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@rgcivilian... spot on mate! It’s nearly impossible to find a seat at most Starbucks because of these types of people!

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Why did these people leave Japan in the first place? Maybe 1-2 % left for genuine reasons like death in the family or seriously ill family members on the death bed. But bulk of them deserted Japan for the fear of getting infected. Now that the infection in their own country is higher then Japan they want to escape beck to Japan... you can’t have it both ways! Permanent residence maybe could be given the green light but it’s not necessary for other visa holders! It’s nothing to do with discrimination but everything to do with policy implementation. These foreigners knew very well that re-entry into Japan will be very difficult because it was announced by the Government a long time ago but they made the choice to travel so they should be prepared to face the consequences! I’m one of those currently stranded in the US but I blame myself and no one else because I decided to “ run away “ from there when the going got tough!

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Posted in: Australia declares emergency; invokes new powers to fight coronavirus See in context

Heading back before boarders close indefinitely! Without embassy assistance it will be tough to survive in Japan during emergencies as someone mentioned above. All foreigners and Japanese as well be safe during these uncertain times!

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@quercetum... they are keeping the fake score as the number of infected is far greater than the one on record in Japan! Only around 8000 people have been tested in Japan in comparison to other countries. Japan doesn’t even test some people who are seriously showing symptoms of the virus! All these just to keep the number of infected on record to a minimal ( hide the reality / turn a blind eye is a norm in Japan )!

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Just cancel it already!

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