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Posted in: 2 children found dead, mother wounded in Gunma home See in context

Are we going to blame this one on postpartum depression too?

7 years after the birth of the last child?

Poor sad mother?


Coward. Selfish. Murderer.

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Posted in: Woman, baby die in suspected murder-suicide after fall from bridge See in context

Moreover, the article referenced by other posters on tokyoreporter proves this was absolutely nothing to do with postpartum depression.

But don't let the facts get in the way of your moral highground.

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Posted in: Woman, baby die in suspected murder-suicide after fall from bridge See in context

Postpartum depression?


Cowardly and selfish.

And that's why it's not in the 'sympathy' section, but in the crime section.

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Posted in: Woman, baby die in suspected murder-suicide after fall from bridge See in context

And selfish too

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Posted in: Woman, baby die in suspected murder-suicide after fall from bridge See in context


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Posted in: Woman sues Hokkaido gov't for not giving benefits to same-sex couples See in context

Applied twice and still denied. The bean counter or counters in charged must have personal problem with these minorities. Now the tax payer is face with a damage bill plus back payments because this bean counter is a racist. Sack the bean counter who denied both applications and settle out of court w

Actually the "bean counter" did his job perfectly.

He counted two beans.

Application denied.

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Posted in: Mother, 4-year-old son killed in car crash See in context

Note that the article says the larger car was hit from the right.

ie, he was hit on the driver's side (Japan is RHD), but came out more or less unscathed with minor injuries (probably a bit of whiplash). A side impact is significantly more risky than a head on.

The front of a car is the best place to have an impact in a regular car. You have the crumple zone, 1/3 of the chassis, front cross member, firewall all acting to soak up impact and protect the cabin.

Yet the Kei, having such little structural strength, killed 2 and seriously injured the remaining 3.

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Whoever here is arguing for Kei cars knows little about vehicle construction.

In order to keep the weight down, the chassis is made of lighter, less rigid, steel alloy and significantly thinner than a regular car.

The horizontal and vertical cabin supports are not structural. There is little roll protection.

There is no upper structural support for the rear quarter, as they were originally envisaged as cargo vehicles and tweaked later to allow passengers.

You are accustomed to trusting that a car has passed crash tests, side impact tests, roll tests... And assume the same is for all cars. Well... Not for Kei. The crash tests rating required is just a fraction of a regular car. This is why Keis are not sold/exported to most other countries except developing nations. They simply don't pass the safety requirements.

If a Kei used a similar amount of structural metal as a regular car, it would simply be too heavy to move.

From the outside, to the untrained eye, a car is a car. But the difference between them is like a solid oak table compared to a cheap home store flatpack desk.

Airbags won't help you.

The classification was never intended for a passenger car to be driven at high speeds.

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Posted in: Webinar: How to Rent an Apartment in Japan as a Foreigner See in context

Meh. Barely speak a word. Got nothing to do with it. Stop bleating.

Went through 4 different rentals before buying. Used a guarantor company each time for an insignificant fee.

Not a single place even raised an eyebrow.

They took one look at the numbers written on the application, and it was all smiles and that was that.

Thats all it comes down to. Absolutely nothing to do with your Japanese ability or whether you have a Japanese guarantor or not.

Its all about the numbers. A native would have equally as hard a time renting in the same conditions.

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Posted in: Efforts underway to end 'period poverty' in Japan, despite hurdles See in context

Well it seems most people are agreed about removing tax and making them freely available. Let's do that.

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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

Never knew all those buddhist monks were so furious about everything

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Posted in: Japan's proposed immigration law revisions deal fresh blow to refugees See in context

Lots of comments on how Japan needs foreigners for labour.

You are confusing two issues. Acceptance of refugees / asylum seekers is not the same as regular immigration. Immigration is very straightforward in Japan, if you meet the requirements.

Labour shortage is not the issue here. This issue is illegal over stays of rejected asylum seekers.

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Posted in: Japan's proposed immigration law revisions deal fresh blow to refugees See in context

kudos for the captain for refusing to be part a unjust system. If only politicians had such empathy.

Wrong. Shame on the captain for interfering with a legal deportation and making the already difficult job of an immigration officer more difficult.

"Nana" has no legal right to be in the country and no right to resist deportation.

By your morals anyone who resists arrest or deportation deserves sympathy.

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Posted in: Retiring in Japan: What’s the best strategy? See in context

Or you could be born into the family of a famous baker and have an exceedingly good trust fund set up for you... :)

French Fancy That

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Posted in: World’s second-oldest hotel offers new self-service stays to cope during pandemic See in context

It's nowhere near as nice as you think.

After the first night we couldn't take the persistent damp/mold smell lingering everywhere and left.

Those outside shots are also carefully taken so as not to show the rusting pipes, electricity cables running back and forth... and the filthy aircon units rattling away 24/7.

Japanese people seem not to see this stuff.

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Posted in: Education ministry hosts Twitter campaign to recruit teachers, but it backfires right away See in context

ALTs are not teachers.

You're just assistants with no qualifications whinging about how hard life is because you chose an easy path in your early 20s and now stuck with it and full of regret.

And teachers do not work any harder than anyone else. Just more self entitled whinging.

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Posted in: Floyd's girlfriend recalls their struggles with addiction See in context

You sound like a pretty skittish individual. I'm glad you're not a cop.

So am I.

I don't think any amount of training would fully prepare me for such a situation. There's always that knowledge that training is training. The shouty people won't really hurt me.

Then there's the knowledge that this time is very very real, and there's a lot of angry people around... And this guy is big.

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Posted in: Floyd's girlfriend recalls their struggles with addiction See in context

Woah, sounds pretty dangerous. If I were a police officer with a suspect handcuffed and subdued, I'd probably get him in the car, and get in the car myself, before leaving. That sounds a lot safer than keeping myself in one spot all the time while suffocating the suspect.

I bet you've never had to restrain a violent criminal, 1.5x your size, fuelled on a cocktail of drugs, while a hostile crowd gathers around you, shouting.

Like most people, you've probably never felt so threatened and vulnerable as that officer.

Very easy to say what you would do from the comfort of your computer.

I would be so scared and full of panic that I'd either stay put like the officer did, or pass out from the stress.

But I'm brave enough to admit it.

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Posted in: Floyd's girlfriend recalls their struggles with addiction See in context

A large violent man resists arrest. Officers are surrounded by a shouting crowd of people. In a nation where guns can appear from anywhere in a heartbeat.

Why doesn't this happen to other people? Because they don't aggressively resist arrest.

And somehow this becomes something to protest about.

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Posted in: Japanese service turns 15,000 restaurants nationwide into food kitchens for needy kids See in context

This article is wrong. I've asked literally two Japanese. There's no child poverty in Japan! Snort... Scoff... Wry smile... Silly foreigner! Silly, silly foreigners! Poverty in Japan? Don't be daft.

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Posted in: Leisure teleworkers - supposedly working but in fact gaming, day-trading, or scanning for new job opportunities See in context

And this is why, despite the propaganda hype lauding work-from-home, it will never be be the "new norm". Everyone knows a significant number of people will bunk off given half a chance.

Virus will wane, management won't be forced to allow or encourage work-from-home, policy will revert, office life will return, Netflix revenue will decrease, back to how things were, same as it ever was.

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Posted in: A gift of chocolate from Queen Victoria, intact after 121 years See in context

Made by slaves?

Manufactured in Britain in 1900.

How can that possibly be made by slaves?

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Posted in: Ex-cop told onlooker Floyd was big, 'probably on something' See in context

If you are innocent, you comply with the police, go down the station peacefully and willingly to sort it all out and the matter is ended.

If you are guilty and violent, you resist arrest, require increasing levels of force and restraint, and then this happens.

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Posted in: Man indicted for rape and murder charged with 2 other sexual assaults See in context

Like kids who practice karate chops on each other after watching a martial arts movie, these guys are glued to countless hours of porn catering to their specific fantasy and it gets normalized in their mind and then they act it out.

Again you link violent crime to porn.

You must watch some awful, foul stuff.

If I were to link crime to the kind of porn I frequent, then a plumber would come over to fix the machine but charge way too much for it. The scoundrel.

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Posted in: Man charged over online abuse after 'Terrace House' star's suicide See in context

'You have such an awful personality. Is your life worth living?'

'Hey, hey. When will you die?'

"everyone will be happy if you're gone"

Well... It's not exactly a threat.

Are we not allowed to say that we can't stand someone?

There's loads of TV presenters I can't stand. Am I not allowed to dislike someone? Am I not allowed to say so?

No direct threat was made.

This post will make many of you hate me. Meh. Your morals are 'better' than mine ain't they? You're allowed to force your opinion on others... I'm not allowed to express my opinion. You're allowed to demand this guy gets a slap, gets a huge fine, goes to prison (just read above). But he's not allowed to say equally as harmless things to the opposite.

If someone puts so much store in others opinions... Is affected so deeply by such comments... Then I dare say they are not suited to a celebrity life in the first place. Something tells me her life would have ended in depression regardless of public opinion

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Posted in: Some medical experts unconvinced about holding Tokyo Olympics See in context

Uh didn't They say that there will be no overseas Visitors? Which is it?

Please read the article. It clearly explains the tens of thousands of visitors.


Targeting anyone particular are we?

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Posted in: Bogus electrician arrested over sexual assault of teenage girl See in context

Standard practice when stressed out. Rape someone, burn something... Or better yet, kill your babies.

Prohlem solved.

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Posted in: Worshippers brave smoldering coals to pray for safety See in context

It transcends you from the real world into a spiritual one

No it doesn't.

It changes you in a positive way forever

No it doesn't.

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Posted in: Drink banana beer and promote Izu Peninsula tourism industry See in context

Note from the editors: "Werensu" is our approximation of the Japanese spelling ウェーレンスー. According to our research, this is a Chinese varietal, but the correct transliteration in Pinyin is probably different.

Haha nice. For once get in there early and nip all the petty "I can translate Japanese better than you" squabbling in the bud before it starts.

Thumbs up.

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