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Ralph DuMont comments

Posted in: Mexico fumes at 'hostile' Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom See in context

Mexico is hypocritical whenever they criticize US immigration policies. Mexican policies are a hundred times more restrictive than ours. They are just unhappy that we might stop taking their unwanted citizens and let them send dollars back to Mexico.

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Posted in: Remember Nixon? There's history behind Trump's press attacks See in context

I remember Nixon. I also remember how the press hated him with a passion and skewed its reporting relentlessly. The same thing is happening today now that King Obama is gone. The media in America is overwhelmingly leftwing and has launched nothing less than a full attack on our president. And they are very upset that he isn't lying down and taking it like the Republicans they are used to dealing with.

Bringing up similarities with Nixon and not seeing the siliarities with the nasty attitude of the press at that time shows this author's bias.

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