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Posted in: Sumitomo to buy Europe's top banana giant Fyffes See in context

This fall and early winter, there was only one thing that was reasonably priced in supermarket that was BananasI hope this acquisition doesn't make a monopoly and prices for Bananas don't go up.

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Posted in: Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas turns 100 See in context

Last night The Vikings was on TV.I really enjoyed it.

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Posted in: Colombia's Nacional vow to honor crash victims in Japan See in context

I am out of words here.

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Posted in: Japan closely watching South Korean crisis See in context

Strangerland, you are right. JMedia is showing it too much as expected.Do they ever show good things happening elsewhere? No. They always only show dirty and poor places overseas.

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Posted in: Japan downgrades growth estimate for July-Sept to 1.3% See in context

Like it or not. I doubt it. It's manipulation. I don't see any growth. If Japanese companies can manipulate their earnings why can't JG?

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Posted in: Japan closely watching South Korean crisis See in context

"Japan closely watching South Korean crisis"

Ignoring the home crisis and our dear leader is always away.

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Posted in: Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas turns 100 See in context

Saw this movie a couple of times bacause book by the same name written by Howard Fast was my favorite.I didn't know this actor is father of Machael Douglas.Happy 100th birthday!!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine pilot dead after fighter crash See in context

Rest In Peace Bravo!!

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Posted in: 3 bag-snatching cases reported one after the other in Saitama See in context

Economic stagnation? What else.

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Posted in: Global companies moving too slowly to cut deforestation: monitor See in context


"Agricultural products - including beef and paper - account for over two thirds of tropical deforestation worldwide"

Imagine if one billion Hindus eat beef.

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Posted in: Gov't to issue additional deficit-covering bonds worth around Y1.9 tril See in context

Big tax rebate to conglomerates then to run the country borrowing is obvious.Right? Good job Abe and cronies.

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Posted in: Japan's CO2 emissions drop to 5-year low in FY2015 See in context

Here there is nothing to brag about Japan achieving anything related to emission deduction.3% drop in 5 years, right? Simple calculation. 1% population decline.1% of the population got retired(no more active role).1% of them got into poverty who can't afford cars.Well done Japan.

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Posted in: Court upholds deportation order for Thai teenager born and raised in Japan See in context

Very bad decision from Japanese side. But the positive note is he is going to the country whose immigration policy is one of the toughest in Asia.Even tougher that Japan's.I met many many Japanese people who want to live in Thailand but can't.Japan is not attractive anymore for a good future.Good luck young boy.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd ships leave to battle Japanese whaling fleet See in context

Whaling and messing up with oceans is equally bad. If Sea Shepherds are vegetarians, I support them.

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Posted in: Abe admits peace treaty issue with Russia cannot be settled with one meeting See in context

Well said Tokyo-star !! And what peace treaty? They are not at war.

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Posted in: Amazon testing cashier-free retail store in U.S. See in context

There was Wal Mart in the US without cashiers a few years ago but I am not sure if that system still exists.After shopping they randomly checked a few customers.I was one of them and It was embarrassing.

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Posted in: Fujitsu launches company in Finland to produce vegetables year-round with artificial-light plant factory See in context

Why Finland? Do we have enough vegetables here that we venture that far.Why not here at home? Ridiculous.

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Posted in: New Zealand prime minister announces surprise resignation See in context

Isn't he quite young compared to most of the politicians?

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Posted in: Left-winger wins Austrian presidential vote See in context

Bass4funk,Austria's capital is Vienna not Brussels.

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Posted in: Japan factory output inches up in October See in context

The consumption tax rise two years ago hammered spending and pushed Japan into a brief recession.

Brief recession? No, prolonged recession and a kind of recession I have never seen before in my 30 years here in Japan.

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Posted in: Hiroto and Aoi ranked as most popular baby names for 2016 See in context

Yeah,many Hiroto and Aoi in our neighborhood!!

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Posted in: Surging homeowner loans in China raise alarms over debt See in context

KnowBetter Wonderful post. These Chinese investors need to be here in Japan.Huge potential.Will good for Japanese real estate.

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Posted in: Japan plans supercomputer to leap into technology future See in context

Will this super computer fix the economy? Sarcasm

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Posted in: Driver arrested after his car hits 3 boys crossing street See in context

I am a regular driver from 1993 and I have a gold license for more than a decade.I drive so safe that other drivers don't like me.Even pedestrians doubt me when I wait them to cross.

In all these years,I got parking tickets twice way back.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after his car hits 3 boys crossing street See in context

Thank god, these kids are not killed. Wish them quick recovery.

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Posted in: Fidel Castro dies at 90 See in context

Cubans are happier than most Americans.Are not they? Free education,free medical.

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Posted in: Japan suffers longest consumer price fall since 2011 See in context

Consumer prices fall? Crap. As some14some said about food prices, I as a vegetarian I am spending way much on vegetables this fall.

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Posted in: Father accidentally runs over 3-year-old son in Saga, killing him See in context

Very unfortunate.Parents of small kids should take extra care while parking their cars.

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Posted in: Dow hits record; U.S. yields, dollar at multi-year highs See in context

Dollar at multi-year highs? No ,it was above ¥120 last year.

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Posted in: Y200 mil gold Christmas tree on sale at Tokyo store See in context

Holy Jesus!!

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