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Posted in: 7 steps to stronger, more secure passwords See in context

@MissingCylonModel I believe that one has been debunked now. And besides, who remembers passwords? I have a machine to do that for me. Do people here also wash their dishes and clothes by hand?

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Posted in: Be careful how you talk about 'spaghetti' in Japanese — you may sound unhip See in context

Exactly. It's not wrong to call it pasta because it's just one type of pasta. But calling it "spaghetti" is more specific, so I don't really get the point of this article.

Is it also unhip to use terms like "ramen" and "soba" instead of calling everything "men"?

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Posted in: Japan demands China withdraw plane encounter video footage See in context


denied Beijing’s claims that its Self-Defense Force planes came “dangerously close” to Chinese aircraft 2. demanding China takes down the footage allegedly showing the incident.

So which is it, Japan? Make up your mind!

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Posted in: Coke ad: It takes 23 minutes to burn off a soda See in context

@Novenachama does Coke even contain HFCS anywhere other than in the US?

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Posted in: Japan to ban possession of child porn, but manga, anime exempt See in context


I am astounded by the apparent support for sexualized depictions of children in manga and anime that I am seeing on this site. Folks posting statements against child porn are getting thumbs down???

I can't speak for the multiple other people who came here before me, but I only hit thumbs down on the posts which conflated the concept of child porn with the concept of drawings of child porn. Yes, like yours.

Child porn requires abusing a child to create and is absolutely not OK.

Pictures of "underage" characters in manga and anime is what someone chose to draw and censoring that would be like censoring thinking, since art is supposed to be an expression of thought. Art is also supposed to elicit emotional response in the viewer, so if anyone is truly offended by a given drawing, it is quite obviously art, despite what you say. Some people will say, "it isn't art! It's porn!" Well, yeah. Something can be both. There are a lot of pornographic statues which are quite famous as works of art. Deal with it.

Besides the freedom of expression argument, there is also the issue that making the cutoff due to a character's age is meaningless in manga and anime anyway. The creators just have to say that all characters are over 18 and now it's legal. You can't judge based on the "apparent age" because then you're banning real people who happen to look young as well.

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Posted in: War on drugs going nowhere See in context

"In fact, over the past few decades, the prices of illicit drugs have been falling while purity has been increasing."

Sounds like it's going well. Keep going!

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Posted in: Police suspect ASKA has been using drugs for long time See in context

MDMA is not actually a narcotic, if you use the proper definition of the term. But it seems that people have misappropriated the term and now apply it to any illegal drug, even the ones which are not for the purpose of numbing your mind.

Total bullshit that you would have your CDs pulled from sale just for this, too. What the hell?

And yeah, the drug is far from the demon everyone says it is. Psychiatrists were going to use it to cure anxiety and other issues. What went wrong?

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Posted in: Japanese women reveal six pitfalls to watch out for on your ramen date See in context

Being an otaku is fine, but apparently being a geeky otaku is too much.

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Posted in: Sony developing live-action Barbie comedy See in context

Not much - he's completely flat.

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Posted in: Livescribe 3 smartpen See in context

I own one of the previous models and one of the things the software said was that it was only licensed for use outside Japan. I am assuming they have finally sorted that all out, otherwise you would be using this with none of the software.

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Posted in: Old or new? Violinists can't tell which sounds better See in context

You can't really draw any conclusions at all with a sample size that small. Maybe if all 10 had picked the new ones, it would be worthy of note, but a 4/6 split could easily be lost in the error from the sample size being so small.

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Posted in: In new social networks, anonymity is all the rage See in context

YouTube isn't true anonymity, it's pseudo-anonymity. "Anonymous" means no name and YouTube puts the name right above the comment.

If you have true anonymity, there is no name to attribute to each comment, so generally you get less jerks, because there is less to achieve by being a jerk.

Of course you still get some trolls...

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Posted in: Microsoft says it snooped on Hotmail to track leak See in context

This still doesn't explain why I had a "hack" into my Live account only last week with the attacker's IP address being Hotmail's own network.

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Posted in: Google enhances encryption technology for email See in context

Anyone with half a clue already knows not to trust the servers and to use end-to-end encryption if you care about your privacy.

Most of us just don't quite care about privacy enough to switch over.

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Posted in: Move over '123456': passwords to go high-tech See in context

Passwords still work fine. Just use a proper application to keep track of them instead of writing them on post-it notes.

Granted, I would prefer to be using a private key to log into web sites, but despite the technology being around for ages, nobody seems to be implementing it outside of corporate environments. :/

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Posted in: New online manga service features 200 titles, three selectable languages, and no fees See in context

Ah, captain JList... I mean, captain negativity. Who knows, maybe this will be the one that remains.

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Posted in: Connect to the Internet right away without any settings See in context

SIM-free with a SIM

Which is it?

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Posted in: Thief caught with 450 pairs of high heels See in context

450! This guy is quite dedicated to his hobby!

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu announces 2nd world tour See in context

Actually, this article omits it, but Australia is on the list. Problem is, it was on the list last time too, and then the ticket booking never opened.

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu announces 2nd world tour See in context

No Australia this time either. Lame world tour that doesn't even visit all continents.

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Posted in: 1st legal recreational pot industry opens in U.S. See in context

I'm curious about what legalisation did to the prices. Did they go down? If they went up, you can expect a black market to continue, undercutting the legal price.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan’s latest promotion gives 'golden crust pizza' new meaning See in context

I was hoping this story would be about pizza with gold flakes baked into the crust. Reality is so disappointing. :(

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Posted in: Pundit says online ticket scalping should be made legal See in context

If the scalpers weren't able to sell tickets, they wouldn't buy tickets. If they didn't buy tickets, the number of available tickets would increase because all purchases would be people who actually wanted to go. If more people who wanted to go are getting tickets themselves, then they only have to pay the normal price instead of inflated prices.

The victim in this crime is, depending on your viewpoint: (a) the person paying multiple times what they would have paid had they obtained the ticket directly, or (b) the person who would have won the ticket which the scalper acquired.

You don't have to shut down auction sites to enforce this sort of thing, you just have to check ID at the door.

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Posted in: The pitfalls of legalizing drugs See in context

Depends on the drug, Novenachama. Not every banned drug is crack. There are plenty of recreational drugs which are nonaddictive and don't even cause long-term harm, but are just banned because they are fun and have "no medical use."

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Posted in: Tokyo costliest Asian city for expats See in context

Still cheaper than Sydney.

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Posted in: Five hobbies that prevent guys from getting a Japanese girlfriend See in context

1.5 out of 5 for me and it looks like it's going to happen.

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Posted in: jumbo lottery tickets See in context

@Alphaape Where that "statistical probability" may be 0%. (Lessons learned: state your figures.)

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Posted in: Japanese gamers debate Red Cross’s call for virtual crimes to be punished See in context

I think it's fine for games like GTA to avoid implementing the laws of humanity, unless it wants to do so just to exploit them. We don't complain about a game just because it doesn't implement the laws of physics.

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Posted in: Which aspects of Japanese culture will 2020 Olympics showcase? See in context

Hatsune Miku would be a good choice.

There was a huge amount of talk about her when London was setting up for their olympics, despite that making no sense. And yet, here we are waiting for Tokyo's and there hasn't been any mention of her yet. How did she not appear in the poll at all?

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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context

This survey outcome smells like they:

(a) fed people a predefined list of options they were allowed to vote for (multiple choice)

(b) excluded some of the results from the survey because they didn't like them

(c) invented all of the numbers without doing a survey at all

(d) all of the above

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