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to : GarthgoyleOct. 30 08:19 pm JST

People need to understand that Fuji is not a picnic walk. It could be extremely dangerous even during the peak season. Two people died last year during summer (I unsuccessfully tried CPR on one of them) and two this year.

CPR in the mountains without any equipment is shure very hard with an low positive outcome. I had only a HS student with an injured leg and gave him some grams of Paracetamol and Novaminsulfon. But I have never need an CPR in the mountains on ships or regular aircrafts. MD of Cardiology , General internal medicine and Critical care medicine . Cardiological consultant of TELEMEDICAL MARITIME AsSISTANCE SERVICE MEDICO CUXHAVEN.

Well the trails are not picnic in Nov/Dec. Was myself in Nov 2005 on this trail. But 2005 the police/authorities ask for a form with names and contact datas of all mebers of the hiking party and an hiking plan ( date time up/down ). Also they ask fer ham radio licences/calls/technics( trx ) ( smart phone using rate was lower in 2005 ). We had a 5 Wtts FT470 144/440 Mhz FM handhold trx and an 25 Wtts PA and my JA-CEPT licence. But lucky we had no problems. Also we must declare to cover all searchers costs if we need any help.

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Pension limit is raising to 67 yrs in Germany. But you can also work with 80+ if you want. We had last year an 84 year old retiered MD of Critical care medicine and anesthesia as contractor in our hospital. The anesthesia was o.k. but the reanimation in the nigth in my cath-labor was terrible. Bad ears and bad eyes. And also he always run around us without any lead protection while we x-rayed.

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