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They are in the country illegally, they should be locked up. Leave if they have a problem. Sorry, I think every country on the planet has the right to decide who can enter, and who can stay. Most foreigners arrive legally and manage to stay within the limits of their visa.

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Ridiculous. Keep the symbol.

It is a legitimate part of Japanese and Asian culture and history. The vast majority of tourists and other foreigners in Japan are from Asia and are completely aware of its association to Buddhism and Hinduism. The symbol is understood and visible in India, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, and non-Buddhist majority Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries in the region. Billions of people are fully aware of its original and true meaning.

The designer of these new symbols is taking a very western-centric approach to their use and interpretation.

In addition, most Westerners in Japan or who have visited Japan are not overly confused by the symbol, and confusion is quickly removed when explained on a map legend. Keep the symbol but ensure there is a legend to explain to the minority who are ignorant. Tourists travel to see new things and to learn about a culture and country. Use this as an opportunity to teach tourists about the local culture and customs.

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