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Rann Levy comments

Posted in: Amazon's Bezos attends premiere for $1 bil 'Lord of the Rings' prequel See in context

What else could mankind do with 1 billion $$ ?

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Posted in: Gov't urges people struggling to cope to seek help after death of actress See in context

Our brain can only calculate the best ways to improve its current state.

Unfortunately, Some people , lately too many, find suicide as the better option.

In contrary to previous generations, What we're lacking now is a real purpose, a goal in life ,big enough to cover all hardships, make them challenges.

It's not just the famous and the rich who lost it. It a whole generation.

Working together towards a more connected warm society, based upon mutual guarantee is a key to positive future and happiness.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

It doesn't really matters what words we use, offensive to our ears or wrapped with sugar , as long as we internally differentiate people . Our aim should be to work and educate humanity towards the Oneness. We are different - and above that we are the same.

Good luck to Us.

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Posted in: Abe hopeful 'Premium Friday' will boost consumption See in context

the issue is not how to make the workers leave at 3p.m, But how to make them want to spend more time with their families and friends by creating a better social environment. this is something no politician can help with , but only we the people should head in this direction.with this thought.

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

When the motive behind a move like this or another is based upon money, Instead of creating a better society, We can`t expect any good as an outcome.

Most of my fellow Japanese workers are afraid of an extra day off, or an early check out from work. They feel even more stressed to think about having to spend more time at home with their families, neighbors, or just to even have extra free time for themselves without any specific purpose. .

There is a need to first create a better environment, based on good human relations.

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

Make more babies so they can work(for who?) .. Those who sit in the government are the most confused, helpless against the circumstances , and being so they inflict their confusion on us, make us think that more work will save Japan, shifting our focus from the real issue,that the shrinking population is a symptom of a tired society, a broken connection between people, and a growing internal isolation of the individual. This is the place where all eyes should be focused, and by fixing that, naturally, all other problems will be solved.

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Posted in: Waste disposal firm may have sold discarded food from convenience stores See in context

We can't expect anything different when Our human connections are based upon self profit. To what extent and how can I benifit myself on the expenses of others. It is the connections between us that we need to work on in order for these kind of stories to never be repeated again. Changing the society values from taking to giving.

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Posted in: A shrinking population not all bad news See in context

The meaning of shrinking population is one - WE DON'T WANT TO LIVE - . It is not a decision made by one person, but by a public as a whole. A public that doesn't have faith in its own continuation. Even though its individual parts might feel sometimes happy or temporarily satisfied, all of them carry this statement within, unconsciously, saying- we rather be an End. We rather the story of life to end with us. Of course there is nothing to blame us with. The circumstances we were born to brought us to this inner calculation. But We have the power to change things for better, to overcome ourselves and bring back faith in the connection between us, To slowly build a better environment that gives true meanin for us and for our children. Otherwise, we can just close our eyes and enter the longest Seppuku ceremony of a whole nation, provided by nature itself.

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Posted in: A shrinking population not all bad news See in context

**I think a Shrinking population is not a problem but a symptom of a world phenomena, of over grown self love, and lose of basic connection abilities between people. In Japan it doesn't appear the same way it does in western countries, where we come to feel like superstars in our own eyes, taking hundreds of selfy FB photos. The environmental conditions in Japan have brought people to disconnect themselves emotionally from society, bringing any form of communication to the necessary minimum (Work, shopping, video games), and invest most of time in building a small self concentrated world, of little pleasures that play as a wall to hide from the outside world.

Although it seems that there are few advantages in a shrinking society, those will last for very short period of time. Why? Because Man is a social creature, it cannot live happily when isolated, and cannot replace a pleasure from a healthy human connection, with any other form of pleasures such as we might get when buying a new smartphone. The combination between the needy part in us for human warmth, integration, in one hand, and the growing isolation in hearts in other hand, will sooner than later lead to unpleasant events in Japan society.

This is something that no prime minister, emperor, or other political figure can fix (especially not them) , but only us, the people, can make an effort to realize the real state we are in, and work together for better connection between us. **

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