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Posted in: Crime in Japan rises in 1st half of 2023 as COVID restrictions ease See in context

Although japan is no hellhole like london or brazil, it certainly is no paradise like some desperately try to make it out to be.

Crime happens in japan. And some of it is terribly violent and awful. It's a fact.

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Posted in: Japan 'left behind' as Women's World Cup glory becomes distant memory See in context

Harsh reality. Very few people are interested in women's soccer.

Truth be told.

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Posted in: Swedish embassy in Baghdad stormed; set alight over Koran burning See in context

Islam and the use of politically and religiously-motivated violence goes back to the early history of that religon. Its beginnings are found in the behavior, sayings, and rulings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, his companions, and the first caliphs in the 7th, 8th, and 9th centuries AD. So-called mainstream muslim law stipulates detailed regulations for the use of violence, including corporal and capital punishment, as well as how, when, and against whom to wage war.

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Posted in: Unlikely hit 'Sound of Freedom' opens new front in U.S. culture wars See in context

It's not a culture war. It's fact being intentionally and falsely labled as a conspiracy movie by cultist conspiracy theorists who for some reason cannot get a grip on reality.

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Posted in: Anti-trans hostility rises in Japan See in context

Here we go with the intentionally misleading term, disinformation.

One can very simply go on youtube and type in key words such as trans attacks... and you wil get a clip ftom a news source or blog or vlog or youtuber or any source.

This is nothing new except to those who intentionally ignore what they see.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kerry tells China climate issue should be separate from politics See in context

CO2 is necessary to produce oxygen.

Follow the science.

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Posted in: Anti-trans hostility rises in Japan See in context

The hate and violence that I see are quite often a person of the lgbtq group verbally harrassing, taunting, using incredibly horrible language, being derogatory, berating, spitting physically assaulting, punching, kicking, slapping beating, and shooting non-lgbtq people.

That is the hatred and violence that I often see.

This is not a one-way street as some in the censorship business would wish you to believe.

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Posted in: Japan issues heatstroke alerts as temperatures soar See in context

Ah_soJuly 17  06:50 am JST

North America and Europe are also being hit by extreme heat.

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It depends on where in NA. Most northern states have been quite cool from time to time this summer.

My homewtown has been chilly actually this whole past week.

My relatives had to turn on their heaters on in the morning the other day.

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Posted in: Kerry says climate cooperation could redefine U.S.-China ties See in context

Jim DandyJuly 18  02:08 pm JST

It is simply incompetent to send Kerry, a proven Buffoon to negotiate anything. Watch the USA agree to some ridiculous concessions while any foreign nation laughs at the USA.

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This is so very accurate.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits 35th homer as Angels beat Yankees 4-3 in 10 innings See in context

What an absolute waste that he is on a team which is going nowhere fast.

As time passes, he is wasting himself on go-nowhere .500 team.

Absolute waste.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating wife See in context

Should a woman ever physically strike her husband for any reason even if the male has never struck her?

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Posted in: Italian TV commentators face sanctions for racist, sexual remarks at swim worlds See in context

The article doesn't state what they had supposedly said?

What did they say that apparently may have hurt some feelings?

I don't see the quotes.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's seafood businesses brace for sales slump as Japan plans to discharge wastewater See in context

Don't blame other countries at all for not wanting food from nuke tainted japanese waters.

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Posted in: Blinken urges Congress to act on delayed ambassadorial nominations See in context

Another MAGA political terrorist.

This is violent and unacceptable language.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant prepares to release diluted radioactive water into sea See in context

*The hysteria and anti-Japan marches and fake outrage will only intensify in the coming days. We are talking hundreds of thousands of moronic protesters out on the streets of Seoul and Beijing, much to the delight of nationalists in both countries who have a desperate need to *divert attention away from the failures and hypocrisy of their own governments.

Hmm. People get suspended for less hitting language than that.

Anyway, nothing of the sort.

It is legitimate concern of global citizens.

Remember when japan dumped french wine in the streets of japanese cities when the french tested their nuclear weapons in the pacific about 25-30 years ago?

Same difference.

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Posted in: While women's soccer boasts fierce LGBT advocates, FIFA reviews transgender rules See in context

Nothing to review.

Born a female with female dna - one plays womens tennis.

Born a male with male dna - one plays mens tennis.


Serena Williams says as much.

True story.

Anything else, you are living a lie. Hard cold truth.

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Posted in: Record heatwaves sweep world, from U.S. to Europe and Asia See in context

Currently 11 degrees celsius in my hometown.

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Posted in: Record heatwaves sweep world, from U.S. to Europe and Asia See in context

Watching the Scottish Genisis Open right now and it is chilly.

All the golfers, caddies, and gallery are wearing summer sweaters or summer windbreakers and some people are actually wearing knit caps.

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Posted in: Ohtani allows 4 earned runs, takes the loss in Astros' 7-5 win over spiraling Angels See in context

Said it long ago and I'll say it again.

As time goes on his body is breaking down. It's a fact. He has to do WAY too much for this questionable organization.

If he wants to win he had better think to take a pay cut and go to a very strong World Series contender because nobody is going to pay huge bucks to get damaged goods.

Sad fact, but true.

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Posted in: Canada wildfires have burned over 10 mil hectares this year See in context

Canada showing it's true face. Incapable of controlling virtually anything.

These fires should have been brought under control long ago.

Such ineptitude.

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Posted in: Sponsor offers 20,000 free tickets to Women's World Cup as New Zealand sales lag See in context

As the political left does, they try to make one side look like the victim thus the supposed wage/salary discrepancy between male and female athletes of virtually any sport.

The hard truth is more people prefer to watch men's sports vs women's sports. That is the bottom line.

And so because of that, comes greater revenue for the men's sports. It really is that simple.

It's like saying minor league baseball players should get the same wages as major league baseball players because they put out the same effort. Welp, the audience size and sponsorship dictate otherwise.

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Posted in: Canada’s Indigenous women forcibly sterilized decades after other rich countries stopped See in context

Slowly but surely the dark side of canada is coming out.

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Posted in: South Korean lawmakers berate IAEA chief over Fukushima wastewater release plan See in context

Well, if japan thinks dumping nuclear contaminated water in the ocean is safe then they should stop complaining about hiroshima, nagasaki, having their own nuclear weapons within their borders and they should re-start their nuclear power plants. Because it's safe to dump nuke water in the ocean, right? Right?!?!

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Posted in: Wildfires 'off the charts' in Canada as temperatures climb See in context


Here is a long-ish but discombobulated article about suspected arson but the police/writer(s) of thr article can't say outright that it is arson because that would upset chuck and aoc south of the border and they fear repercussions of the so-called climate narrative drum beaters.

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Posted in: Fury among aid groups as U.S. approves cluster bombs for Ukraine See in context

Something tells me that in the recent past wars in which the US was involved and the US used cluster bombs, the people on the political left ranted about how bad the US was/is for using such devilish weaponry. But now under this current so-called administration they are cheering this full on.

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Posted in: Scottish gov't proposes to make drug possession legal See in context

We are literally witnessing the simultaneous suicidal downfall of all Western nations.

What a waste.

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Posted in: World Heritage temple in Nara vandalized by visiting foreign teen See in context

*An eighth-century Japanese temple and UNESCO World Heritage site in Nara Prefecture, Toshodaiji Temple, had a building vandalized by a Canadian teen tourist who carved letters into a wooden pillar, local police said.*

Personally I'm not one to fawn over japanese anything, but vandalization really is too much. That's a no-no.

Additionally, it literally stuns me that canadians get away with the goodie-two-shoes image around the world when in fact I have personally witnessed on too many occasions where canadians have either been acting socially inappropriate to the point of making others feel uncomfortable or physically fighting, or vandalizing. It really is a shame they get away with the good boy image. An image which doesn't fit the real character.

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Posted in: Struggling Japanese dairy producers betting farm on new markets See in context

Everybody is complaining about japanese cheese and rightfully so because it's not cheese per se, it's processed cheese and it is awful.

If one wants even mediocre cheese, they must pay through the nose for some questionable imported cheese.

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Posted in: China's top diplomat urges greater co-operation with Japan, S Korea See in context

Racism on display.

TokyoLivingToday  06:41 am JST

Cooperation between China, Japan and Korea without the dirty hands of western influence..

Asia for the Asians..

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Versus what? The presumably 'clean' hands of the East?

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Posted in: DeSantis criticized over 'homophobic' video See in context

This is what intentional disinformation looks like and it does not help the discourse.

wallaceToday  08:49 am JST

The massacre at the Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando in 2016. 49 killed.

Below is the motive.

In a 9-1-1 call made shortly after the shooting began, Omar Mateen swore allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and said the U.S. killing of Abu Waheeb in Iraq the previous month "triggered" the shooting.[2] He later told a negotiator he was "out here right now" because of the American-led interventions in Iraq and in Syria and that the negotiator should tell the United States to stop the bombing. The incident was deemed a terrorist attack by FBI investigators.

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