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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

In 20 years we may see this headline, Unemployed 37 year old man kills mother.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested over theft of ¥13 mil watch on 'papa-katsu' date See in context

In my country we call the ‘manager’ her pimp.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for assaulting 87-year-old nursing home resident for ‘not going to sleep’ See in context

No suspended sentence, please.

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Posted in: JAL to raise ¥300 bil to boost finances See in context

@Wakarimasen, PAL isn’t gone. Chap. 11 and reducing schedule, but still flying.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits MLB-high 43rd HR as Angels beat Texas See in context

@shinkansen, the average salary in MLB is $4.38 million. Mike Trout’s salary this year was $37 million.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits MLB-high 43rd HR as Angels beat Texas See in context

No way he’s not the MVP. Even if he didn’t play another inning this season. 43 HRs, 93 RBIs, 22 steals, 9 wins, ERA below 3. Amazing season! And all for the bargain price of $3 million.

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Posted in: Cruise unveils 'most dangerous stunt' in 'Mission: Impossible 7' See in context

And he owns a P-51 Mustang…how cool is that!

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Posted in: Relatives remember JAL crash victims on 36th anniversary See in context

@Tony, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using second-hand parts. Parts have a service life and if there’s still time it’s good to go. Engine components are a good example. All airlines buy used parts, it’s a safe and regulated industry.

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Posted in: United Airlines will require U.S. employees to be vaccinated See in context

A couple months ago UA pilots were getting about $3K to get vaxed.

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Posted in: 10 passengers stabbed on Tokyo train; suspect detained See in context

In 2018 Kotaro Umeda was killed trying to stop a knife attack on two women on the Shinkansen.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits MLB-best 36th HR but Angels routed by Rockies See in context

I’ll be happy if he gets 50.

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Posted in: Players, coaches criticize IOC for dropping softball for 2024 See in context

Have to make room for breakdancing.

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Posted in: A uniform opinion: All-Star duds don't draw All-Star reviews See in context

Somewhere between warm up suits and pajamas.

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Posted in: Jill Biden to attend Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

Will she be staying at the APA hotel eating cold bentos like I had to?

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Posted in: Americans apologize to Tokyo court for role in Ghosn escape See in context

Meanwhile, in Beirut, Ghosn is having his morning coffee and couldn’t care less.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of Osaka karaoke parlor owner See in context

Since she was likely killed on the 11th and her body wasn’t found until the 14th...check his movements over the weekend. Since he went there every day he certainly would have come by...unless he didn’t because he knew she was dead.

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Posted in: Hawaii driver gets 30 years after his truck kills 3, injures 4 See in context

Judge should have made the sentences run consecutive, rather than concurrent.

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

No surprise that they’ve pled guilty, since they’ve never denied what they did. However, I’d be satisfied with a suspended sentence/time served in return for throwing the Ghosn family under the bus. Ghosn lied about his family’s involvement. His wife sought out the Taylor’s. Daughter met with them before the escape. Son-in-law wired the money. And what do the Taylor’s know about Koseman? I never believed his story that his family was threatened. Hard to believe his story when over $200K was deposited into his bank account. He’s the only one of the conspirators that I’d like to see locked up.

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Posted in: Ohtani delivers on mound, at plate as Angels top Diamondbacks 6-5 See in context

Fact is, he left the game with the lead and the bullpen let him down. Two controversial balks and an inconsistent strike zone let the D’backs score two runs without a hit in his last inning. Joe Maddon has been great for Ohtani, keeping him in the game longer and pitching through difficulties. The writers like to mention the 100mph fastball, but that’s never been his most effective pitch. His breaking balls are his payoff pitch, and every bit as good as Tanaka’s. Only downside is that he strikes out a lot, more K’s than hits, and usually on breaking balls. With his quick bat, pretty hard to get a fastball by him. If he can stay off the DL, he’s going to put up some monster numbers.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

@samurai, is it illegal to ride on the sidewalk in Osaka? That’s the norm in Aichi. And apparently it appeared intentional, enough that a witness contacted the police.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says he moved to U.S. to 'break cycle' of family 'pain and suffering' See in context

Now inflicting the pain and suffering on the US.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of Ibaraki couple in 2019 See in context

Two arrests for stabbing incidents when he was 16.

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Posted in: Suspect on the run in fatal shooting of 3 in Texas See in context

The suspect is a former detective with the Sheriff’s office, resigning last year after being charged with sexual assault of a child and family violence.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting singer Tomomi Kahara See in context

Yeah, girl, it was pretty stupid to get into the taxi.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting singer Tomomi Kahara See in context

At the time she jumped into the taxi, was the guy breaking any laws? If someone jumps into my taxi I’m going to shove them out...male or female.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend expresses resolve to marry her See in context

Looks like she borrowed one of her mother’s dresses.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old son See in context

The wife was pregnant at 16 and again at 19...must not be any birth control available in Tokushima. And both too stupid to learn from their first mistake.

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Posted in: MLB moving All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to voting restrictions See in context

The Delta Airlines CEO calls the new law ‘unacceptable’, but forgets to mention that a photo ID is required to fly on their planes.

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Posted in: Man charged over online abuse after 'Terrace House' star's suicide See in context

Kimura was just an actress playing a part in a fantasy world called Reality TV. The guy is a loser but I’m not seeing a crime here.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka raises voice against anti-Asian hate crimes See in context

@Henry, the Atlanta shooter was white, the Colorado shooter was Syrian.

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