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Does the one on the left look smarter and more human than the one on the right? Or is it just me?

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AP VoteCast, a survey of more than 110,000 voters, found that the recession’s harm has mostly struck lower-income households...

That's what happens when you drop a hair over 1/2 of the covid funds into business and a bit less than a fifth to workers and families. We already knew trickle down economics was a fraud. But hey... The market is up while unemployment is at record levels, so I guess they made sure the scoreboard for the wealthy still works, even as the economy itself continues to slide into the abyss.

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P. Smith...

“I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” George Bernard Shaw

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”― Mark Twain

“Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever.”― Robert A. Heinlein

I'm tired. I'm tired of my party being subverted into a fascist nightmare. I'm tired of my fellow republicans celebrating ignorance and stupidity. I'm tired of trying to defend their beliefs, and have stopped, because they are indefensible. I'm tired of being lumped in with "my party" in conversations. As a moderate republican, I'm tired of watching the downfall of not only my party, but also possibly Democracy itself. I could not in good conscience bring myself to cast a vote in 2016. Just as I could not in good conscience, NOT vote in 2020. My party is the party of evil, and it has to be stopped. Covid isn't the flu, but thanks to ignorance, stupidity, and ill will on the part of the republican party I've had to see 235,000 Americans die. I would personally like to see all republicans responsible for this lined up and shot as traitors to their country. It won't happen though. The evilness is too deeply entrenched in our government, those responsible will face no consequences beyond perhaps losing their elected position. The fact that many of them haven't already lost their positions sickens me. All of it is due to the ignorance and willful stupidity of republican voters. I can forgive the ignorant if they are willing to learn, but I will never forgive the stupid.

Is Biden/Harris my best choice? Unfortunately, yes.

Fortunately, my conscience is at ease.

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Polls are garbage. If I want someone else's opinion, I'll ask them.

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How can overwork by healthcare workers be caused by the pandemic? Last I was aware there was virtually no problem because of superior Japanese genes, or some hoo-hah. If there is hardly any testing, and no one seems to ever get it, then the hospitals are obviously humming along under their normal workload. Since Covid obviously isn't the issue, then maybe the Japanese healthcare worker has just always been overworked? /s

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Silly law. Next thing you know they'll arrest people for saying "Man! I wanna kill him/her!"

"☆ In Japan, decriminalising marijuana would see it replace the much more harmful drug of choice for celebrities, methyl amphetamine. Japan Tobacco could use its existing production capacity and pharmaceutical supply chain to control marijuana cigarettes as an OTC drug. Expect opposition from the powerful alcohol lobby."

Not true. You don't replace a stimulant with a depressant. It would be like your computer breaks down so you buy a chainsaw to replace it.

"As a criminal enterprise, in the USA, where cannabis is now legal, the criminal element has disappeared, Now it is a business enterprise that provides taxes and a revenue stream to the state. However, it will be interesting to see the cultural impacts."

Ridiculously untrue. I'll assume ignorance of the poster, or possibly they just have no idea, and spout whatever.

In states where recreational marijuana use is legalized (you know... The states that should be seeing a lack of criminal enterprise) there are still plenty of street dealers peddling their wares. The reason for this is simple. Cost. Boutique marijuana dispensaries are a fun once in a while trip for pot smokers, who then return to their old dealers because the price with taxes is astronomically prohibitive for the average user. Criminal dealers aren't out applying for their business licenses and their tax numbers because they are criminals... Why would they ever give away their profits to the government?

"and no longer are users of the substance turned into criminals."

Kind of true. Generally there are possession limits. If you exceed your limit, you will be going to jail.

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He (Donald Drumpf) also jabbed at former President Barack Obama, saying, “You can’t be a great president when much of what he has done we have undone.”

Yeah like undoing the infectious diseases pandemic playbook... Not necessarily Obama's idea to begin with, but a great example of many of the good things he has undone.


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“The government lacked respect for individual remains and their dignity,”

Not hard to believe considering they don't even respect their current, living, and breathing populace.

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Posted in: Do you think the Japanese government should impose another state of emergency for all of Japan to try and contain the coronavirus, and if so, how should it be different from the last one that ended on May 25? See in context

Sam WattersAug. 2 01:38 pm JST

NO! NO! NO! The economy cannot take it! The elderly and at risk can stay self-quarantine. The Corona is part of our lives now and we must accept that and move on. Our decades of prosperity has made us weak and cowardly.

Do you even realize that the elderly comprise over 1/3 of Japans workforce? Not even including the at risk?

So... 2/3 or a bit less continue working while the economy tanks around them for how long?

Versus... Oh I dunno... A plan of action including shutdowns? Which would allow for MORE of Japans actual workforce to be able to return to work, probably sooner than they would think, possibly mitigating huge damages done to the economy.

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"Virus surges worldwide as public loses faith in authorities"

Kind of misleading... The government is not an authority on medicine, or microbiology, or infectious diseases.

Therefore, doctors and scientists in those fields WOULD be the authorities. While I haven't run a poll on this, my anecdotal experience has been showing me that many people with a modicum of intelligence do listen to the authorities and have complete faith in them.

The ones that they don't have faith in are the charlatans masquerading as authorities, i.e. their politicians.

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Sounds like a possible failure to communicate, and compromise, for the unhappy ones. Raising children should be a two person job. If a husband stays home and ruins the dynamic, then the couple should sit down together and work out how they are raising their children. Parents should be a team, not a dictatorship of one, and not an undermining of the other parent. Having a husband at home shouldn't be stressing out one's partner in a healthy working relationship. Sad that supposedly grown adults can't figure this out.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Let us simplify this a bit. In the U.S., business owners are free to implement whatever policies they feel like.

We got "no shoes, no shirt, no service" from businesses combating hippies in their stores. In this day and age that mandate wouldn't fly because they would be violating the hippies rights. And yet... Stores and shops STILL to this very day have "no shoes, no shirt, no service" stickers on their doors. Why? Because hippies are gone and society has deemed clothing acceptable, this includes businesses possibly considering their liability now, for someone hurting their feet in the store.

Is that policy a violation of human rights? Not really, because business has the right to decide their policies.

So... A mandate to wear masks doesn't have to come from the government, it can come from society as a whole.

A customer contracting covid at your store and suing for it, or an employee contracting covid because of their work environment and suing for it, will wake businesses up and lead to a mandate for mask wearing. There are plenty of businesses requiring mask wearing, either because of a moral/ethical responsibility to their customers, or because they are smart enough be ahead of the curve of avoiding costly litigation.

In that event... Your personal rights fly out the window, as business has the right to implement their own policies.

It doesn't even need to be made a law for it to happen.

But it does need lawyers... Lots of ambulance chasing lawyers. Also greedy shysters, which the U.S. has no shortage of.

Covid will be the next mesothelioma. ;)

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"rely more on the advice of a committee of experts, to try to control the novel coronavirus and avoid another economic slowdown."

Put out by JT 2 minutes after this...

"Gov't decision to scrap advisory coronavirus panel draws flak

Today 06:28 am JST 9 Comments "

So it's safe to assume that this new "commitee" will have no doctors or scientists involved, and just be big business and politicians?

Because the obvious important point of the first quote is...

"avoid another economic slowdown."

Too sad Japan, too sad...

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Posted in: MLB tells players at most 60 games; 50 or fewer possible See in context

50 game season? Just cancel it already.

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"We always knew that Silicon Valley would pull out all the stops to obstruct and interfere with President Trump getting his message through to voters," said Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.

No... And no... His message has gotten through loud and clear to voters practically every day since he got into office. Were Silicon Valley obstructing him, he would have been off twitter a couple of years ago. Fortunately for us, we may have not realized what a complete waste of oxygen the guy is, had they booted him back then. Thanks to them respecting his right to free speech, the voters definitely got the message. I thought George was dumb, but this guy makes me want to have Bush put on a coin or something.

Biden will most likely be the next president of the US, only because once again, no one can manage to offer us any better.

3rd or 4th party options or a no-confidence selection really needs to be added to the ballot.

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Lolol... I was already disinterested in Tokyo hosting games, due to the government response to 3/11.

China hosting anything? Lolol... But don't let them know we feel this way until after they've pissed away millions for infrastructure and PR.

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So stupid...

We have laws and requirements for driving. It isn't a right to drive, it is a privilege. If you kill someone with your driving there are repercussions from fines all the way up to prison time. Lets not forget how much it will cost you to defend yourself against the charges brought.

In that vein, you're arguing that if you infect someone with corona, then there should be consequences faced.

Fines, court costs, lawyers fees. possible imprisonment?

If you wanna swing that way, then I'm entirely on your side and agree that driving a car should equate to passing on the virus. It should come with responsibilities to your fellow man, and consequences.

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Posted in: How do you think the coronavirus will affect the climate change issue? See in context

It'll be hard to deny the data coming in currently, but I'm sure many will deny it anyways.

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Posted in: Abe ends state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo; Tokyo's may be lifted Monday See in context

Christopher GlenMay 21 11:03 am JST

At this point, it’s time to reopen. The cure is now worse than the prevention.

The flu is a more dangerous virus, and yet the economy isn’t shut every winter to slow it down. Nor are many people vaccinated against it.

COVID-19 IS dangerous, but people should go about their lives, using common-sense precautions.

Not sure about the rest of the world, but the US numbers show between 12k to 61k over the last 10 years, with the 2017-18 season being the worst at 61k.

The US flu season is also generally considered to be 8 months long.

We're less than 3 months into covid-19, and already at almost 95k.

Flu has a vaccination available.

Covid-19 does not.

Admittedly, I only spent a few minutes to figure this out at didn't look at worldwide data, but the US numbers are food for thought....

As for the economy... I'm torn. Without adequate protections(financial and otherwise) for at risk populations, I'm wary of the return to normalcy.

It wouldn't bother me one whit if folks wanted to return to work, as long as there were options for those choosing not to.

I'd love to see personal responsibility be recognized by the courts, in order to mitigate the slew of lawsuits sure to come, from folks who choose to return and have unfortunate consequences. Someone, somewhere down the road, will decide that their family member wouldn't have died if only the (name an institution), had been more responsible about covid. That isn't how personal choice works, but it will end up clogging up the courts anyhow.

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Posted in: What will we eat in the year 2050? See in context

By 2050 we'll probably eat the rich.

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If the thought that something bigger than themselves is on their side, then what's the issue? I mean at least they aren't spouting hate like some of the christian institutions do. If mental health services were widely available in Japan, then maybe they wouldn't turn to religion, but they do. No one gets hurt, some find solace.

The fact that it's in sanskrit means nothing. I have an electric blanket that provides comfort and solace, but I don't have a clue as to how to manufacture an electric blanket, same thing with my microwave oven. Could probably find hundreds of other examples in my daily life. Just because I don't understand them all does not prevent me from finding comfort and/or solace in those things.

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Posted in: Pandemic claims another U.S. retailer: 118-year-old J.C. Penney See in context

It may have been due to a pandemic... Of mismanagement, and investor driven greed, but not coronavirus. Penney's has been in trouble for years. Awful nice of them to give the top management millions in bonuses right before filing for bankruptcy.

They were another stodgy old company that was unable to pivot in the direction the market was going, but hey have some bonuses because you tried? Everyone needs a job like that.

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Posted in: Elderly people could carry a card saying, 'If I fall ill and am taken to hospital, treat young people first.' See in context

KniknaknokkaerMay 15 02:21 pm JST

Not necessarily Zichi. There are plenty of old people who have gone through life sponging off the state.

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Yeah they're in the Diet, and I would be entirely okay if they were required to carry those cards.

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Posted in: Trump hopes for COVID-19 vaccine by end of year, 'maybe before' See in context

"We are looking to get it by the end of the year if we can, maybe before,"

"We think we are going to have some very good results coming out very quickly,"

"My administration is providing roughly $10 billion to support a medical research effort without parallel,"

"We are working together with many different countries, and again we have no ego," he said. "Whoever gets it, we think it is great, we are going to work with them and they're going to work with us. If we get it, we'll be working with them."

"Again, it is not solely vaccine based," he said. "Other things have never had a vaccine and they go away. So I don't want people to think this is all dependent on a vaccine, but a vaccine would be a tremendous thing."

I was never aware my B.S. detector could go off so many times in such a short article. And who has ever had to add this to a sentence, "and again we have no ego", that wasn't a snake? Pathetic.

What's even worse is that Joe Biden(he'll actually get my vote just to remove the moron) would return the U.S. to a sense of normalcy in politics. We really need that 3rd or 4th party option stat!

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats push for $3 trillion coronavirus bill, over Republican resistance See in context

Wall Street is not the economy of the U.S. It's merely where the millionaires and billionaires go to keep score.

With that out of the way, it was nice of the clown to pay off his buddies first, I'm sure they appreciate it.

A lot of people think that if corporate giants could get the robots programmed fast enough to replace you, they would. Then they would fight tooth and nail to keep their money as the economy comes crashing down around them. See... No workers = no one with money to buy any of your corporate crap. But the rich are smart enough to know they need customers, so they bitch about labor, but they keep it as a necessary evil.

With that out of the way...

Has anyone looked at the latest info out? Out of all the states reopening, or planning to phase in a reopening, NONE of them have met the WH guidelines for reopening. But the clown in chief continues to cheer on the moronic masses that push to reopen even though they are undermining his own policy. What kind of inept, idiotic, asshat does that? Oh yeah... Trump.

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Posted in: Graffiti targeting Wuhan residents over virus found at Yasukuni shrine See in context

Such a shame that Abe didn't get his constitution changed(lol), then these morons could fail to get into the military and lament that they weren't the first with boots on the ground to attack innocent Chinese citizens being oppressed by their own government. Some days I wonder why I even bother to go through the news.

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Posted in: Vaccine opponents have been around for a long time. Their claims range from relatively modest safety concerns about specific vaccines or the risk of side effects to conspiracy theories that border on the bizarre. What do you think about them? See in context

I honestly never imagined that the scope of individuals who were dropped on their heads as children was so horrifyingly large.

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Posted in: Michigan militia puts armed protest in the spotlight See in context

To put the protestors into perspective a bit.

Using media estimates of the number that were participating, and assuming they were residents of the states they were actually protesting in.... Also using 2020 census estimates of the states population.

In Wisconsin 99.97% of the general population did not join in the protests.

In Michigan 99.975% of the general population did not join in the protests.

In Indiana 99.996% of the general population did not join in the protests.

And lastly...

In Minnesota 99.98% of the population didn't join in on the protests.

There is a daily dose of perspective that you can't get from the media, or that some are incapable of figuring out for themselves.

But now you have internet trolls saying the states should capitulate to the tiny almost unhearable squeeky wheels. I say ... "What about the other 99% of the people of those states?" "Should they be ignored?"

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Mr KiplingApr. 22 10:54 am JST

Lift the lockdown, quarantine the old, sick and at risk and let nature take its course.

You do realize that the "at risk" is pretty much 100% of the people on the planet?

Have you looked into covid any further than recovery and mortality rates? Your media is failing you by sensationalizing the mortality rates and not covering what happens in the bodies of those who have "recovered". Recovering from covid is just looking to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future health issues. You could start by looking at heart, lung and kidney damage, and move to brain related issues from there. It's a bit of a pain to find any information on this because of all the media reports about recovery/mortality, but the information is being gathered and is building up. If you dig hard enough through the internet it's available to anyone.

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TheLongTermerToday 10:52 am JST

Democratic governors slammed the idea.

Of course they would...lol.

Its been up to the states for years to take care of their infrastructure and other states needs. The Feds are too busy funding agencies, medicare and defense.

Interesting to look at the results; most of your most bankrupt states are run by Dems.

While I can't speak for any states other than the one that's worst in the nation... Our problems started under Gov. Jim Edgar (R), and have been a can kicked down the road by every governor since, republican or democrat. Not a democrat myself, but if you don't have the facts you should be careful about what you spout. In Illinois they're all crooked, and I fully agree with a governor getting 2 terms. 1 in office and 1 in prison. Republican or democrat be damned. Past time for the entire US to embrace a 3rd or 4th party option. Look where only having 2 parties got us? Trump... (drops mic)

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