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Posted in: Plane on medical mission to Japan catches fire at Manila airport, killing all 8 aboard See in context

@Dr.Theo...this is a small charter company in the Philippines, no relation at all to the Lion Air in Indonesia.

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Posted in: Shinjuku Ward official accused of stealing personal items from unclaimed bodies See in context

Hopefully it’s ‘former’ supervisor at the ward office.

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Posted in: Father of murdered 9-year-old Vietnamese girl marks 3rd anniversary of her death See in context

He was convicted by conclusive DNA evidence, rather than an eye witness. So yes, he was convicted by circumstantial evidence.

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Posted in: Father of murdered 9-year-old Vietnamese girl marks 3rd anniversary of her death See in context

I support the death penalty, not in every case but definitely for this one. Anyone who rapes and murders a child deserves nothing less.

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Posted in: Father gets 16 years in prison for fatal abuse of 10-year-old daughter See in context

So he admits that he abused her, just not every day. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better.

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Posted in: Australian TV editor suspects Hanks' wife gave him virus See in context

How does he know that he’s not the one who infected Rita?

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Posted in: Parents arrested over fatal abuse of 4-year-old daughter in 2017 See in context

I wonder how many times a toddler has to ‘fall over’ before an official decides it really abuse.

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Posted in: 27-year-old man arrested for cutting high school girls’ skirts at game center See in context

@serendipitous, how much hard time do you think he’ll do for destruction of property?

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee appeals to public for blood donations as virus causes shortage See in context

@John Beara, you’re in luck, type O is a a Universal Donor...most compatible with other blood types.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abusing 2-month-old daughter See in context

The fact that they refuse to say how she injured herself raises a red flag. A 2 month old isn’t crawling around and falling over. They could have at least diverted suspicion by claiming that they accidentally dropped her.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 5,800 bicycle seats See in context

Another idiot that thinks stealing something, or hurting someone, relieves stress.

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Posted in: ANA to buy 20 more Boeing 787 Dreamliners See in context

A coffee spill in the cockpit shut down an A350s engine in flight recently. Give me the Dreamliner!

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Posted in: Mother of child abuse victim says father gave daughter 'hell' See in context

Didn’t she divorce him and then marry him again? She was free and went back. Too bad she’s not serving her 30 months but hopefully her testimony will help to convict him.

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Posted in: 7 countries restrict entry from Japan to thwart new virus spread See in context

Micronesia is a region, not a country.

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Posted in: Mother-son pair cost hotels over ¥100 mil in no-shows See in context

If it wasn’t illegal, then why the need to use fake names.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Aircraft to delay jet delivery to 2021 or later See in context

@Samit, Airbus only bought the CSeries from BBD, which it calls the A-220. BBD’s CRJ program was actually bought by Mitsubishi.

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Posted in: Japanese companies confront reality of racial harassment See in context

@Yrral, only a white person would be fired. They wouldn’t fire a minority out of fear of a lawsuit.

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Posted in: Investigators: No sign of engine failure in Bryant copter See in context

Whether it was controlled flight into terrain or losing control when flying into instrument conditions on a VFR was pilot error. Short of getting blasted out of the sky by a missile, there are only 2 acceptable reasons for an aircraft to crash. Either complete loss of power or structural failure. They’ve just ruled out engine failure, and I’ve seen no evidence of structural failure. Many similarities to the JFK Jr. crash.

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Posted in: Pamela Anderson and new husband split after just 12 days See in context

Wanted her for 35 years, what a disappointment that must have been.

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Posted in: Pamela Anderson and new husband split after just 12 days See in context

And here I thought it was at least going to last a month.

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Posted in: 2 stabbed, one fatally, in Aichi condo; suspect arrested See in context

@Andreea, you are the one making all the assumptions. I’m saying I’d like to know more about his upbringing. I don’t think it’s too much of an assumption that a 17 year old girl doesn’t want to have a baby. And what 17 year old is prepared for that. Being a teenage mother may have worked for you, but I’ll just say I wouldn’t advise it.

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Posted in: 2 stabbed, one fatally, in Aichi condo; suspect arrested See in context

I don’t think Wesley is assuming she was a bad mother. Just curious, as am I, what kind of home life they had. At 18 the mother had a baby that she most likely didn’t want and was ill prepared to care for.

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Posted in: Chiefs defense comes through 31-20 victory over 49ers in Super Bowl See in context

@Hakman, actually it would have been 4th down rather than first and goal. And it would have forced the games most difficult decision, go for it or kick the tying field goal. But, as you say, they looked at it from every angle and there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the call.

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Posted in: Parents warned about Setsubun soybean choking risks for children See in context

@kuri, I don’t recall anyone choking on french fries. Did you even read the story, or just jump right to the comments?

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Posted in: Sawajiri pleads guilty to illegal drug possession, says she won't return as actress See in context

@hello, Refundable only if you put up the entire cash amount. If you go through a bail bondsman you have to put up 10 percent. That 10 percent is his fee and not refundable.

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Posted in: NBA legend Kobe Bryant, daughter among 9 killed in helicopter crash See in context

@LongTermer, what I’m hearing is controlled flight into terrain...pilot was scud running.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing convenience store on New Year’s Eve See in context

Maybe he should have just picked up a job application instead.

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss handover of 3 robbery suspects despite no extradition treaty See in context

If they are sent back, I’m 99 percent certain they’ll be convicted. 99.4 percent to be exact.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store in Kanagawa Pref See in context

I haven’t heard husky for years, a stocky build. On his way to fatness.

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

All over one McNugget? Now if it was the fries I might understand.

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