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Posted in: Japanese stars Ohtani, Sasaki turn Czech players into fans See in context

The whole stadium cheered when Escala sprinted down the line. The previous day when Nootbaar got hit he looked like he wanted to charge the mound.

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Posted in: Japan baseball manager demands more after thrashing S Korea 13-4 See in context

Still waiting for Murakami to make a contribution.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assaulting teenage son by throwing hair iron at him See in context

Maybe the boy should go live with his father and see how long he puts up with his cr@p.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy abused by mother’s boyfriend dies of injuries See in context

After witnessing the abuse it was obviously more important for her to have a boyfriend than protect her son.

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Posted in: Ohtani, star-studded U.S. eye World Baseball Classic crown See in context

@Chico, you don’t seem to understand what the headline says.

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Posted in: Court commutes death sentence to life in prison for man who killed 2 people in hit-and-run See in context

I remember the trial and it was proven to be obvious that he left the road to hit them. DP was clearly appropriate.

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Posted in: Groper arrested in Nikko insists he did not grab both breasts, but just one See in context

SoraNews is the Jerry Springer of journalism.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over murder of girlfriend See in context

I’ll be surprised if he gets more than 15 years.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of boss See in context

Looks like his Christmas bonus is going to be slightly less than he expects.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to extend accused Abe assassin's psychiatric evaluation: report See in context

Yamagami is a murderer and deserves nothing short of a five foot drop.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested for allegedly committing sexual acts with high school girl See in context

Maybe his credit card bill from the hotel will refresh his memory.

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Posted in: Woman gets 10 years in prison for hiring 3 men in failed plan to kill her husband See in context

If she had killed him, she’d probably only get 15 years. On the positive side her money-spending habits are under control, at least for the next ten years.

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Posted in: Cram school teacher arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

@TokyoJoe, what lies did she tell. It clearly says in the story that he knew she was underage.

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Posted in: Father arrested for leaving 4-year-old daughter in car parking lot to discipline her See in context

She’d been there for 2 hours, wonder when he planned to go back?

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Posted in: Astros sweep Yankees in ALCS to advance to World Series again See in context

The Yankees basically sucked after the All Star break.

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Posted in: Husband of former princess Mako passes New York bar exam on 3rd attempt See in context

Every brides dream, having her mother-in-law move in with them.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of man she lived with See in context

Lots of assumptions about the guy. For all we know she could be violently jealous and could have been set off when he said hello to a neighbor.

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Posted in: Kemp's RBI single in 10th lifts Athletics past Angels 5-4 See in context

Another great effort by Sandoval wasted.

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Posted in: Ohtani reaches 400 MLB strikeouts as Angels beat Astros in 12 See in context

Angels have only scored 6 runs in Ohtani’s last 4 starts. He needs to go to a team that scores runs, like the Dodgers or Blue Jays.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of ‘noisy’ patient in Hokkaido hospital See in context

Just wanted to quiet her down by stopping her breathing.

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Posted in: Ohtani's 30th home run rallies Angels to 3-2 victory over Yankees See in context

Kaimycahl, who exactly hit 50 home runs in back to back seasons?

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter gets 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

Four previous convictions?! So much for his lawyer’s assertion that he has a low chance of reoffending.

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter gets 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

Life imprisonment would have been more appropriate.

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Posted in: Judge hits 50th home run, Ohtani also goes deep as Angels edge Yankees See in context

@kaimycahl, Judge hit 39 home runs last season, not 50.

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Posted in: Still no trace of 2-year-old boy missing for 9 days in Toyama Prefecture See in context

According to an NHK story, the door was left open.

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Posted in: World Series to start on a Friday, could see latest end ever See in context

The regular season needs to be shortened.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 3 children at home while she went drinking See in context

Doesn’t appear to have made many good decisions in her young life.

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Posted in: Ohtani matches Babe Ruth with his 1st 10-win, 10 homer MLB season See in context

Wes Ferrell of the 1931 Indians came close, 22 Wins and 9 HRs.

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Posted in: 3 charged over death of 37-year-old man who was handcuffed and confined at home See in context

No involuntary commitment in Japan?

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani is 'Made In Japan' with American adaptations See in context

@peterl, Vlad is also fluent in French.

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