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So... all that price inflation wasnt necessary and theycould have made normal profits by leaving prices as they were?...

Exactly. And by the way they are now talking about a big hike of prices of thousands of products next February and justify it by the weak JPY. But in reality, it got stronger recently (+ 12 % from its bottom at 152 and current rate of 135). So, prices should not be increased. It means that companies are increasing their margin. Buy stocks!

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It's a never ending competition of "mine is bigger than yours". The only ones to benefit from this are the military-industrial complex and the corrupt politicians.

I used to think like, but have reconsidered after the invasion of Ukraine started. What can you do if you are attacked and cannot defend yourself because you have no arms? I do not think that Japan (at least now) has any intention to attack anybody but it needs to defend itself against other aggressive countries.

It is sad but it is the reality .

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The situation has changed quite a bit recently. The JPY is up 8 % since its bottom at 152. Shipping prices are back to their pre covid level and oil price is down 38 % from its peak in June. It means that if companies increase their prices now, it is probably to increase their margin because they feel they can, not to absorb higher costs. Companies have been worried to increase their prices until this year because nobody was doing it. Now that most of them started to do it, companies do not feel restrained anymore and it could be an open door for much higher inflation.

Japanese tendency to follow other was probably one was probably the main cause of very low inflation in the past and may become the cause of much higher inflation in from now on.

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You said it all in your 2 messages. Really frightening.

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> What do you think will happen to the inflation IF Kuroda increased the rates? Yes, inflation would go even higher. So that is not a solution, just like it is not working anywhere else in the world except to bring more inflation as costs go up. Who do you think will pay the higher cost?

It is (among other reasons of course) because rates have been too low for too long everywhere that there is this inflation. Not the other way around. Moreover, in Japan, the very low rates lead to a fall in the JPY, which is also inflationary.

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In reaction to the data, chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told reporters the government "must protect people's livelihoods from these price t the same time Kuroda does everything he can to have higher!

At the same time Kuroda does everything he can to have it higher! Absurd.

As for “inflation is transitory” US and Eurozone were saying the same. Now they find extremely hard to get it back in the box and they will probably fail.

Kuroda is playing with fire.

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Of course it would mean he would have to take responsibility one day for the terrible mess he created!

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One of the reason that they seem to consume more is that they pay more for stuff due to inflation!


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How come this 82 years old still have this type of influence? No wonder that Japan is on rapid decline.

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All that money could have been saved if only pigheaded Kuroda thought more about what he lets out of his mouth. All he needs to do is to hint at changing BOJ course...instead he just keeps saying he will keep easing for the next couple of years and the yen keeps falling.

Exactly. But he will never do because it would mean admitting he was wrong. This guy is way too pride and stubborn.

History will not be kind to him because he will be judged as the guy that made possible for the government to spend like a drunken sailor. The latest example is this crazy 30 trillion supplementary budget to fight the inflation created by Kuroda silly monetary policy.

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Almost all trading is done by computers. It doesn't care about "hints" and such.

Some short trading strategies may be done by computers but when it comes to repositioning of massive investment flows it is not the case.

I fully agree with Marcelito. Kuroda could indeed have an impact on the market by hinting he may change his policy even though he does not actually hike. But on the contrary, he recently gave a forward guidance saying basically that he will not change the ultra-accommodative policy for the next 2 to 3 years. Silly.

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"The rate of increase is then expected to decelerate toward the middle of fiscal 2023,"

The Fed and the ECB were also saying "inflation is transitory". We now know how how wrong they were. Will Kuroda wait passively until Japan falls in the same situation?

Once inflation takes off very difficult to stop it.

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> 2) BOJ starts increasing rates which won't happen until Kuroda is at helm

Kuroda does not even need to hike interest rates but just to hint that he may hike them. He needs to be more ambiguous about what he will do. Recently he more or less said that he world not hike for the next 2 to 3 years! Of course with this type of declaration there is only way for the JPY, down.

In this context it is a nearly guaranteed bet to sell the JPY.

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Prices are higher for imported products so Japan must increase local production 

Please let me know how do you increase local production of oil!

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150 was and still is the perfect number, has been in the past, we just need to adjust to it.

Even if it is, which which I doubt in an environment of very high energy prices, there is no way you can stop it at this level. The current economic policy will push it lower and lower to a very damaging level.

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With the Bank of Japan standing firm on its ultraeasy policy to support the pandemic-hit economy

This ultraeasy policy and the resulting collapsing JPY will not help the economy. Facing higher and higher inflation people will reduce their consumption and consumption represents 56 % of the econmy. Policy makers probably think that it will be canceled out by tourist consumption. Even it it was the case , it shows the disdain policy makers have for their own people.

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Exactly. A bit like the flu. In 2018 (most recent data I can find) the flu killed 3325 people in Japan.

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The government treats people like children.

well when people drink heavily they actually turn into children!

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Well Japan will not be able to intervene forever because it’s reserves of USD it can sell are limited. Sooner or later markets will go for the killing and the collapse will be inevitable. Identical with what happened with the pound attacked by Soros 30 years ago. Then the only way will be to raise rate. The BOJ and the government put themselves in a corner. Shame on them.

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He’d better keep at home a big music instruments case…

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Totally ageee. US and Europe central bankers told us that inflation would transitory…

Kuroda is making the same mistake but has no excuse because he can see what happened there.

The problem is that inflation is not something you can kindly guide to the 2 % target and keep it there.

The metaphor of the “ketchup bottle” can serve to illustrate inflation dynamics. As the central bank keeps shaking the ketchup bottle – i.e. monetising debt – no ketchup – i.e. inflation – comes out. In response, it shakes even harder. In the end, the ketchup does comes out, but in a wild, inflationary rush.

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@Larr Fint

Sell your YEN until you still CAN!

Your advice has been good for a long time. Where do you think the USD JPY will go from now on?

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Today  07:03 am JST

What a world madness, anyway the days of the dollar pirate will be numbered, the world will be freed from the imperialist slavery of that filthy currency..

Which currency for you think will replace it?

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Kuroda always repeats mechanically that additionnal monetary accommodation is necessary because inflation will fall back below the 2% target next year.

Well he’d better look at what happened in the US and Europe where central bankers initially said that inflation was transitory and is now out of control.

If the same happens here he will have no excuse.

He is an ideologue unable to adapt to reality.

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It would also be usefull to stop encouraging further collapsing of the JPY resulting from very inadequate monetary and fiscal policy.

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The French government doesn't work for the French people, it appeases Washington DC at the expense of French citizens.

Sorry but you could not be further from the truth.

Yes Frenches pay a lot of taxes but in counterparty have one of the most generous social welfare system in the world (for ex: 13 % of GDP spent on pension which may be the highest in the world, free education if you go to the public schools and universities).

In France you can become a medical doctor for free. Compare that to a US University, a private Japanese university or even a Japanese public university.

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i guess, hope this is second degree humour. Everybody with low income, pensions is suffering like hell to buy daily necessities. These people are getting poorer by the day. I feel really sorry for them.

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It used to be very high compare to other countries but not anymore. For example per 100,000 Japan, US,Canada , Australian , India, and Scandinavia countries are all in the 10-15 range. A lot has been made to make it more acceptable to seek mental health help.

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Whether overseas visitors wear face masks and abide by other common infection controls in Japan is another concern. 

They will definitely not if I look at tourists group I have seen in Tokyo over the past few days. Not a single person was wearing them.

And it may be a godsend for Japan as it may help Japanese people to remove them. A lot of them want to do so but are frightened of the social pressure and the need to conform.

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Does anybody think that these masks will disepear one day in Japan?

I am now more and more concerned that they may never. This is quite a frightening thought.

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