hindu e.t.c and complain they feel rejected. This is exactly what foreigners feel in Japan, somethings are conceptual in which you understand the concepts and apply them to your own life. Do not try to be a Japanese but if you like something Japanese then take it and use it in your own life. Not being able to make friends in Japan is not that much different in your own country.

Anycase, I think getting literacy in Japanese is reasonable expectation if you are going to live in Japan and also doing that without expectation that Japanese should respond to you in Japanese....they will when they think you are good enough (why wouldn't they?)....my suggestion is try not to approach everything in life with some favorable expectation in return, it will only lead to disappointment. Let the things take their natural course while you make your efforts.

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