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53 is far from being unattractive. Surgery? Sure! If I could afford it I'd be there too. Don't diss older people so quickly ya'll. You'll be lucky if you live long enough to have to deal with it, especially the generational undeserved disrespect that "young" ( shallow) posters show. You won't be perfect and 18 for much longer...then what? Live is loooong, my friends!

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I just wish the idiots who live nearby would SHUT THEIR YAPPING DOG THE HELL UP and dress it anyway they like. Personally, I think they are taking revenge on Society in General by choosing to annoy the hell out of anyone in listening range. Why their next door neighbors don't go the local koban and bitch is rather beyond me...

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HOT water...there's an idea! Everywhere I go there is only cool water...including my own humble LDK. I haven't washed dishes or hands in HOT water since arriving here. That said, I imagine my immune system is running well with lots to munch on!

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Well done. The kimono pattern is sensational on men and women. Practical, as it is adjustable to all body sizes. Beautiful for the patterns and sentiments expressed. If summer suits can be applauded in the steaming summer, why not go back to yukata for evening wear, and kimono in general for any occasion? Kimono is very attractive, including young people.

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OK, and how about a box for "All of the Above." Or just vote on which ones one is planning to see. Over to you.

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same with swimcaps.

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Pizzacato...remember them? Great and very popular. Also, a really nice blend of English and a bit of Nihongo. Catchy songs. I have all their cd's.

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