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Posted in: Nepali murder case retrial decision set for June 7 See in context

Sorry for this guy and this women should be Nympho having double life – TEPCO economist by day, prostitute by night.

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Posted in: Woodford ramps up campaign to oust Olympus board See in context

Agreed with "TakahiroDomingo" actually yea it is true who know in what extent is woodford a holy saint... when everybody start wearing a black goggles then entire world seems to be dark ......i agree with TakahiroDomingo

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Posted in: Markets 'disappointed' over failed U.S. debt deal: Azumi See in context

this market analysis is like blind people describing the elephant ..........every one has their own view.............no concrete idea what it is real alike......

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Posted in: Olympus scandal indirectly linked to yakuza: report See in context

It is like a pile of dirt , it was better if nobody have pull the thread but once you pull now it will all over .....it is hard to cover it will drag everyone .... it not new story .....we simply ignore ....as there is saying ignorance is bliss .......its dirty all over

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Posted in: Tom Cruise has 4 missions during 27-hour visit to Japan See in context

His fourth mission is being kept under wraps, but involves a surprise visit to an as-yet undisclosed location in Tokyo.......................wow

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Posted in: Ringleader of U.S. army unit jailed for life for killing Afghan civilians See in context

story can be good movie .........

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Posted in: A culture shock – generosity isn’t free See in context

Wait a minute. I am supposed to be more polite than them. I am Japanese!” it is not something i was looking for so sorry ................

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Posted in: Foreign disillusionment in the Land of the Rising Sun See in context

There’s a sad rugged look about them and they always seem to be reading secondhand paperback novels. Specially this part so true ............best of luck , good one

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Posted in: How to win an argument – Japanese style See in context

Well collaboration, simply true . Thank you Mr. Landsberg. Wishing you all the best!

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can See in context

japan need baby don't abandon them we need more here ............

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Posted in: Ohio police shoot escaped lions, tigers, bears dead after owner frees them, then kills himself See in context

you can buy tiger ....................??

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Posted in: Further arrests made over Y600 million robbery See in context

stupid robbery ..............

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Posted in: Environmentalists call for toilets on Everest See in context

good job Eco Everest Expedition, u have true spirit .................

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Posted in: Fullcircle Innovations See in context

great initiation ................

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Posted in: Carpenter attacks neighbor with hatchet over noise See in context

it just remind me of my neighbour, but in contrast i was in opposite side ...lol

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Posted in: At least 43 killed in Nepal bus crash See in context

Agreed with you guys, we need to prioritize for road safety but plan crash and bus accident happens sometime; it is an accident, the country is blessed with such a nature it is hard sometime to prevent I wish Nepal did not had those huge giant mountains then things might have been different along with that those who makes road they do pilot testing in Nepal so it not 100% proof. It is just an irony folk sorry about it

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Posted in: Man who posed as doctor in tsunami-hit area accused of fraud See in context


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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant worker dies See in context

Jaapangal i don't know where do u get all those ideas for comment, it is kind of interesting i really look for your comments, that makes article more interesting.....lol i agree he must have gone to "Pachinko "

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Posted in: Harvard toppled from top of worldwide rankings See in context

Caltech -good

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Posted in: Honda to cut exports to cope with high yen See in context


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