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My kids bow to the ground when beisball practice is over,same to the school gym.

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First, no muslims in japan? gonna have to inform that to the hundreds of fellas that go with me to the mosque in Saitama every friday.

Second and more important, just because is "halal" we are in no obligation to eat it, so no whale for me or my kids.

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Posted in: Mama-friendships can be deceptive See in context

After the 3/11 disaster me and my kids elope japan,my son was about to entry elementary school so we missed the nyugakko ceremony.When we arrived back around may here was a ton of paperwork and a huge list of things that i needed to get ready for my kid to be able to start school as soon as possible. But for my surprise my mamatomo group took care of everything, all the materials, the uniform even the school bags were ready with my kid name! all the forms filled, even a hot meal when we reach home.I was on tears, i would never forget what they did for me and my family. They are still my friends and support and i try to be theirs too.Inaka moms rule.

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