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Posted in: In Japan, the word 'immigration' is not used in policymaking. The prime minister often says it's not immigration, it's guest workers. See in context


trainees they can only extend up to years and as for nurses 90% or more fails the and ends up leaving.

trainees, they can only extend up to three years and as for nurses 90% or more fails the national exam and ends up leaving.

Also Muslims are the not growing but as Japan is now accepting human resources from mainly Buddhist nations, Burma, Thailand (slowed), Vietnam (Christians also present), Sri Lanka (Sinhalese mainly), Cambodia (Small but growing fast), Mongolia.

Muslims are not growing, Japan is accepting human resources from mainly Buddhist nations, Burma, Thailand (slowed), Vietnam (Christians also present), Sri Lanka (Sinhalese mainly), Cambodia (Small but growing fast), Mongolia.

From south east Asia Nepal and Sri Lanka is the main source with Buddhists and Hindus coming in more than any other.

From South Asia Nepal and Sri Lanka is the main source with Buddhists and Hindus coming in more than any other.

That's all

Well Japan is certainly accepting most people from countries with Buddhist backgrounds.

Well you got that right

Also as you said Japan's Jnto have also slowed promoting tourism for Muslims compared to previous years but now they are focusing more on people from other South East Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines), China and Korea. However Japan slowed there promotion due to lack of demand not because of terrorism reasons as Japan targeted Muslim tourists from South East Asia where terrorism is not active.

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Well this isn't avoidable more and more politicians in the future will likely to be more "anti-immigrant", there is a boom in right wing political parties all over the western world, soon I think there will be a huge deportation program all over the world making a piece for history for the future generations.

Well I do agree with her, people who cannot assimilate with the Australian way of life and secular principalities should have no right breathing there. Though I don't think Australia have a major threat like Europe is experiencing, as Australia's tough point based immigration system limits and makes it hard for many to settle there, when compared to Europe.

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Actually, postwar Japan has imported people. The special provisions for people (mostly Latin American) who can claim at least one ancestor as far back as three generations earlier to enter and work in Japan little restriction was explicitly motivated by a labor shortage primarily in the auto parts industry

This is true (I am sorry I didn't mention this), Japan did allow a lot of Latin Americans, Filipinos and Koreans to reside and work after the war, but soon most of them got deported, and the Japanese government imposed tougher rules so that most won't be eligible to come to Japan.

The widely and rightly criticized trainee program is another mechanism for introducing foreign workers to cover labor shortages.

Trainee program which exploits people from Vietnam, Philippines, China and Nepal could also be called a program that Japan took for short time, these people could end up like those postwar immigrants who got deported. The number of people who got deported working illegally mainly on agriculture sector skyrocketed in 2016. These show that Japan is have planned to sustain a level at which there won't be many foreign unskilled workers over the amount wanted.

Japanese policy also allows foreign nationals to work up to 28 hours during term time and more during school breaks. This again is immigrant labor by the back door.

This is normal, this doesn't relate to the topic, I studied in the Melbourne University and worked 14 hours a week (normally a student can work here up to 20 hours a week and unlimited amount of time in the vacation). This is a program targeted at students who finds them self hard in terms of finance. Most of students in my University did work. This happens not only in Japan but in any country where their are top universities. Employers may use this system as a way to fill the space left open but this doesn't mean that they are being exploited, it's not back door either as it is legal and fair in terms.

Japan already allows and encourages skilled labor immigration.

Yeah its true, Japan did encourage skilled labor mostly people from China, Korea and other developed countries where education and facilities are available. But still statistics show that only a small amount of people used this method (Mainly people from China and Korea), well the question is why are their only a small amount of people took use of this system ? There are lot of answers ; language barrier, work culture, more opportunities elsewhere, etc, But the main reason is that Japan doesn't accept much in reality even though they said. Japan previously did proposed this but gave few details and doesn't seem to want to attract a lot of people in this category. It may sound strange but that's what most of the statistic and data showed us.

These shows that Japan is reluctant to immigration tightly, and that the situation will not change, as this level of dislike is coming over hundreds of years. Immigration sure is happening but only a fraction of what westerners expects to and many of them are from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal and Taiwan, where culturally these countries are similar a little or a lot.

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Never heard of Ted Gover, but his article prove that he doesn't know anything about Japan or how an economy works. Specially, his opinions on immigration shows that he doesn't understand the Japanese culture.

Japan is increasingly turning to automation that's a truth immigration only changes naturally not in a way to make up for the declining working population, declining working population is replaced by automation, women and retired people.

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Immigration ? Critical? Well this is something that Japan will never accept. Instead Japan will turn to automation, oh wait it's already happening most of the Japanese companies are relocating their manufacturing bases outside Japan, in developing countries and filling up the existing manufacturing plants in Japan with automation. This is something Japan adopted so we can call it the Japanese way of doing things, the western method is a failure where boarders are open to anyone. So since this is just an opinion I'll stop here.

Also remember if Japan needed to import people to fill in the declining working population then they would have done it a long time ago since this never happened this could only mean one thing, it will never happen.

Population decline is not a serious problem in fact it's good course as a developed country Japan, have more technological aids that could be used in the manufacturing sector to increase or sustain competitiveness. or relocating their manufacturing plants to developing countries where unemployment is high due to large population. This way Japan gets their market share and developing countries get their share of employment.

Immigration won't work. Immigration system is crap made by Westerners.

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