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Ranka Sacrates comments

Posted in: Woman arrested for putting plastic bag over 3-year-old son's head See in context

....unemployed? really, how many unemployed people are there in japan? omg its such a shock! is she the only one?! (sarcasm) very uneeded informaiton to tell the whole world shes unemployed. why not tell us her hair color and bra size while your at it. >8(

but for the woman, she should be properly punished.. that was attempt at murder.. and yet they only took it as 'oh i didint try to kill him' lady grow up, you cant handle the children. you disapoint and both sicken me.....thou it does make me wonder why he japanese are so leniant as to let the children suffer and barely punish the adults..

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Posted in: Japan whaling authorities sue Sea Shepherd in U.S. See in context

...the seashepeard wasent flying any us flags, nore has the US goverment or anything of that even had its hand in it...

the Seashepard and all that has its own thing, just get rid of them. im not against whaling if its used to food.. seriously people come on.. any animal can be used as food. and if they're getting research out of it thats good, and if some people are getting food from it thats good also.....

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Posted in: LDP's Ishihara wants base on China-claimed islands See in context

Ishihara may know what he's thinking.. but i hope he knows the PRos and cons of doing this.. chances of war with china over a small peice of land and having th U.S be dragged into this to try and calm both down... -headdesk- ...last thing we all need is a war over a small bit of territory..

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Posted in: Second AKB48 documentary to hit cinemas on Jan 27 See in context

....im still curious as to why japanase girl bands have a habit.. tiny mini skirts, bounceing around... creeps must love them.. but the music they do is good, i just wish i dont have to feel all weird when im watching they're music videos... reaosn why i stick to 2NE1 cute..adorable and covered up =3 >> (yes i know they're korean still love them <3 )

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Posted in: Kumi Koda wears sexy oiran costume for new album See in context

......she looks like a creepy pin up in a playboy magazine... personally im not a fan of what shes wearing or how shes poseing.. the light doesnt compliment certain features. the undergarments she's wearing could have been diffrent but still given her a faint classy look. personally i give it a 6 out of 10 ....just cause im bound to see this in a bunch of 'adult' picture sites

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

first thing i said when i saw this was 'what the fluff?' who in there right mind would harm an innocent child? i mean sure there annoying and disrespectful but you dont hit them. especially in the face, thats low and cruel. i do hope the police are investigating this and find out the cause... because that man deserves to rot in jail...

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Posted in: Man thrown into pond by 5 youths in Tokyo park See in context

men of thouse ages should be home at that time... but the matter is, they should have more police men patrolling the areas more where these attacks are happening. Police officers, where are you in helping to protect your civilians?

but matters little, the kids will hopefully be caught and properly punished for there crimes. Least nobody was killed, thats always a blessing.

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Posted in: Man attacks 14-year-old boy with umbrella in Hiroshima See in context

......hmm alot of odd stuff like this has been showing up alot. just alot of the older generation fed up and not wanting to deal with the younger generation. he could have been drunk or just having a bad day, but for the fact he abused a child and could have caused blindness (thank hyne he didint) justice still needs to be served to this sad excuse of a man.

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Posted in: Walmart bringing real Japanese food to the United States See in context

......why of all the wonderful japanese dishes out there.. do they wanna give you the same stuff you can by at the little chinese resturant down the road? ....seriously bring somthing new, somthing that the american consumers will be WOW! about. .....-sticks with her little japanese market- ^_^ it has never failed me~ even the bento boxes, sushi and sake princes are wonderful ^^

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Posted in: Kyoko Fukada appears at men-only preview of movie about infidelity See in context

'please keep it a secret' oh girl... wrong thing to say completely.. but then again i suppose you didint want to lose your male audience...thou hey, dont blame the wife if she finds out your cheating on her and she cheats on you back.. >_> dont blame her what so ever cause you werent devoted~ blame the actress who said it was okay, but to keep it a secret so you can get a disease from your mistress and pass it along to your wife. ^^

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Posted in: 'Three Musketeers' poster used to raise awareness of purse snatchers See in context

very unique to say the least...... =3 thou i do hope some people dont consider it racist since they didint use asians in the picture but instead used latins Oo heard her brother call it racist but i dont think so... ^^ cant wait for the movie to come out <3 excited

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Posted in: 2 arrested after teenage girl dies in 'exorcism' See in context

....sadly it all could have been avoided if doctors took more interested in trying to help the girl instead of only being interested in money.. then again the parents went really that old so why would they believe a spirit was in their poor daughter? R.I.P little girl, may the next life bless you with good fortune

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Posted in: 'Cove' star urges dolphin watching, not killing See in context

hahaha.. i dont really give a damn if the incident is happening in japan or in the usa or whereever else. its a cruel act to such a defenseless animal. if it needs to be done, at least find a humane way or keep dolphins and breed them in a secure secluded area where nobody has to know its happening. (im not encourageing it.. im just saying if you must do it.. do it humanely ) As for the man himself.. he's not doing this to make money fame.. he's just showing the world a cruel act against animals. he's not blameing all of japan, he's making it to one single part of the area. he still encourages tourism and everything to japan..... he's not like whale wars, guys and jumping on boats and all kinds of crap. >_>

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Posted in: 'Cove' star urges dolphin watching, not killing See in context

....personally i am both disguested and mortified by what i saw in 'the cove' .. im not going to lie that i actually cried while watching the dolphins be killed and the whole area turning red with blood.. i still dont understand as to why the goverment will feed it to the peole when dolphins have high dosage of mercury running throu them.... aside from that i still find japan wonderful and i still wish to visit it for the culture and history. =3

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Posted in: Painful finish See in context

small, skinny starvation like body... and as big head... poor thing looks like she should belong in a starving 3rd world country... wishing the poor thing speedy recovery

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Posted in: China imposes new rules to fight child trafficking See in context

oh china... your a dream for people who kill and traffic children... your punishments for it are rather easy.... no life in prison? no instant death? :( shame on you china, you dont care much at all do you?

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Posted in: Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo offers special moon cake selection See in context

......... TTwTT all the god stuff always comes out in japan first.. i would love to try one.. Bet they are so yummy~

but to sell out before their even put on the sales floor? Oh my goodness, they must be insanely popular O.O

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 94-year-old father to death with iron See in context

heck i dont blame her... 98 year old men are demanding.. proubley got fed up with him, along with her own family and just went crazy.. taking out all her stress on him and killed him.. but to be killed with a blunt object like an iron.. you know damn well that wasent an easy death...

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Posted in: Basashi cuisine from sushi to pizza See in context

i eaten cow, pig, snake, aligator, and frog.. but i never had the chance to eat horse meat... It sounds tasty, but alas.. their are a bunch of animal right activists and horse lovers around here so it'll be near impossible for me to even get to try it :( pouts

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Posted in: Japan ignored own radiation forecasts from very beginning See in context

so disapointed with how it was runed.. radiation is nothing to mess with, you must always take the highest level of concern and worry. Take the actions nessacery and evact the area's that you think are inbfected.. and then Evacuate another 30+ miles. Shameful how this ended up, people going to live their lives with radiation poisoning and Cancer? Japan just gave its own people a death sentance for now being papred and having the right people do the right job..

People should be fired, companies should be sued.. Shame on the Goverment for not protecting its people like its sapost to. Dishonerable and disgraceful.

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Posted in: Head, leg parts found in Osaka park See in context

hmm.. a poor soul being chopped up.. body parts scattered... could be a sick and twisted indivisual doing this... or it could be the man was in deep debt didnt have the money to pay for it.. so he suffered with his life. reason why you dont gamble.. you get your family messed up an you end up all over japan in a smelly old garbage bag.... but this does remind me of an incident in the U.S..... just keep looking police, this could end up alot worser. :(

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Posted in: Doggie bag See in context

a walk? ._. how in the world is that a walk? i bet thats highly uncomfortable.. at least put the dog inside the bag so he can rest. D: it looks like its hurting his 'unmentionables' TTwTT

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Posted in: Life in a bowl See in context

....so many fish in a small confined area... fish arent happy.. i mean its beautiful... but fish no happy.

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Posted in: Hi there See in context

bear: just smile and wave boys... just smile and wave.. Cute bear's get food from adorable girls~

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for molesting woman on train See in context

molesting people on the buss is for animes's only.. not real life. you shouldnt never molest anyone.. you know unless she wants it...

But it seems its always the educators or pollititions or inbetween that think they can molest girls and get away with it.. sad day indeed where you cant just sit down on a train, catch a few Z's... wake up and have some creeper touching your breasts.. -w- i would have kicked him in his nonexistent balls..

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Posted in: Green Tea Classic Crispy Sandwich Ice Cream See in context

green tea ice cream... well i know it tastes better then garlic ice cream that they sell on the way to gilroy.. i wouldn't mind trying it. but shamefully.. all the good stuff always comes out in japan first.

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Posted in: Crime writer explores dark side of sushi See in context

i hate to say it but i always been a fan of the gangster/mafia/yakuza history and lifestyle. it always amuses me the stories and everything that i hear.. some give me great respect for them, while others make me lower my head in shame.. Thou i gotta say a yakuza owned sushi restaurant is a first for me. I find it pretty cool that he actually gave you a going away present and was kind enough to only take 8,000 from you.

I always wished i could just grab a cup of green tea, curl up, and just listen to the stories straight from the yakuza members mouths.. Then again giggles im not asian so i might not understand them.... or they kill me for being curious XD

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Posted in: Cat cafes purrfect for lonely and childless people See in context

interesting how they have things like this =3 excellent cat cafe's to where you can just snuggle up and relax while playing with mr. kitty kitty. Thou this does make me wonder... if There is a dog version of it.... puppies are always fun and adorable.. or rent a dog for a few hours and take him to the park for fetch XD

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Posted in: What part of a woman's face do men pay attention to most? See in context

to the woman with more of a lighter hair... i do enjoy the fact im a blonde and what little facial hair i do have its unnoticeable unless you STAAAARE. but for the girls with darker hair they should if they don't want to shave should try bleaching.. upper lip, unwanted cheek and side burn hair.. or chin hairs. bleaching does work wonders because it makes it less noticeable and add some cover up and your good to go ^w^

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