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Posted in: Junior high school student arrested after bullying incident in Kyushu See in context

What they need to do with bullies is to automatically give them a failing grade for the semester, with repeat offenders expelled. Counseling does little, and arrests are moot, because as a minor, the bully really has nothing to fear. By taking away their education, they soon realize that they will suffer a real loss for their poor and violent attitudes.

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Posted in: Companies angry over thoughtless students amid economic downturn See in context

The problem is one of lack of education. Schools in general (whether in Japan or the US), don't focus on what it takes to get hired. Interviewing skills are never taught to students, so as such, they only bring with them a repertoire of communication assets more appropriate to blogs and forums. When they first walk into a suit and tie environ, they're quite literally a fish out of water. This readily recalls the post tech bubble burst in the US, where thousands of computer whiz kids (who had previously been hired right out of school into high pay tech jobs) suddenly lost their employment and had to actually go looking for a new job. Interviewers wrote about how ridiculously unprepared some were (one showed up late, wearing shorts and flip-flops, holding a cup of coffee) but had expected to get hired right away. Granted, there are poor interviewers, but by and large, it's the job applicants' responsibility to show that they have something to offer; why else should a complete stranger agree to give you money? Frankly, had I been the interviewer asked the question "what do your employee's do for fun?" I would have ended the interview right there and shown the woman the door.

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Posted in: Student arrested after threatening undercover policewoman with box cutter See in context

This was not luck, but a good decoy op by a covert team of plain clothes officers that set a trap for the perp, in an area where he was known to frequent. As for DNA, they probably matched mouth swabs with semen evidence he had previously left with his other victims.

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Posted in: Israel declares unilateral Gaza cease-fire See in context

It really doesn't matter about who did what to whom at what point; and all the finger pointing won't provide any solutions, just more anger. Insofar as man is a community animal, as long as two groups exist together, but where one group is socially, politically, and economically disadvantaged to the other group (for whatever reasons), you will always have conflict. The only way that peace can come to Palestine is one of the following three ways; [1] one side completely kills the other [2] they have peace enforced by a ruthless third party more powerful than both sides put together [3] they embrace each other and share all facets of their existence equally. What's amazing about these conflicts is, that at the time of their struggle, neither side can appreciate that (in general) their collective existence in history is fleeting, as most civilizations eventually disappear or are absorbed by others. A few hundred years from now, Israel and Palestine may both wind up in the dustbin of history.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for taking picture of woman’s legs on train in Kanagawa See in context

"I pressed the wrong button?" He had the phone's photo program software already active (towards what purpose?) when he "accidentally" pressed and inadvertently took her picture? Of course it could happen... everyone walks around with their cell phone's photo program engaged, don't we?


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