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Posted in: Japan, South Korea tighten grip over Indian steel imports See in context

Japan and South Korea have Export-reliant economies India, like the USA has options that they need to consider to protect thier nations.

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Posted in: U.S. rebukes Japan over tariffs on farm products See in context

I don't understand why a country so wealthy has so limited it's ability to enjoy the wonderful abundance of fruits, vegetables, wines, meats, cheeses, automobiles, etc. that the world offers. I just don't understand why Japanese consumers allow this?

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Posted in: 58-year-old police officer accused of groping woman See in context

@ Micheal, did you read the headline. The article diminishes the crime in the headline and then refers to the 'admitted' crime in it's first sentence as an 'investigation'.

Did you miss this? Should I point out more, the article is filled with misinformation related to a admitted crime.

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Posted in: No. of homeless in Japan falls to 15-year-low See in context

Counting homeless is impossible and always politically motivated. Japan reports that 20 million people are living below the poverty level. Reduce that number and you reduce homelessness.

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Posted in: 58-year-old police officer accused of groping woman See in context

Groping? How about reporting this as Sexual Assault. Groping... good grief. How about a 58 year old Japanese officer sexually assaulted a 20 year old Japanese woman. The officer admitted to the crime and also admitted that he is a drunk.

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Posted in: Bunch of premium table grapes fetches ¥1.1 mil at auction See in context

I grew up in California where fruits and vegetables are food, affordable food that everyone eats. I don't understand how or why Japan has turned these foods into gifts and exotic treats but it clearly does not benefit consumers because Japanese people either do not have access/knowledge of types of fruits, vegetables or can not afford the limited fruits and vegetables that are available.

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Posted in: N Korean media say Japanese abduction issue already resolved See in context

There has always been powerful interest in every government that desires marching toward war. I assume Japan's sabotaging diplomacy has more to do with it's desire for massive military buildup than it's compassion for human life.

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Posted in: Nestle pays $7.15 billion to sell Starbucks products worldwide See in context

Starbucks helped increase the caffeine addiction but it's days are numbered. When I'm in San Francisco, Starbucks is nothing more than brown water. There are hundreds of 'Third Wave' coffee breweries in the city and very few Starbucks. Starbucks are in the Tourist areas mostly.

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Posted in: Man seeks inheritance, damages over same-sex partner's death See in context

The rule of law encompasses multiple legal principles, chief among them is that the rules that govern society apply equally to all individuals within the prescribed jurisdiction.

Japan, like other democratic societies need to create liberty for it's people. This failure of the legislative branch of government, moves the demand for liberty to the courts.

Change... Love it!

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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Reads like we need an 'Iron Chef' episodes to address this issue. How about we get bakers from every nation in the kitchen and rewrite the world map one desert at a time.

Who needs diplomacy when we can enjoy a good Studel or Baklava? OMG, the possibilities are endless.

News is stupid.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't seeks stricter smoking ban than national gov't See in context

Watched this happen in my hometown (San Francisco, CA.) Bars stayed opened and restaurants as well. Loved it and can't stand all the cancer exposure in Japan.

Funny though, now a lot of people in San Francisco use e-cigs and smokes marijuana. LOL, People seem to like thier addictions.

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Posted in: Over 90% of security companies suffering staff shortages: police See in context

Hachiro Okonogi, chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, told a press conference Thursday, "In order for security services to further contribute to a safe and secure society, we will instruct the police to collaborate with industry bodies and facilitate necessary measures."

Terrifying last paragraph. Japan is a very, very safe country. There is zero need to have security personal on every corner.  I'm hopeful that society will not be tricked by these 'right wing' fear tactics. Let's keep the Kenpeitai in the history looks where they belong.

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Posted in: Ride-sharing services face rocky road in Japan See in context

There is an app used in a few cities in California and Washington called 'Flywheel' which is a uber like app for Cabs. I often used it when I lived in 'The City', AKA: San Francisco.

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Posted in: Ride-sharing services face rocky road in Japan See in context

Change is tough in Japan but it does happen. My guess is that the ride sharing product will work in Japan, like other places.

In December, Japanese Tech company SoftBank bought 20% of Uber to add to it's other major holdings of ride sharing companies: China’s Didi Chuxing, Grab in Southeast Asia, and Ola in India.  Yep, Softbank is the ride sharing king. Softbanks first move was to pull Uber out of Southeast Asia which leaves that part of the globe to Grab, LOL do you see the monopoly happening. Cabs, no one investing in Cabs...

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Posted in: Japan's population declines to 127 mil, falling for 7th consecutive year See in context

Over population of what? Reading the above you'd think that the world is some sort of nirvana where nation states only care about harmonious human activities. Sovereign Nations, that's the world we live in. Japan wants more Japanese people, right?

Is it possible that when humans have all thier basic needs met then procreation has less of a evolutionary pull? I ask this because poverty has no problem in producing a lot of humans. This is a first world, wealthy nation problem.

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Posted in: Sex to boost film career is not rape: Weinstein lawyer See in context

What rape is as defined legally is much more specific as to how individuals feel. I'm hopeful we can continue this conversation, including all the impacts this has. There are several others' who are impacted by not being anywhere around The casting couch. What about them? They are not even seen. Sex? People use it as power, note that I said 'people'.

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Posted in: Japan studying whether fighter jets can be put on helicopter carrier See in context

LOL, The Pageantry of it all. As America's might recinds, other Nation States will position themselves in 'power' positions. Study, sure... Study history because the Military Build Up is upon us nce again.

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Posted in: Apple overtakes Samsung in shrinking smartphone market: survey See in context

Cell phone market is saturated. Almost time for the next piece of crap well all run to the store and buy... They keep trying, glasses, watches, something will catch.

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Posted in: About 4,000 homeless in Tokyo believed to be sleeping in 24-hour cafes on any weeknight See in context

I spent the first 50 years of my life in a 'homeless' filled city (San Francisco, Ca. USA) and I know that this is a very layered issue. Joblessness, mental illness, drug/alcohol dependence and capitalism (winners and losers) all play a major role to homelessness. FYI, I always see homeless people in Japan but I know what they look like, it seems that Japanese people don't.

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Posted in: Two 15-year-old boys arrested for beating woman with baseball bat See in context

Ridiculous, these fools do not deserve to rot away in prison for thier ridiculous attempt. I'm much more afraid of the comments about this article than these two 15 year old children.

Disillusioned, you're a teacher? The generalizations you make about who these children are and what they deserve is disturbing.

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Posted in: Will foreign car brands move in while domestic producers squabble with the bureaucrats? See in context

Keep building for the past and the future will replace you.

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