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Posted in: Court grants bail for former Nissan executive Kelly See in context

I am not fan of Chinese Government or policy , but I have to admit they have better communication skills when it comes to business.

I just finished watching a full documentary on WBS tv about how criminal was Gosn and how the french want to eat OUR NATIONAL BRAND ( Japan made 日産). I felt i was watching communist propaganda film against Gosn . Of course , They do not know that they are destroying Nissan as well together with Nissan man. The narrow mindness here is too smartooo.

China Geely (Google it) has been extremely active and Middle east/Africa and south asia markets have witnessed sales of China made automobiles.

I hope Gosn can be released soon back to his family. And I wish that media in japan stops demonizing him.

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Posted in: JAL, flight attendant reach settlement in pregnancy harassment lawsuit See in context

I know what is Japan when it comes to term ( Harassment )- my sleeping pills can tell me about it !

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Posted in: Record 35,000 foreign students need Japanese language training See in context

The universities does not encourage language learning

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Posted in: Toshiba's survival in doubt after reporting unaudited results See in context

what do you mean ?

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Posted in: YKK starts serving halal meals at cafeteria in Japan See in context

Great for Japan - of course, a significant number of a worker shall be Muslims . Japan should adopt more understanding for others' culture and cuisine

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abusing 5-year-old son with frying pan, saw See in context

Can I have this child as my lovely little baby - I would cherish and love him from the deep of my heart ! Why world became so dark ?

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Posted in: Patinkin says 'Homeland' trying to improve Muslim depiction See in context

The real issue is that Americans always find a rationalization for their actions - based on their own interpretation. I have watched several TV episodes and movies that present Arab or Muslims or even Japanese, Korean and Russian as uncivilized people creating mafias within American community. Denzel Washington in his movie ( Rule of engagement ) for example killed civilians on their land just for the fantasy of Great America. I wonder when this will end.

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Posted in: Japanese woman suing nursing school after being suspended because of her tattoo See in context

Insane , she wants to become a nurse helping others , she should be loved not destroyed.

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Posted in: Not many shoppers See in context

3 am?

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Posted in: 4 Australian family members found after going missing while skiing in Nagano See in context

Did they pay for their mess?

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Posted in: Teacher grabs 3 students by their collars, causing them to faint See in context

3 students fainted after been grabbed by collar . I do not believe it . My greetings to the teacher . Until that girl commit suicide everybody will be cursing school and teachers why they did not take action . Yes , Let them pretend to faint 1000 time before they think of bullying somebody .

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Posted in: Train driver says he can't remember overrunning platform by 220 meters See in context

did he take some rest ? Or just working whole day

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Posted in: Dentsu chief to resign over employee's suicide, labor law violations See in context

he will resign to take responsibility for the suicide of a worker who had clocked massive overtime in her first months on the job. >>> What?? Change the policy

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Posted in: Family sues Saitama Prefecture after daughter dies during school walkathon See in context

Such routine yearly activities fail to provide essential safety measures .

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Posted in: Tearful Jakarta governor denies insulting Koran in blasphemy trial See in context

He should have taken care of his speech . Politician should try to understand the community and people .

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Posted in: Stalking suspect jumps to death from condo after police approach him See in context

he has a disease called ( girls ) ... Sad tragedy !

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Posted in: China's iQIYI, Sony to produce online series in Mandarin See in context

How can you tell Japanese companies that China is not the only business destination . Do you they have a different (world china map ) which differs from our normal map ? Why Japanese movie / drama industry is not stagnant . Can not they benefit from the way korean drama boosted tourism in Korea ?

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Posted in: Breast surgeon denies charge of licking unconscious patient’s breast See in context

Yes . Delirium can happen after surgery as a complication for the surgery and anesthetics . I remember myself after finishing surgery ( appendicitis ) on a 25 years old lady few years ago , when I was cleaning her belly button from the blood clots using cotton, and putting plasters . She said stop sexually harassing me - I was with her mother and other doctors and a senior nurse . Thanks god they were with me , I was so embarrassed that I hate myself for the next few weeks .

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Posted in: A mother leaves Japan so that her teen son can stay See in context

painful ! can people in Japan understand that Japan need these new bloods

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Posted in: Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families See in context


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Posted in: University of Tokyo to assist new female students with Y30,000 a month for rent See in context

how about men >?

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Posted in: Chinese college student dies after being stabbed outside her Tokyo apartment See in context

Chinese again ! stabbing girls . Sorry for her . :(

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Posted in: China box office to dwarf Hollywood, predicts Ang Lee See in context

Joking , right . I watched a chinese movie on the airplane . And the only question was in my head ( how such a low-quality film can be on airplane screen). I speak Mandarin , Chinese movie industry will need at least ( common language ) to spread .

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Does this need a ( Survey )? How Can I get a copy of the survey ?

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Posted in: Nigerian activist held in solitary confinement in Japan, prompting calls for her release See in context

Leave her alone , she has been in Japan for 26 years . She is not a criminal neither poses no harm to anybody . Sending her will destroy her life .

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Posted in: Suicide of overworked Dentsu employee prompts company to order lights out at 10 p.m. See in context

hahaha 10 PM , one hour for way back , one hour for shower , 20minutes for toilet minutes . 20 to talk with family . Sleep at 1 PM , wake up at 6: 30 > Again commute to work . When they get time to live ?

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Posted in: Man arrested for murder after cutting woman’s throat with scissors See in context

We should look for middle eastern criminal ! Only stained with terrorism if the person from middle east . RIP young lady

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Posted in: Japan wary over Philippine leader's policy, manners in front of emperor See in context

I looked down at him at beginning but after I saw his interview in Aljazeera , i know respect him , Regardless of his clothes .

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Posted in: Dentsu's 'power harassment hell' See in context

Public should boycott this company !

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Posted in: 'Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary shines light on controversial legal system See in context

Painful . But I am sure that this exist in Japan , China of course is number one

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