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Japan can also greatly benefit by having strong military and economic tie with India. India would provide a huge market and base for Japanese defence and other companies and people of that country is anyway would remain friendly to Japanese, given their cultural ties. India is land of Budha and of great learning, in recent past it lost some of its glories but the new generation is bound to revive it. It may take anothr 20-30 years for India to become an economic and military powerhouse and Japanese people and government needs to should start nurturing that relationship. India may need economic and technological assistance now but very soon they would be a big power.

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This world is not as good as Japanese people believe it to be.. Let US led army leave South Korea and Japan and see what happens there.. Your non violent neighbors will take over your land and there would be no army to defend.. Its iperative that you have a strong army, not to fight on foreign soil but to defend yourselves..

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People should have power not to harass someone but keep the enemy at safe distance. Japan and India need to have closure military ties along with business relations so that countries with ill mentality keeps away. India is the land of Buddha and Japan is following the path of Buddha, we believe in peace but if we don't have capabilities to defend ourselves some ill minded will come and swallow us.

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I don't understand any logic in people bothering about china when India and Japan is trying to improve their ties, cultural, technical or military. China can't be trusted with its military power but Japan and India has never attacked a nation, acquired or asserted its dominance over any sovereign country like China does, Taiwan, South China sea and Tibet are example that shows if allowed Chinese can capture complete Asia. China Pakistan tie is well known for its proliferation of Narms along with long range missiles. There must be some powerful deterrent, Japan or India is not going to attach China they are trying to improve their own capabilities by having close relationship. India has everything that Japan need, a place for investment, cheap labor, land, earth resources, big and growing market. Its also the Land of Buddha. Japanese are respected in India and they are seen as friendly so please go the place where you have respect not a place where people are thirsty for your blood.

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