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Posted in: 16-year-old boy stabbed on Kawasaki street; suspect arrested See in context

I have never once bought into the japan is the safest country on earth tripe. Is it really bad like say London? No, but things happen in japan and we can now see at least some media being honest about what really goes on in japanese society.

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Posted in: Tom Brady's plate remains full after retirement announcement See in context

tooheysnewToday  09:49 am JST

Nobody outside of America cares

Just a day after Brady's retirement announcement I saw a young japanese male wearing Brady's #12  Tampa Bay jersey signifying the acknowledgment of this significant moment in sports history.

He is one of millions globally who understand.

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Posted in: Tom Brady's plate remains full after retirement announcement See in context

One of the greatest to have ever played.

Too bad bad he had to deal with all that political crap the woke f l allowed the last few years of his career.

And too bad he had to deal with that deflate-gate crap.

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Posted in: Contracts in Tokyo Olympics bid rigging case totaled ¥40 bil, sources say See in context

At what point, no matter one's political beliefs, do we collectively realize there is the Us ( self-anoited elites ) vs the Them ( non self-anoited elites ) and how much we are all screwed?

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Posted in: Djokovic back at top of ATP rankings; Sabalenka No. 2 in WTA See in context

Literally, can't keep a good man down.

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Posted in: Japanese police file charges against illegal anime girl huggy pillow cover seller See in context

Just when you think that japan couldn't possibly get any pervier.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 20, injures 96 at mosque in Pakistan See in context

Must be that white supremacy thing or something like that, surely.

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Posted in: Japan’s ramen is too cheap; restaurants should raise their prices, famous soccer player says See in context

Shut up. The price is right.

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Posted in: Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare' sells 3.2 mil copies in 1st week See in context

Why anyone reveres the 'royal family' is beyond me.

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Posted in: Iran executes British-Iranian national for spying See in context

u_s__reamerToday  03:58 pm JST

The bloodlust of the mullahs is insatiable. I long for some future justice on earth before Iran's sadistic, sanctimonious black-robed tyrants go to the devil

leftists/democrats will get there. You can bet on it.

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Posted in: 15 people injured in 20-vehicle expressway pileup in western Japan See in context

Kobe White Bar OwnerToday  06:19 pm JST

To any Japanese reading this. Minimum 3 car lengths between you and the car infront. Also indicated before reaching the turning.

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Literally I'm in shock that you are in the hole ( at this point ) for an extremely honest and truthful observation.

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Posted in: 15 people injured in 20-vehicle expressway pileup in western Japan See in context

Frankly, I'm surprised there aren't more accidents in japan considering how people don't pay attention.

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Posted in: Trio breaks into elderly woman’s home; steal cash, jewelry See in context

Larr FlintToday  04:48 pm JST

Good lord, the situation in Japan is getting tough. More crimes every day I read on Japan Today.

Nah, it's always been this way. It's just that the japanese are getting just a bit more honest about themselves.

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Posted in: Bills safety Hamlin back in Buffalo to resume recovery See in context

Peyton Hillis.

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Posted in: ‘Spare’ but not stingy: Takeaways from Prince Harry’s memoir See in context

The 'royal family'. A burden on the people since its inception.

Time to trash this blood sucking institution.

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Posted in: Australian Open no-show fuels speculation about Osaka's tennis future See in context


Well put. I tip my hat.

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Posted in: Bills take AFC second seed, Eagles clinch NFC top berth but Packers out See in context

and whine to Joe Rohan about the woke mob.

When a self-own hits home.

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Posted in: UK palace allies push back against Prince Harry's claims See in context

Since its inception the 'royal family' have been a bad joke and burden on the people. Time to dispose of this useless entity.

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Posted in: Japan reports 190,538 new coronavirus cases See in context

Keep on wearing those masks cuz tbey surely work.

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Posted in: Police arrest Indian executive for urinating on plane passenger See in context

Flush with questions, this story lesked out too late because it fiirst tapped back in November.

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Posted in: Japan reports 238,654 new coronavirus cases See in context

Give it its due diligence, Japan, but stop obsessing over it.

Japan's favorite pastime, obsessing.

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Posted in: Japan reports 238,654 new coronavirus cases See in context

My goodness, by now surely an extremely large percentage of the japanese population has been infected, surely.

Why even talk about it when IN FACT certain japanese political entities have been openly talking about living with covid.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan launch task force to tackle forced labor in supply chains See in context

All form and no substance.

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Posted in: FIFA looks to 48-team World Cup as eyes turn to 2026 See in context

Money grab. Which is fine by me because I love capitalism.

However, approximately 40 of the supposed 48 teams aren't worth a damn.

But hey, party on!

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Posted in: Snow piles deep in northern Japan; 3 dead See in context

Snow removal equipment is not japan's strong point when it comes to city streets and highways/expressways.

However, the jgovt did the right thing by purchasing Oshkosh snow removal equipment from the US for their airports.

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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

medaka society.

It's too bad really.

I guess individual human thought is a thing of the past.

If you want to wear a mask, go ahead.

If you don't want to wearr a mask, go ahead.

In Kawasaki the city puts it on banners throughout the city, 'Living with covid'

That's right, it's here to stay like the common cold and the flu. Just deal with it.

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Posted in: Virtue or signalling? World Cup protests get mixed reaction See in context

Mindless phoney, mob-think virtue signalling.

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Posted in: Japan tells China, Russia it has 'severe concerns' over joint air patrols See in context

Wow. That's a 'severe' statement full of 'severe' emptiness.

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Posted in: Japan starts power saving period amid fear of supply crunch See in context

And to think that this is only one nursery school which got busted.

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Posted in: Mexico beats Saudi Arabia 2-1 but falls short at World Cup See in context

El Tri is has long been overrated.

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