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Posted in: Thomas wins 2nd PGA title in playoff after 7-shot rally See in context

Wild ending to this tournament! So worth watching.

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Posted in: 78,000 pounds of infant formula arrive in U.S. See in context

This biden administration blamed the baby formula shortage on others ( what's new? ) and literally did nothing about it to alleviate the then oncoming negative situation and now has to import baby formula from overseas after giving American baby formula to illegal migrants while American children are now being hospitalized because of complications because of the lack of baby formula which this current administration knew about and on top of that spends 40 billion dollars on a war of their creation.

And yet people will defend this by finger pointing.

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Posted in: Limping Tiger struggles to nine-over 79 at rain-hit PGA See in context

It would be far better for the PGA and media to focus on able-bodied PGA players who have been winning tournaments.

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Posted in: Migrants cross U.S.-Mexico border amid legal uncertainty on asylum rule See in context

Everyone knows that the 'asylum' thing is a joke. An obvious loophole for illegal migrants to abuse.

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Posted in: Kishida, pope discuss need for 'world free of nuclear weapons' See in context

The old saying goes; japan is a screwdriver's turn away from having their own nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Debate on relaxing mask requirement starting in Japan See in context

Unfortunately I need to keep my job so I quite reluctantly wear a mask at my job and even at that I intentionally take it off from time to time to signal to others that it's ok. In saying that, I never wear a mask anywhere else, even on the trains.

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Posted in: Activists urge ad boycott if Musk turns Twitter toxic See in context

Activists urge ad boycott if Musk turns Twitter toxic

Wow, the headline is toxic.

Twitter has been toxic for several years now because of their one-think, left-driven censorship.

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Posted in: On both sides of U.S. abortion debate, protesters vow to fight See in context

We know the intentional 'leak' was meant to rile up the leftist base and also antifablm ( I put them together because they are essentially the same terrorist group) to intentionally riot, or as the leftist media calls it - 'protesting', to intimidate the political right. It's obvious.

In saying that, if the political leftists let antifablm go too far in the usual wave of destruction, physical violence and even murder, it could backfire on them. We'll see if the democrats keep the reigns tight on this one.

Related note : the political leftists are already calling for the end of the filibuster and packing the Court or even more extreme leftist politicians are calling for the abolition of the SCOTUS.

These people are just simply too extreme.

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Posted in: On both sides of U.S. abortion debate, protesters vow to fight See in context

This intentional 'leak' will obviously and clearly help the left in the mid-terms because for 1.5 years we've seen nothing but failure after failure by the leftist regime in the People's House.

Leave it up to the leftists who are quite adept at political grandstanding. They do it much better than the political right.

They'll do anything to retain power despite doing little to nothing to help the nation.

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Posted in: U.S. official: Russia plans to annex parts of eastern Ukraine See in context

OMG! REALLY?! It's like russia wants a warm water port which is what they have wanted for centuries, or something like that.

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Posted in: Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on U.S. weapons stockpile See in context

Good quality and strong leadership with vision would have avoided this disaster.

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Posted in: Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on U.S. weapons stockpile See in context

It's unbelievable that people are talking about equipment, money, lives lost, etc. when this whole fiasco could have and should have been avoided.

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Posted in: Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on U.S. weapons stockpile See in context

And this is from the left-leaning Newsweek.


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Posted in: Japan still divided on revising war-renouncing Constitution: survey See in context

OssanAmericaToday  08:07 am JST

Nobody wants a war.

Except Vlad and Western Leftists.

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Posted in: 51% of children in Japan get 1st smartphone at elementary school age: poll See in context

WobotToday  07:56 am JST

Completely unnecessary and exposes them to all sorts of weird stuff. If I have children they won't be allowed one until they're 18

Remember, you said it.

How it actually pans out for you in the future, I suspect will be another matter.

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Posted in: California's population falls again amid pandemic's 2nd year See in context


Not just common folk, but also corporations.

But the real and legitimate concern us that these people drag with them the failed policies of the left to their new-found homes thus turning red states into blue state dump heaps.

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Posted in: 1st film written by Japanese AI bot takes movie-making to next phase See in context

Hollywood films have long been written by formula per film category.

Simply because AI does it ( per formula ) doesn't make it any different.

This is truly an uninteresting article.

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Posted in: Travelers crowd trains, airports as Golden Week holiday begins See in context

Where's the social distancing?!

If you know my posts, you'll know what I mean.

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Posted in: South Korea to end outdoor mask mandate See in context

I stopped wearing a mask anywhere many weeks ago, except my job because they demand it, unfortunately.

It's horrifically ridiculous.

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Posted in: Report: Germany top buyer of Russian energy since war began See in context


Why not,america wants the whole market???.

It's been obvious since forever that you are a troll but at what point in your life are you going to grow up?

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Posted in: China's COVID death toll rises as Beijing warns of 'grim' situation See in context

And to think just about 1.5 years ago china had a celebration indicating that they defeated covid all the while ridiculing the West for floundering. Hmmm.

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Posted in: Voting opens in France runoff between Macron and Le Pen See in context

To save France and Europe from blatant and obvious fascism, LePen must win.

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Posted in: Europe, Canada close their airspace to Russian aircraft See in context

Europe and canada do the right thing.

Where is the current U.S. administration? Why hasn't the White House made this move?

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Posted in: Japan considering sanctions on Belarus over its support for Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

What's to consider?

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Posted in: UK research group urges Japan to reconsider CO2 storage, ammonia fuel policy See in context

Japan will listen very closely all the while garnering all the ideas and then when the uk is done talkng, the japanese will say thank you and intentionally will do nothing about it until people forget about it and then when the aforementioned is forgotten, the japanese will 'bring up this new idea' and get praised to high heaven for something that was never their idea.

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Posted in: Russia presses invasion to outskirts of Ukrainian capital See in context

Thr current so-called administration is tough on russia?

Blinken: We’re Not Halting Gas and Oil Purchases from Russia Because We’re Trying to Minimize ‘Pain to Us’

Wow. Them some real ¥¥¥¥s.

Meanwhile, cut off your own pipeline to your own people.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Russia with sanctions, shifts troops to Germany; 137 reported dead in Ukraine See in context

Notice how putin invaded ukraine in 2014 right after the sochi olympics. during the time frame of 2009-2017, but didn't from 2017-2021, but is now mixing it up again from 2021~..

See the pattern.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Russia with sanctions, shifts troops to Germany; 137 reported dead in Ukraine See in context

Weak Western leadership caused this.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Ikebukuro is looking very different, and also pretty sad, these days See in context

Frankly, it always has.

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Posted in: WHO staff accuse Japanese director of racist, abusive behavior See in context

What are the chances that japan implements sensitivity training?

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