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Ramires Bourguignon Ferreira comments

Posted in: LINE app now reaches 300 million users See in context

My family told me that there is also a TV commercial in Brazil... awesome!

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

RIP the "god of pension"!

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Posted in: Yumi Kazama: 15 years in the Japanese adult video industry and still going strong See in context


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Posted in: As yen weakens, BOJ governor says easing to persist See in context

Yappari... where do you of all people think those 20 trillion yen will come from? Of course! From the consumption tax raise, yo! Hummm, any economist around to convince us that is a good thing?

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Posted in: Toyota to recall 7.43 mil vehicles globally over fire risk in power-windows See in context

tmarie, that is right... but, I guess the EU standards will be mandatory only to the new releases and not for cars already in circulation... if that is so, put that number dozen times more!

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Posted in: Hamasaki declares the 8th of each month 'Ayu Day' See in context

let that be the "Ayu-day" for herself and her fans... as for me... just another day... good luck!

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Posted in: Woman lay judge faints after seeing graphic crime scene photo See in context

Well said Ben Jack... and if I'm not mistaken, lay judges when are called to duty, they can't refuse except for major impeding reasons... How come you suggest her to be charged for derelection, Mr. avigator? Shame on you for not having humane empathy....

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Posted in: Standing tall See in context

@Daisan Yes, I'm pretty sure it is the same one that was on display at the Shiokaze Park in Odaiba 3 years ago... at least it turns its head left-right and lights up the eyes at night... unless they turned it off in order to save energy...

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Posted in: Takako Uehara engaged to ET-KING singer See in context

oh... Beautiful Japanese lady... but... the probability of a future divorce is pretty high among actress... good luck though...

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Posted in: Dead shark dumped in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park See in context

I saw this on TV... crazy

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Posted in: Toshiba invents device it claims can decontaminate radioactive soil See in context

For this, Toshiba deserves an applause!

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Posted in: Man held for dropping 1-yr-old son from 10th floor apartment See in context

my bad... the correct allocation of "supposedly" should be between "his (supposedly) own"

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Posted in: Man held for dropping 1-yr-old son from 10th floor apartment See in context

It's gonna be hard for the boy to live with the fact that his own father (supposedly) tried to kill him...

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Posted in: 8-yr-old girl stabbed by man while walking home from school in Matsudo See in context

i'm with you Ben... the more sensationalist a news is, the more business chance for advertising JT has... it's the media market principle... anyway, just let it go...

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Posted in: Some rice farmers see TPP as window of opportunity See in context

In not religious, but there is one biblical scripture that says somthing like this: "it is best to lose an eye or a hand than to lose the whole body"... that means, unfortunately, the rice agriculture sector must be sacrificed so that Japan's economy may have a better way of recovery... the same happened to Korea... for, what really brings profit to the country? Rice or manufactured goods??? May Japanese people think logic and reasonable...

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Posted in: Emperor hospitalized for bronchitis See in context


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Posted in: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ties up with Oreo See in context

next time I go to Tokyo, I must definitely hit a Krispy Creme to try this one... but gotta wait until Dec 26...

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Posted in: Apple announces death of Steve Jobs at 56 See in context

RIP! Indeed a great man that did a great contribution to mankind... BUT... it is kinda suspicious that no official statement from hospitals or other media sources.... interestingly, Apple first did his death announcement the day after when new iPhone 4S was unveiled... which made most of us Apple users a bit disappointed... anyway, could it be that Jobs passed away before the 4th and they were hiding this from the public in order to protect the stock prices of the new released product? That is something we should think about... if that be true... disappointing feeling not only for the new iPhone but the moral of Apple in its entirety...

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Posted in: Noda's election sparks wariness in China See in context

"Chinese proverb: if you can defeat your enemy, ally yourself to him"... Now it's time to compromise some things in order to build a progressive cooperation... Japan is lame and needs more than ever before the support from the Chinese neighbor...

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Posted in: Sharp establishes sales subsidiary in Brazil See in context

cactusJackAUG. 30, 2011 - 10:43AM JST I hope they don't expect to compete on level ground. Brazil has been known for corruption and collusion practices.

That's why my country was selected to host the World Cup and the Olympics... lot's of corruption, collision practices, beautiful nature, friendly people, booming economy and lot's more... Mr. cactusJack, wait and in the near future you will be willing (maybe imploring) to be an "Eikaiwa" teacher there!

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Posted in: Chinese news agency urges Noda not to make relations worse See in context

I'm pretty sure that Noda will left this issue to the next Premier, as it's have always been... Otsukaresama!

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Posted in: Why are girl bands and glamour groups like AKB48, SKE48, Morning Musume and Miniskirt Police so popular in Japan? See in context

I have a part-time job at the seven eleven and I see lot's of old guys in their 60's or 70's buying these stupid mangas with those AK47, sorry, I mean, AKb4whatever girls half naked... well, I think the industry of sex and porn of Japan might be behind this...

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Posted in: Teacher forces female student to wear maid's costume in Akita See in context

if i was written in the syllabus that wearing a "maid´s costume" was part of the grades, I think there´s no wrong about it...

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

The first time I came to Japan, when I´d see some news like these it was hard for me to understand how can some japanese people commit suicide for something that in my opinion wans´t that serious, for I´ve been through lot more than just bullied or bankrupted, and still I´m afraid of death and hope for a better future. Anyway, when I came to learn more about japanese history and culture, especially about the "bushido" (once a samurai commit some stupid thing under an "almighty landlord´s" command, the least he could do was to "seppuku" himself and/or his whole family in order to show an appology to the master and to purge himself from what he did so that he´d got the right to be born as a samurai in the next life), I came to understand that this millenial culture´s trace is vivid in japanese society even nowadays. Thanks God I was born as a gaijin!

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