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Posted in: Japan's 'Tuna King' wins annual auction for Y74.2 mil See in context

Extreme of shamelessness.Poor beautiful creature!!

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Posted in: M7.2 quake hits near Fiji; tsunami alert issued See in context

So many earthquakes here and there these days.Stay safe folks.

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Posted in: China manufacturing accelerates at fastest for 4 years: survey See in context

Yeah, which one to believe.

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Posted in: Nadal in Australia, still aiming to contend for major titles See in context

Nadal, once he is healthy enough he is unstoppable.Go Rafa go.

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Posted in: 10 opposition groups suspend Syria peace talks See in context

Terrorist groups crying violations.How fair Lol

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Posted in: 25 killed in Thai road accident See in context

From Bangkok to Pattaya, traffic is really bad. Drivers always compete to get ahead.Its really dangerous. My heart goes to those killed.RIP

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Posted in: Baghdad suicide car bomb blast kills 32 See in context

"Many of the victims were daily laborers waiting for jobs"

So sad, their poor families /children were waiting them to come home with whatever meager they'd have earned.

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Posted in: Knighthoods for Murray and Farah in New Year's Honors List See in context

Dr Andy Murray.Kakkoii.

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Posted in: Boko Haram leader urges fighters to kill, slaughter and abduct See in context

“Kill all the infidels and detonate bombs everywhere,” Shekau says in the video. “Yes! I want you to kill, slaughter and abduct.”

Yes,better kill yourself!!

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Posted in: Girl, 10, dies after falling ill on Toronto-to-London flight See in context

At that young age, flying is a great adventure for young kids.Very sad.

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Posted in: Merry Christmas See in context

Merry Christmas my JT friends.Have a great holiday season!!

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Posted in: FIFA's 5 options for a 2026 World Cup of 48, 40 or 32 teams See in context

No way. When it was 24 teams format, it was so tough and interesting.After they changed it to 32 teams, lowest 7,8 teams are no match , they almost loose every match which I noticed during last three four world cups.

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

It was a holiday in India.

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Posted in: Berlin truck attack suspect shot dead in Milan See in context

He doesn't have a passport, he doesn't have any other documents.How he went from Germany to Italy?

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Posted in: European clubs call on FIFA not to expand 32-team World Cup See in context

Yes, they are right.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill five female airport workers in Afghanistan See in context

Women,You don't have the right to earn livelihoods.That's the motive.Right?

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Posted in: BOJ likely to upgrade economic view next week See in context

People have short memories. yen, weakened from when? In Dec 15, yen was around 120.

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Posted in: Japan will look closely at effects of Fed rate hikes: Suga See in context

What does it mean? Normally they don't watch closely.right?

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Posted in: Abe, Putin hold talks on Japan-Russia territorial dispute See in context

klausdorth,"Just watched the news: lots of "black vans", too!

And has Putin gained some weight (I mean body mass!!) lately?

At least it looked like this when got off the plane."

Yes, I thought the same when I watched.Abe was not at the airport which surprised me.

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Posted in: Casino bill clears panel, paving way to legalize gambling See in context

Go Casino go.If Pachinkos go into the gutters.Right behind my home,there is a big Pachinko parlor, few times a week , 10 in the morning,there are some special events when hundreds of people line up, most of them smoking.Apart from that announcements on the speaker are so annoying.

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Posted in: Putin tries dog diplomacy before Japan talks over islands See in context

Yume must have thought,"bloody humans".

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

Clear sign of panic. Everyday new ideas,new proposals.Is anything working?

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Posted in: Tearful Jakarta governor denies insulting Koran in blasphemy trial See in context

Did he say bad or insulted anything? I don't find any thing offensive.Do you?

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Posted in: November wholesale prices fall 2.2% See in context

MarkX, I don't know much about fish or meat as I am a vegetarian but fresh vegetable prices are so high that I have never seen before.



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Posted in: Japanese man revisits Guam cave where he hid in World War II See in context

I have been to a cave in Guam, where another Japanese soldier hid for twenty something years.It was an emotional experience.

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Posted in: November wholesale prices fall 2.2% See in context

Deflation is not stopping at all even BOJ's repeatedly implementing various measures.

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Posted in: 金 chosen as kanji character best representing 2016 See in context

Actually it should be 金被覆.

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Posted in: Sumitomo to buy Europe's top banana giant Fyffes See in context

@SenseNotSoCommon, But Scotland is a cold place,not suitable to grow tropical fruit like Banana.

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Posted in: Kashima Antlers reach Club World Cup semifinal See in context

I don't know whom to support in the semifinals,Kashima antlers or heart broken Atletico Nacional?

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