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Well written, Scott Snyder. Thank you.

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Grill (bars) vs Griddle (Iron plate) both have there advantages and disadvantages. Then then we can argue the gas vs charcoal conflict. Grinding the meat 'removes' some of the toughness. Overcooking brings back the toughness. Fat keeps the cooked meat moist, so buy meat with a good percentage of fat, or mix in some like a fatter piece of beef, or something like pork belly. Adding lamb to the mix is enjoyed by some people. As for cheese, add some that has taste such as sharp cheddar (good with bacon and little BBQ sauce), but for sauteed mushrooms or avocado, I like Swiss cheese. Fresh ground (with your spices) is best, but the equipment cleanup for a 'simple' meal for a couple is difficult. Ok for a larger group. Also, fresh ground (at home) is safer from a food safety point of view! Mix it up and enjoy good cooking!

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Wish the Habu (Blackbird SR-71) was still flying out of Okinawa. Be nice to have it make a fly over with sonic boom to help celebrate the event!

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Check your countries laws, but in US, there is the Good Samaritan Law that protects a person from law suits if they do what they were trained to do for non-professional people (first aid course). Your skin is a great defense from the nasty outside world of bad bugs (pathogens) and when the EMS people arrive, ask for help to clean the blood off. Stripping bloody cloths and getting clean with a fire hose is not a bad idea if you are covered with blood. If you know how to save a person's life, and you do not act to save their life, you can be sued!

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Posted in: Japan is asking U.S. President Barack Obama to make an official visit to Hiroshima when he comes to Japan in May for the G-7 summit. Doing so would make him the first sitting U.S. president to visit t See in context

Yes, I think Obama should go there. Yes, a very political message. Obama should do that after the Emperor of Japan & Prime Minister visits the Arizona Memorial. That happened before the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and set up the events that lead to the atomic bomb. See the start and the end! Also, the Emperor of Japan & Prime Minister should visit sites of the Bataan Death March. Did you forget about that? Don't forget about Nanjing (1937) and Unit 731 (China Biological testing and warfare). Does Japan Today have the courage to keep this?

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Japanese society emphasizes being one with society. American society emphasizes being an individual. Both countries have problems with members joining ISIS. I wonder which is the best way for society? I like the idea of an individual raised with two parents (same sex is OK) showing how to resolve conflict in an acceptable way, how to think for yourself, and how to be a moral person with care for their fellow human. Religion is OK if it supports care for fellow humans even if they are of another religion.

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The trouble with walking down the middle of the road is that you get hit by cars going in both directions. The left paints you for being on the right, and the right paints you for being on the left. If you are not a rabid Republican, you are accused of being a Communist! That fear of 'supporting' Communist has lead America into supporting totalitarian leaders that have often failed because they did not support the people. Check our failures: China, Philippines, Cuba, Vietnam, etc.

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KWATT - Are you a Search and Rescue volunteer? I am. Your talk is cheap if you are not willing to put your life on the line to save others.

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Same cram school. Two knives and a hatchet at the scene. Sounds a lot like it was premeditated. Did one pass and the other fail for the entrance examination? Seems like something did not meet his expectations, and with the added pressure of the college exam, he snapped. Maybe she was putting pressure on him, or trying to leave him. Now with the 'pressure' off, he came to his senses and feels lost, so he just turned himself in. No excuse for his behavior even if the 'cause' was from her. I don't think any of us would feel good with him as a fellow worker.

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The video was taken at the police dorm. So where was the dorm in relationship to places that she might naturally go such as a market. If the police dorm was out of the way, then the dots are close together. Also, I think it would be hard to make 5 IED's in your home without some traces of evidence. Japanese prosecutors like 100% conviction record, so seeing that she is charged, I think they have a good case.

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So is that antenna considered hardware or software?

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A tourist does not make documentaries! So he got a tourist visa while he should have gotten a journalist visa. So he lied on his visa application. OK, he sneaked in. But then he said to the media he did not do anything illegal! That was an outright lie to the public! So he lied to us about his activities, so that puts a question on his documentary. Is it a lie also? I don't think his documentary is a lie, but it comes from a person who lies to the public.

I tremendously dislike the killing dolphins and whales. The town maybe could do better with eco-tours seeing dolphins than killing them. And I think the whale research that Japan claims to do is just an excuse to kill whales. But if we want to hold Japan or others up to higher standards, we must maintain the high standards for ourselves. He did not. I can excuse using the tourist visa to gain access, but not the lie saying he did nothing illegal.

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Of course the warning was in English, the international language for aviation! Do you think the Turkish pilots know Russian? An the Russians should have been monitoring 243 MHz, the international aviation channel for such warnings. They were attacking non-ISIS targets that were friendly to Turkey, and oops, their fault. Yes, let me overfly your country so I can make a better bombing run on your friends.

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Posted in: Opponents of immigration in Japan, particularly political conservatives and members of right-wing groups, argue that Japan is a single ethnic group and cannot easily absorb people from other cultures. See in context

Talking about races and ethnic groups often brings up emotions, especially when someone like to use the word pure! With extremely rare exceptions (if any) we have some mix in us, and most of us have some Neanderthal genes in us! We humans like to mess around! So keeping a race or ethnic group pure is a very poor goal and often leads to some very cruel rules and acts. Take modest pride in your background, and have your behavior show it's best points. Take an interest in others and note their good points.

As for Japan taking in others, get use to it. US has been doing it for a long time, and we still have a long way to go, but we are going!

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If you want to honestly judge Columbus, or anyone, you must look at the norms for the age and location. No way he could have maintained being captain of a sailing ship if he was a cream-puff! The question is if he was unnecessary brutal. I don't know or care. As for the first Europeans who 'discovered' the Americas, the Vikings, they had reigned terror over most of Europe for centuries, and then after finding Vinland, and with stories of how wonderful it was, left for some unknown reason. I think the Native Americans gave the Vikings the boot! The reason for the 'success' of Columbus and his fellow Europeans was their deadly cargo of germs and secondary, steel for armor and cutting weapons. (Guns and horses were useless in pitch battles.) The Europeans also made treaties with some Native American tribes to help them against their enemies. Yes, the treaties were later broken.

I would be happy to see the holiday renamed to Native American Day.

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First abuse animals, then abuse people. That is pseudo logic. Are the hunters in a hunter-gather society pedophiles? First work on human relations to each other. Start there, other behaviors will fall in place. The hunter does not enjoy the animal's suffering and want to make a clean kill. If a person likes to see animal suffering, check the parents who raised that person. Was that child a wanted and loved child with parents who demonstrated the good things in human nature?

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Hero22: No way you could have read the book in 22 minutes. Yes, the word Conspiracy is in the title. That does not mean the book is not basically fact. I have read other document that support the book. It does not matter that the chance that Japan will return to it's old ways is zero. It is about what Japan's neighbors feel, and that feeling won't leave for a long time unless Japan owns up to it's bad historic actions. Germany did. Visiting Yasukuni Shrine does not help. Check the footnotes and references in the book: "Japan's Imperial Conspiracy" by David Bergamini and come to your own belief - but don't jump on a title and say it is false. An interesting side note, I first came across that book at Waseda University in the library of the International Division! It puts a tremendous amount of Japanese history preceding and during WWII together. Why did Emperor Hirohito visit the water supply of Singapore before the Pacific War started, and how did that contribute to the fall of Singapore? Check the historic record, and read the book.

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Italy was a minor player in WWII. The main two were Germany and Japan. Both did some extremely bad actions that have no comparison in their magnitude of cruelty to humans to any other county. The difference is that Germany acknowledges it, and Japan does not. Germany has the death camps and it is against the law to say it did not happen. In German schools, the bad that Germany did is taught, so that they will not repeat it! That is not happening in Japan's schools with their history. I have yet to meet a Japanese who knows about what Unit 731 did in China! America's bad is pointed out in glaring detail, but Japanese bad goes unspoken. The Japanese bad is not talked about, so the chances of the Japanese repeating it is real and that scares other Asian nations. Please read "Japan's Imperial Conspiracy" by David Bergamini if you want some real insight.

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For me, the war started when Japan set up an incident in China as an excuse to move armed forces into Manchuria in 1931. The oil embargo was a "Peaceful" attempt to moderate the Japanese actions in China and Manchuria, not to be used as an excuse to say US Actions caused the Japanese to go to war. I recommend reading "Japan's Imperial Conspiracy" by David Bergamini for some very interesting reading about what Japan was doing. There are over 140 pages of notes, references and bibliography's if you want to check up on what David wrote! Yes, one can say the bombs were used to scare the Russians, revenge for Pearl Harbor, etc. Yes, the Japanese were broken and for the most part defeated when the bombs were dropped. But the IJA still hand a very large number of untouched combat troops in China. For every day the war would drag on, over 10,000 Chinese civilians would die! One estimate was 200,00 deaths for the two atomic bombs. Three weeks faster stopping the war saved more Chinese lives than Japanese who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then there are the lives (US & JN) saved by US not invading Kyushu. Cruel to balance one set of lives against another set of lives, but that happens when you put war morality on the table.

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Was the Rape of Nanking morally Justified? Was the Japanese chemical and biological experimentation unit 731 morally justified? (Look it up if you don't know about it!) Was field testing chemical and biological weapons on humans in China morally justified? In revenge for the Doolittle Raid on Japan, the Japanese killed an estimated 250,000 Chinese who might have helped the Americans - was this morally justified? Every day the war was extended, in addition to Americans and Japanese, 10,000's of Chinese died! I hope no one thinks Japanese lives are more valuable than Chinese lives! Most of these 10,000 deaths a day of Chinese was because the Japanese troops took their food and livestock. The bombs ensured that the invasion of Kyushu did not take place, saving both American and Japanese lives. Even after the two bombs were dropped, there was an attempted coup to prevent Japan from surrendering! In Germany is it illegal to deny the Holocaust. In Japan, it is dangerous to tell the truth of what the Japanese did! Is that morally right? What about the two (Army & Navy) Japanese Atomic Bomb programs? Would Japan have dropped the bomb? Put all the morality cards on the table, and see how the deck is stacked! Both atomic bombs were morally justified!

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