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These rapists are coming out from below every rock and out of every dark place. It is distinctly possible that they represent an enormous shift in our understanding of mental disorder and how it works on a massive cultural scale. Most people I have spoken to strongly support the idea of allowing women to carry guns that only fire with their finger print, and without a permit so no one can know if a woman has one, and of course to make it entirely legal to kill a rapist. Even to pay her a fee for doing so. India has legalized the murder of rapists in self defence. Its time that other nations did likewise. And, of course, the political, corporate, and religious structures that nurture and protect this culture of violent hate for women should be held accountable, fined, seized, or otherwise dismantled. Stop at no one, no matter where the trail leads, or we face a demographic problem unlike anything we have imagined. Ever.

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The normal men are in Canada and the USA. Since I'm half Japanese I am constantly ask what my heritage is. And to this end they express their desire for a Japanese woman, which, at least historically, is not surprising in the least. So, come to Canada, or at least with online dating, express an interest in meeting someone from overseas. Despite the media's portrayal of Canadians and Americans, most are not like you see on television.

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And there you have it.

Combined with surveys from major cities around the world, where most people, anywhere between mid 50 percentile to the mid 80th percentile people seem to everywhere dislike cities. Though surveys differ essentially the reasons for disliking cities are: lack of safety, lack of privacy, pollution, dangerous roads, and crime. They would move if they could afford to, but don't because, and this is mostly the reason they stay, they need their job and there are no jobs elsewhere.

Which begs the question... as the robot revolution continues to unfold and AI promises to accelerate that in the coming decades, to where as some speculate, by 2050 over half and as many as 3 in 4 people on the planet simply will be replaced by robots. Assuming the working class revolution is successful and they're not exterminated as surplus humans and survive, they can, and likely will, leave cities since there won't be work to employ them, and perhaps work will appear outside of cities, and certainly as people leave them.

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