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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

Geeliez sums it up well. Average age 60yo JT poster is no different from those j oyaji politicians, fixed in their ways, unable to "think outta that proverbial box".

AI isnt a cobol program based on a inflexible set of oyaji early 50s "this is a pen" stereotypes, its all about computer adaptibility and learning. The future.

Japan is facing a demographic problem, the critical knows yet when a technology solution by those "fax users" is proposed it gets criticized. Damned if u do, damned if u dont..

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

No the Japanese are not the gold medalists here it's the US, www.realdoll.com

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Posted in: Japan factory output, consumer spending weak in April See in context

Blind to the multiple factors that govern the well being of any economy , not to mention the co-variance of those variables, create those "experts" relishing in selective bias

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Posted in: Japan electronics giants on profit path See in context

Thankyou regular JT posters. The JT contrarian index has been profitable again. Sony and Panasonic stocks have kicked arse. Also one of my best trades to date buying long term JGB futures where the JT contrarian index has been absolutely incredible. Please provide the next call, is it still Japan doomed; JGBs to the dunny and J companies all going under? Oh many thanks please keep it up...

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Posted in: Australian police probe Packer street brawl See in context

When arguments and reasoning don't work , the final blue with your adversary "cleans out the works" and either ends at the pub getting pissed together as mates or never speaking to each other again.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to death from 10th floor of apartment building See in context

When I was a kid in Australia in early primary school, my mates and I use to jump off roofs; hang off moving trains and trams; shoot air guns at each other with steel pellets; swim in unquantifiable rivers etc etc. Sure some serious injuries and even the rare deaths but that's part of growing up and becoming aware of danger . I also know a chick who was tethered to a tree because the parents were afraid she would hurt herself and now her mental trauma has created extreme introversion into adulthood. As parents we can only do so much to protect our children but over-protection is as worse as putting your kid in a box.

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Posted in: Abe on the move See in context

Japan is the 97 lb weakling that gets sand kicked in his face at the beach from the bully who is now fed up and taking the Charles Atlas course with extras from Count Dante and his Dim Mak death touch...

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

Give the pudgy monster a break, he's been sculling too many beers compared to his Japanese counterpart powder poofing his face..

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Posted in: Toronto mayor takes a break for rehab See in context

Japanese politicians take note, you can't be corrupt and increase taxes at the same time, tell the people of your support for tax decreases and you can enjoy the vote from the people while mingling with your gangster buddies and shooting up...

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Posted in: NTT Docomo exiting India business See in context

sure Telstra or Telecom NZ could do a lot better, lol...

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Posted in: Gov't cuts economic view after sales tax hike See in context

Talk is cheap but its about time that you doomsdayers put your money where your mouth is. What a fantastic time to short JGB's; short yen against USD, Euro, AUD, NZD, CAD; short Nikkei225 and buy credit default swaps. If Japan is going down the drain then you doomsdayers are absolutely nuts if you don't back the truck up and short all the Japanese worthless assets. Holy cow 10year JGBs at 0.6%! ; must be the short of the century!? Come on guys Japan is doomed isn't it with markets all being wrong with abundant mispricing...yen down the toilet, interest rates to the roof; short the mother, yeah baby!! ..go back home a billionaire!!

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Posted in: Japan posts top growth in clean energy spending See in context

Just bring back the nuclear power plants, Its a no brainer, Choose, Japanese people, die economically sooner or die by a lottery death due to the probability of disaster. There is a time factor that the friggin environmentalists fail to realize...

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Posted in: What’s your impression of parental supervision of children when families are out and about in Japan? See in context

. @tmarie

My country, or at least from what I have seen, is far better. Certainly the cross guards, the group walking, the yellow hats... are much better here.

Why is it that the average Ms Smith loves to use her personal experiences as a proxy to a universal truism? Why? Its once again the 80% rule, the 80% "simpletons" complain, bitch about everything in any society they live in regardless of what the Government; their employer does. Give them a glass of mineral water and they will complain about the shape of the glass. There is no difference between Japanese or Canadian or Australian or US level of supervision of children.

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Posted in: U.S. steps up pressure on Japan to make good on trade promises See in context

Lasseiz faire is a Utopian concept that only exists in textbooks. Every G7 country has tariffs and quotas of varying degrees amongst other restrictive trade legislations. To site the unfair practices of individual countries in the TPP negotiations is a futile argument along the lines of the evil versus the lesser evil. The successful negotiation of the TPP makes up the majority of the third arrow of Abenomics where the delay has created criticism of the incumbent Government and failure of which will create an even further delayed contrasting Government strategy.

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Posted in: What do you think of lasik eye surgery? See in context

After the lasers, I still wake up after a heavy booze session in the gutter but with clear vision (although its often not the best thing to have when one looks at what is lying beside thee); a great alternative to waking up with contact lenses stuck to the eyeballs and fogged retinas. Unfortunately it still doesn't get rid of the agonizing hangover...

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Posted in: 6 things Japanese expats miss most about Japan See in context

Things I like about japan:-

Chicks Sushi Cheap Single Malt Well, cheap plonk Can get pissed and not get in a blue Chicks Cheap accommodation past midnight (but lots of tattooed dudes snoring around me) HEALTHCARE!! yeah............ Chicks Cheap rural land Chicks

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Posted in: 'Upskirt photos' legal, Massachusetts top court says See in context

@StormR, Mate, I laughed so hard at your comment the 18year single malt Glen Elgin I was drinking went up my nose; I should sue you for damages..

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Posted in: Japan posts record Y2.79 tril January trade deficit See in context

In all walks of life and especially with the financial markets, its usually the loud majority that is the "simple simon" view and the ones who can provide an objective realistic view are the minority. Multiply this ten fold when it comes to JT posts.

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Posted in: Mao Asada focused on other triple jumps in Sochi See in context

Its not about predicting who will win but what odds you can get. The gold is likely to come out of the top four.

This is what the Aus, Victorian TAB is currently giving:-

Kim Yuna 1.7 Asada Mao 5.0 Kostner Carolina 10.0 Lipnitskaiai Julia 2.5

Kim Yuna is very good but after a year without competing, 1.7?

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Posted in: NHK manager's Nanjing denial no problem, gov't says See in context

I have lived in Japan for 20 years, which is almost one third of my lifetime. I like living here but this constant revisionist crap wears you down and its a shame that all of the nation ends up painted by the same paint brush. @zichi, Its one daggy "oyaji" who put his foot into his gob. You're sick of it then go back to the UK where everything is "fair" and have rationalized their history to the satisfaction of all their historical enemies, at least it won't cause you to be worn down by the constant revisionist "nonsense".

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Posted in: NHK manager's Nanjing denial no problem, gov't says See in context

Everyone agrees that the NHK president is a dag who couldn't keep his trap shut. Having said that its laughable that the tight butts here make this thing a magnanimous reason for not paying the NHK fees...

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Posted in: Japan: Business as usual, but not for Olympus whistleblower Michael Woodford See in context

Its all very plain and simple, Woodford played his trump card, his knowledge about the vulnerable corrupt activities of the company made him a sht load of money. It has got nothing to do with the "white knight exposing the bad guys" wishful thinking of a lot of the opinions here. To be fair, imagine what would happen to any employee in any of the major US investment banks if they tried to "expose" the dirt that happens in their "exciting" environment.....

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Posted in: Is Abe headed for his next health crisis? See in context

Very common negative gaijin judgement here based on pure subjective culturally biased arguments . Yobo says that Abe is a loser because he lost it previously and should be condemned for life, disparaging all Japanese for supporting him. On the other hand, Japanese Mrs Watanabe believes that Abe lost face last time so this time round he would try his utmost to regain his composure and ensure a proper attempt to rebuild the country.

He has one thing in common with everyone in history who attempts to make a change (refer Maggie Thatcher as an example), massive criticism.

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Posted in: Passenger jumps from train window on Odakyu Odawara line See in context

To be specific, certain offenses in Japan such as shoplifting and molesting, by law, can only be convictable if they are caught during the incidence of the crime, "genko han".

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

The commercial has virtually gone global, "playing" the hyper sensitive reaction of the narrow minded. What a fantastic marketing ploy!

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Posted in: No. of murders in Japan in 2013 drops to postwar low See in context

Japanese traffic fatality statistics from the Japanese National Police Agency use "death within 24 hours" for national monthly and annual comparisons to observe changing trends. They also provide a separate detailed statistical report for "death within 30 days" which is common amongst many countries for international comparison. Both timeframes have merits and demerits which can include or not include death from other causes. Insurance companies also have a need for varying "ageing" traffic fatality statistics.

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Posted in: No. of murders in Japan in 2013 drops to postwar low See in context


I think most of the people posting have ignored the final paragraph of this article. The numbers are fiddled with to make them look good, as are most statistics in Japan.

How do you know that most statistics in Japan are fudged? That's simply biased BS like many posters here who resort to attacking any "good " published figures when they don't align to their negative views of the country.

There is without a doubt a problem with the low rates of autopsies in Japan due to the lack of professionals who can conduct them but that doesn't extrapolate to a national conspiracy of false statistics.

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Posted in: Okinawan plant holds promise of elixir of youth See in context

He does if he's 120 years old..

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Posted in: Inose resigns as Tokyo governor over loan scandal See in context

It took too long to get rid of the arrogant Bozo. If Tokyo next votes in "sonno manma" Higashi, that will make it three clowns in a row..

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs Y5.5 trillion stimulus package to offset tax hike effect See in context

The Bank of Japan is a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (8301), a very little known fact. Yes you can own shares in it but the majority shareholder is guess who? The Japanese Government.

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