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Posted in: Americans love snacks. What does that mean for their health? See in context

Breakfast-lunch for me is 1pm

Dinner 8pm

That's it.

My longest time without ea

Gosh you're so amazing

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Posted in: Google bans ads for 'unproven' therapies, including stem cells See in context

Don't be ridiculous. Why get so upset and start harping on about 'freedom' just because it's the Internet?

We have had rules and regulations to protect against false advertising for generations in newspapers, radio and television.

If there was a television or magazine advert claiming a cure for cancer, and desperate people spent money on it there would be arrests and fines and all sorts.

This is no different and long overdue

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Posted in: Nearly 600,000 advised to evacuate as tropical storm makes landfall See in context

We prepared for the storm. Stocked up on Tuesday. Beer, sake, water, ice cream.

Baked bread and made tandoori chicken, tandoori large prawn. Made a beef stew with potatoes.

Closed all the metal shutters and turned the ac on. Checked out the nearest evac center.

You're so great

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Posted in: Dentist arrested for groping woman on bike in April See in context

this is actually a defense here

It most absolutely is not.

Stop confusing quotes of excuses with acceptable legal defences.

And stop being so obtuse for the sake of it

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Posted in: 82-year-old man killed in suspected robbery and murder in Tochigi See in context

Not sure why people are so quickly accusing the son?

Here's a scenario:

One or more persons see a quiet looking house late at night. It's looked quiet for a few days now... Let's rob it. After breaking in they come across the son, knock him out. Then find the old man... Where's the valuables old man? Knock him about a bit to see if he'll give anything up. But he's old, poor old sod. It was enough to kill him.

That's equally as hypothetical a conclusion as yours from the brief article. But let's be realistic for just a moment...

Story doesn't mention bruises on son... But it doesn't say there were none. Even the most incompetent police cadet would soon put 2 and 2 together if there were no injuries on the son and we would be reading a different story.

You honestly believe you can glean more facts and logical conclusions from 7 sentences than a police investigation?

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Posted in: Harried kids turning to energy drinks for a needed boost See in context

@Reckless: I suppose its similar but there are two differences to point out...

1) coffee is not naturally as sweet and tasty to kids. Sure it can be loaded up with sugar... But as its usually made at home its quite easy for you as a parent to notice the amount of coffee and sugar disappearing fast. Less easy with energy drinks. Very difficult to gauge the amount of caffeine and sugars in these drinks compared to n spoons of coffee and n spoons of sugar.

2) applying for uni implies your son was 16 to 18 at this time? Still young but a bit more hardy. Significantly more developed than a 12 year old.

I get your point... But I think significant enough a difference in age and ease of access.

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Posted in: Harried kids turning to energy drinks for a needed boost See in context

According to the mother quoted in the first paragraph, her daughter attends juku four evenings a week, returning home after 10:30 p.m. Afterwards she still has to do homework, staying up past midnight

You push your 12 year old child in to this routine and then criticise the energy drinks.

I'm no fan of energy drinks and they should definitely be regulated and restricted from easy access by children. But let's look at why this poor child drinks them habitually first.

"It surprised me at first, but I suppose she drinks them because they give her a lift."

I am hoping beyond hope that the real quote has been somewhat lost in translation and this mother is not, as the quote implies, allowing the habit to continue.

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Posted in: Kirin unveils new vending machines with built-in security camera See in context

Would work much better if they didnt tell the general public.

No they wouldn't. Not at all. The whole point is its a deterrent.

Which is better... Predators do not grab kids on their way to school because they know there's cameras everywhere... Or we were able to use the secret camera hidden in a vending machine to find the guy that's killed some poor kid.

Look beyond whats immediately presented to you and figure out why things are done.

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Posted in: Leprosy patients' relatives seek damages, apology for discrimination See in context


While this must have been awful and an outdated policy was being followed for too long, not all these complaints can be directed solely at the government.

A child being bullied by her Aunt while her mother confined?

A wife leaving her husband after finding out his mother had the disease?

Shame on them. Shame on this proud unforgiving prejudice society. Discriminating against people just because a family member is suffering with a treatable isolated disease.

Sorry for the poor child who was helpless to defend herself.

As for the unfortunate divorcee? While it may seem tough right now... At 30 you're still young and you will recover and find someone better. F*k that woman who left you. In a few years she may tell her story in passing to others and hopefully enough of them will tell her how shameful she is.

Again, not all of these complaints can be directed at the government. This aging society has some rotten elements at its core. Stop fostering such discrimination and teach your children better.

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed while walking home See in context

but it does seem to get reported a lot on JT.  

A simple count of the articles proves this wrong.

Rather it is the natural tendancy to search for and interpret evidence to validate and confirm an existing prejudice.

There will be exceptional days where the volume of articles may appear to be more for any single area. But anyone with the slightest bit of common sense will realise this is because police agencies report events in batches. This happens with all prefecture and regions... Not just saitama. Some days there will be a burst of reports from a different region. The actual date of the offence is always given which will confirm this.

As for the notion that the offences from Saitama are particularly worse than an other area... Again... Simply not true. Even if you use this site as your only source.

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed while walking home See in context

Maybe Saitama gets more coverage 'cause their crimes are more unusual. 

Not even that. Just simple confirmation bias.

Despite the continued evidence to the contrary many posters fail, or refuse, to see through it.

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