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Posted in: LA approves Arizona boycott over immigration law See in context

SB 1070 said an inquiry could be made after a part of any "lawful contact.'' The new language says there first must be part of a "lawful stop, detention or arrest.'' I have read the law and understand what it meant as originally written and revised. Do you understand the difference and what it originally intended? What of the bounty that will be paid to THE GANG AND IMMIGRATION INTELLIGENCE TEAM or financial awards by the court given to anyone who successfully sues agencies for not ENFORCING FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS TO LESS THAN THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY FEDERAL LAW. I can’t find that one in federal immigration statute. Do you realize this provision actually compels police agencies and their officers to demand you prove you are here legally? A lawful stop can be made for reasonable suspicion. Arizona courts describe reasonable suspicion as “requiring only a minimal, objective justification based on the totality of circumstances," The law does not state what officers can consider when determining reasonable suspicion, which opens the door to broad interpretation and the potential for racial profiling. For all practical purposes all Latino Americans in Arizona will have to be aware of their status daily. An American of color, legal resident, or a person that speaks with accent will have to think twice and ask themselves will I be stopped when they walk out their front door to work, school, even to church. Yes this is separation from the mainstream and will affect the way Hispanics are treated in Arizona.

By the way. Yesterday I bought a new computer with an AMD processor not Intel. Continue to BOYCOTT ARIZONA. GO LAKERS, LIGHTS OUT SUNS. ; })-

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