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I am almost embarrassed to admit it but I have travelled with large groups of Japanese and I do appreciate their "raikyaku bunka". Basically, when they go abroad they act as if they are visiting a relative or a friends house. They are quiet and keep their manners on at all times. They also dress to impress. I have learned a lot about travelling from our Japanese brothers and sisters.

On the other hand, we Americans like to show that we are American. I am sure that many of you know what that means. We don't penny pinch and we insist on tipping everywhere we go. We are obsessed with getting our money's worth. Americans love a good show or story. Entertain an American abroad and you have a "real" friend for life.

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Has anyone seen the movie "Corporation"? They mentioned that most companies act as sociopaths. The documentary made some interesting comparisons between the sociopath and modern corporate behavior.

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