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Posted in: Tsukiji market to be moved no earlier than June 2018: Koike See in context

Why is the original plan from the 80s never considered. It is still the best. Rebuild in place. Here is how: build a tall but temporary building right in the open parking lot between the curved, aging jo-nai structure and the row of barracks-like buildings. Then, start at one end of the old building and move a section of vendors (1667 or so in total) into the temp. building and demolish and rebuild. Go in sections and swap vendors out of the temp. building. This way, proximity is retained for the business and social relationships. Toyosu can become a giant shopping mall or a jail for corrupt politicians, or whatever: just NOT Tsukiji fish market. It's a horrible site and built without meaningful consultations with the actual vendors.

Absolutely dread the rending in half of the unique Tsukiji Market. Nothing can replace it. The retail jo-gai could really use with a renovation for fire safety as well.

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

Next, how about a photo of the guys at the beach for us gals. JT? Onegai! :-)

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Posted in: Facebook sidesteps ad-blocking on desktop computers See in context

What part of ad-blocking does FB not get? If I am blocking ads, it means I do not want to see them, and will not use them, especially if they thwart ad-blocking add-ons. If FB disappeared today, I am sure another platform would surface that was ad-free. Sheesh.

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Posted in: Phelps wins Olympic gold medals No. 20 and 21; Sakai gets silver in butterfly See in context

Sakai san came soooooo close to beating Phelps! He's a phenomenal swimmer as well, and coming so close is something to be very proud of, I think. No shame at all in that second place. Silver by a sliver!

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A real nail-biter! Super happy for the team!

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Posted in: Cheer From Tokyo See in context

How hard would it have been to include where this is located?

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I just wish the photo had been of the athletes enjoying local, real food, not corporate chow. And, wontond is wontond wrong with the assertion of, "Who among us, while traveling and surrounded by dodgy food offerings, hasn't chosen the golden arches?"...

I, for one, chose to avoid the golden arches every time. Ever read or seen the movie, "Fast Food Nation"?

Sure, those young athletes look fine now, but look at older people at those corporate feeding stands. Same for older smokers...not pretty.

Anyway, I hope the gals learn to appreciate real food soon and meanwhile, have a great time at the Olympics!

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Posted in: Harry Potter magic hits Asia as fans celebrate new book See in context

Hello, Bertie, I want to read them! Completely agree with you!

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Posted in: Actress Reiko Takashima announces divorce from ex-actor Noboru Takachi, citing his 'betrayal' See in context

who divorced who? Photos?

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Posted in: Godzilla comes back to Japan, in ways fresh and familiar See in context

Saw it opening day. LOT of full face shots of upper caste politicians, none particularly good looking, sitting in brocaded seats in typical awful Japan office style. That was the horrifying aspect of this movie for me. I felt sorry for Gojira san, taking full missle hits in the face. The chic was quite saucy, but I am sure she never paid much attention in her English classes due to massive beauty factor. Anyway, I recommend the movie, and thank anyone who can explain what was said as there were no English subtitles in Japan (silly me). Tokyo Station, just refurbished, smashed. Heart palpitations! Duh duh duh, duh duh duh, dudududu dah!

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Posted in: Composer Sakamoto dreams of a masterpiece 'before I die' See in context

Sorry, CGB, but cigarettes do not simply cause only lung cancer, it causes many kinds. Your point, while well meaning, is not accurate. Plus, who knows how many followers of David Bowie were entranced by his lovely smoking photos....and they died of lung/whatever cancer. I just wish he had not been hooked on the cancer sticks. However, are you suggesting his drinking caused liver cancer? That is the usual connection.

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Posted in: Composer Sakamoto dreams of a masterpiece 'before I die' See in context

Evil tobacco killed our hero Bowie...cancer. If Sakamoto-san was/is a smoker, then there you go. These articles never say if the cancer-struck person smoked. Perhaps it is some sort of cultural taboo or the JT lobby is too strong to resist, so it is censored. Anyway, wishing Sakamoto-san the best and for a great final album. Bowie's last music was released the day he died...from cancer. Oh, and that photo of Bowie with the cancer-stick. Hate to admit it, but he was the most elegant smoker on planet Earth. Now he looks down on us from heaven, where he is "in danger". Miss him very much.

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Posted in: U.N. secretary-general calls for truce during Rio Olympics See in context

And just why was Rio selected for the O? "Lay down your weapons" does not sound very promising at all. I continue to think the best solution is to always hold the Summer Olympics in Greece and the Winter in somewhere with snow. Build the greatest venue possible and keep using it. Leave the rest of the shoddy world alone. Just witness the coniptions Tokyo is going through. Fukushima disaster victims still unhoused, multiple construction projects on hold due to all workers in the Olympics building gig.

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Posted in: Edward Snowden talks about film dramatizing his life See in context

Snowden tried his best to go through regular channels before turning to professional journalist. He did not just "dump it on WikiLeaks". Please, do your homework, people, before regurgitating the usual Fox "News" talking points.

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Posted in: Yen gains as Japanese stimulus expectations dialled back See in context

The closer the yen goes to 100 the faster I can repay my USA student loan.

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Posted in: Edward Snowden talks about film dramatizing his life See in context

Snowden is a ray of light in the usually dark world of news. Wish there were many more like him. Star-Viking needs to do his research before echoing the usual Fox "News" trash talk. Agree that S-V could start with watching "CitizenFour" a few times.

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Posted in: New 'Star Trek' series to be called 'Discovery' See in context

For the most beautiful ship, I nominate Andromeda.

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Posted in: Holiday trip See in context


Perhaps Hayama beach?

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Posted in: Meeting the voters See in context

Why does she 'speak Arabic'?

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Posted in: Pepper please See in context

I just automatically recoil from this replicant.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor race a fight to save reputation as 2020 Olympics host See in context

Well, it would be really nice to see the return of trashcans in the stations again. I'm hoping that smoking inside anywhere will be banned as well. Please, promise that with the return of Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo.

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Posted in: 101-year-old Japanese aims for more swim records See in context

I see I have meant my future with this woman. Isn't it irritating how people call anyone not content to go to the rocking chair "sprightly", and even "scandalous". Give it a rest, you lazy normal people. She's great!

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Posted in: Temple run See in context

Uh, is there any story here, JT?

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally leaks names, health records of students on school website  See in context


It is my understanding that you already have a "my#" assigned, like it or not.

Am I wrong? I also have no confidence that this means any of my data is private, including any bank accounts, Japan Post savings, income, bank transfers, and whatever. Apparently there has been a strong uptick in home safe sales.

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Posted in: At old-style drinking places, the quest for Showa-era nostalgia clashes with reality See in context

"why so harsh on someone who's done nothing to you?"... Because, smokers in bars, restaurants, and on the streets make life rather miserable for everyone with lungs and a brain, that is why. Yes, they HAVE done something to me. I can't go to restaurants, coffee houses, etc. that I would love to patronize because of the smokers. Walking on the crowded streets, I do not want to be have to inhale someone's cancer cloud. Because everywhere I look I see cig. butts from willfully thoughtless smokers. Because my taxes and national health insurance are higher to cover the hospital costs from end of life smokers. Because smokers endanger everyone around. Because smokers come inside and sit next to me in an office, the trains, and classroom and stink the place up with their foul stench of who knows how many carcinogens.

Have I answered your question??? Yubaru, what does your annual lung X-ray tell you to smile about? Give it a rest people. I am right and you know it. Let's help Japan change the laws towards sanity.

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Posted in: At old-style drinking places, the quest for Showa-era nostalgia clashes with reality See in context

Never witnessed a happy or smiling smoker (while getting their nicotine fix). Showa era joints only if smoke-free, thank you. Looks like the joints are full of old smokers, the most pathetic lot imaginable.

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Posted in: Bit of a puzzle See in context

I have always marvelled at the posters. Is there a central photography studio everyone goes to?

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says aging reactors can stay on line for 20 more years See in context

Meiyou* not too many earthquake faults in France, are there?

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Posted in: Edano denies pressuring TEPCO not to say 'meltdown' during Fukushima crisis See in context

re: Edojin. Yes, where is Mr. "Z" from Kobe? Now that you mention it, we have not heard from him a long time. Does anyone know what is up with him? He was a valued contributor!

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Posted in: Crows nest See in context

Single crow ... noted. Now what?

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