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Posted in: Koreas hold groundbreaking ceremony for railway project See in context

one day all the....way by train from singapore to busan....and busan to paris/london by trains

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Posted in: Nikkei closes at highest level since 1992 See in context

yay ..n congrats nikkei225

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Posted in: Honda, Google in talks on self-driving vehicle partnership See in context

100 percent accident free cars in future..via high tech...google and others...Maybe can...no harm dreaming LOL

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Posted in: Merry Christmas See in context

merry christmas n happier2017

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Posted in: Colombia, FARC rebels reach deal to end half-century of war See in context

WOO HOO,,,,congrats columbia

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Posted in: Ceremony marks 4 years to go before Tokyo hosts Olympics See in context

ok cool .....for japan...next4 years

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Posted in: Suzuki Motor says full-year net profit rises 19% See in context


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Posted in: Stocks close at new three-month low See in context

what's causing inertia.....??? GREECE...bankia-Spain....EU stagnation.. currency fluctations ...greece is only39th biggest economy...EU stagnations is normal but no stagnation elsewhere....currency fluctuations has there ever be a time,there was no currency fluctuatons... ..Hope Optimism gets better,when Olympics begins in JULY..

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Posted in: Merry Christmas See in context

Merry Christmas 2 all JT friends.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks to trade in tight range this week See in context

Put the global economic system ,finance system and currency system in order,this is what,is required.

It won't be easy, but nations and leaders have to work together ,to counter all the negative economic news spreading about some nations.

Global confidence building,is really required these times.

It will take time , patience and years. The markets should be made stable first.

Then negative news,should be tackled one by one regarding this or that woe.

Market players just love to create whatever fears,to push up or down prices. Any nation facing economic woes,should be helped out of mess. Patience,time and years of proper change need to be adopted most by affected nations.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks finish 1.39% higher See in context

In ten years all will be more than good in japan,because Japan will bring new technology to fight radiation leaks and tsunamis. This new tech field and its expansion,will bring more prosperity to Japan N225,in coming years.

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Posted in: Is the ongoing chaos in the global financial and stock markets having a negative effect on your livelihood? See in context

There is traffic jams at trade centres. Some People ,slowing down smooth flow of traffic,goodies and $$$$$.

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Posted in: Japan returns to trade surplus in September See in context

Trade Surplus back, rock on japan.

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Posted in: Big banks under pressure in Europe crisis See in context

Yes pass some Euros to Greece,to circulate and get rid of debts.

A stronger and debt free greece,can even become a lender to EU financial epicentre(the Euros printing centres).

The Euro currency is solid in value. The US feds,can solve woes with decreasing value of US dollars. EU feds,can also solve Greece ,if they unite to solve cash circulation woes of Greece.

In the end ,after Greece solve its woes,it should try to change more. EU nations need less govt interference mechanism in the economic systems. Bailouts don't cure,but just postpone the actual remedy,to the woes.

The problem,is too much govt in the finance systems of EU. Just build solid strong Euro currency and let the best do well.

Baliouts is actually is using good money,to help problematic companies of a nation. The problematic business entities in a nation,need big changes with bailouts dollars.

Just bailouts dollars,won't solve woes of a bailout entity.

Changes in management styles and other dynamic changes via educational empowerment,must be sufficient too,to prevent future bailouts.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks close 0.95% higher See in context

Fall stopped....YAY N225..

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Posted in: Strong yen spurs Japanese consumers' purchase of U.S. goods See in context

Strong yen Japan or strong other currencies nations is good news for US Economy and Other Nations ,wanting to export to strong currency nations.

The changes happen,for good. Richer nations with strong currencies and US/others increasing export and import,is the way to go.

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Posted in: Murdoch rejects blame for hacker scandal at hearing See in context

Get them good westminster,the NOSY CRAP MEDIA and crap news corpn.

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Posted in: Why Wall Street doesn't seem worried about default See in context

Serrano - Plenty of correct work have to be done,to make things right.

Only very correct decisions by US leaders,will make economic excellence prevail.

Govt does not make jobs,but mastery and execution of excellent fiscal policies with no mistakes ,definitely is what is needed now..

The richest nation is still USA and talented US people.

Who created google,facebook,yahoo ,IMF,World Bank,UN ,Bill Gates,rock nroll music ,intel chips,youtube,twitter ,internet,Boeing,GE and many other things??

Improve the good in USA . Keep a close watch on causes of bad fiscal ways and find ways to turn around things.

The USA can still expand joint venture economics,in big way in all 200 over nations of world,with american DOW-NASDAQ products and services.

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Posted in: LG Electronics, Hitachi to form joint venture in water business See in context

Korea's LG and Japan's Hitachi,teamwork on water business. Great News,way to go.

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Posted in: Why Wall Street doesn't seem worried about default See in context

In 1940s US economy had huge debts,but it recovered by 1970s. Same scenario now,US economy will get better by 2030s.

US has now more richer rest of world,to do export/import. US debts will get lower ,US exports and US source of income will get bigger gradually and it will cut down public debts.

By 2030s,things will be much better for US and Rest of world,in source of income matters and providence.

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Posted in: Japanese prefer nonsense songs to message songs. It’s a hassle to think about the future, or about society. People want entertainment, not a message. See in context

What is wrong with entertainment music ,with a good message for society and better future???

There is plenty of good special songs,with great message,especially songs from 60s,70s,80s and 90s.

I disagree that it is a hassle to think about society and future. Then what should we think about??

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Posted in: More Asian millionaires than European ones See in context

More millionaires in Asia,why???

The costs of workers in EU and US,is higher,leading to influx of multinational companies into Asia.

The flow of wealth between EU,Asia and US will balance out in future,as richer asia buys more goodies from EU/US.

Global economy is in a change phase,highly inflated values of goodies/property and very high cost workers, is slowing down the big flow of wealth everywhere,especially in EU/US.

Asia and China is buying a lot of EU and US via many ways. EU and US also has plenty of wealth in shared business in Asia.

Is no big deal if millionaires are Asian,European or American,because their business is worldwide and in EU,US and Asia.

More high quality demand in Asia,will lead to increase of EU-US goodies imports into Asia.

Situation of millionaires and rich consumers,will level out and become more equalised between Asia, EU and US in the future.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

All good in new web design systems. I request also for delete function,where we can delete own posts,when there is mistakes.

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Posted in: Boeing: $4 trillion in new aircraft needed by 2030 See in context

Love this boeing,airbus,rolls royce and general electric. Glad they are adding 4000 billion more into global economy.

There also may be further Trillions,due to such big improvements for travel and global travellers. Vision 2030, is 33,500 new jets or more,helping people around the world,in whatever they do.

The old jets,should be recycled faster,to improve air travel safety.

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Posted in: Mazda to stop building midsize cars in U.S. See in context

Ford share in struggling Mazda was 25 percent in 1980s,now 3.5 percent only.

Mazda share in US market,to go down. It's all about competition between Motor companies and whether your brand is quality car that can sell,as much as competitor.

Toyota commands sales,as its name as quality car maker,is there. Mazda is smaller competitor,as compared with Toyota which has near 0.3 to 0.4 million employees.

If sales,not good Mazda has to stop building in its US plants.

Same applies for any N225 plant outside ,who had closed due to bad sales of the factory's products or due to factory's not good enough products or other reasons.

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Posted in: Black box data released in 2009 Air France crash See in context

Xinef, there no harm in pushing for perfection ,and zero casualty rate in air transport.

We can't save people travelling on roads recklessly,that much,with almost near 1 billion vehicles on roads.

We can touch lower casualty rates,in airlines via people awareness. Global travellers,should avoid bad track record airlines and flawed design aircrafts with bad track record.

Rich Global air travellers,should increase criticisms of airlines and aircrafts,for their own safety increase and push for zero crashes.

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Posted in: 27 dead as bus plunges into pond in India See in context

India's annual casualty rate on roads via road transport units, is 110,000 people. Where i live it's about 5000 people killed on roads per year.

Casualty rate by flying,in global air transport units,is about 1000-1500 people.

Makes good sense,to make more people use air transport,in India.

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Posted in: Black box data released in 2009 Air France crash See in context

No of casualties from air crash went down to 884 in year 2008,in 2009 it was 1103 and in went up to 1115 casualties in 2010. Casualties should be going down,with better planes and more better aircraft operators,aircraft maintenance and better others in air transport.

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Posted in: Honda sees near-normal American production in August See in context

Good to see Honda going to normal in USA.

Good to see no laid of workers in Toyota and Honda.

Toyota has roughly 285K workers(38th biggest employer) and can earn revenue of 185Billion USD.

This means every 1 worker , helps Toyota make roughly 650,000 USD per year in revenue.

This very strong economic position for all Toyota staff and all shareholders.

Toyota is good role model example of a strong,rich and high quality products company. Toyota quality Cars have very good resale values too.

Companies should role model Toyota,to be high quality.

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Posted in: 28 killed in drug gang shootout in western Mexico See in context

Big money in Drug related Crimes.

Hired with big money,Gang members shoot each other in ruiz(805km north west from mexico city) ,for control of lucrative big billions in drug scene.

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