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Posted in: Naomi Osaka conflicted over holding Tokyo Olympics See in context

I think the Tokyo Olympics should wait a little while longer because Naomi Osaka is right you can't force anyone to get vaccinated so what's to stop them from going to this event. I think the people in charge of this decision should choose wisely because if they do decide to proceed some peoples health could be at risk. Especially if they haven't been vaccinated a lot of people lives and health could be at risk at this Tokyo Olympics event. Maybe even the athletes, the people in the stands or bleaches, the coaches, or anybody else who haven't taken this vaccine could be at risk or let's say they did what about everybody else who hasn't. I feel like if they did decide to proceed they should at least have a virtual live. People can still purchase the tickets online and still watch it that way. They won't be there in person, but at least they can watch it live and safe. That way the athletes can be vaccinated and ready to play. But that's just my opinion, other people may feel different about the situation.

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