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Posted in: Japanese researchers regenerate monkey hearts with lab-grown stem cells See in context

As a researcher , so people exaggerate .

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Posted in: ANA reprimanded after aircraft prepares for take-off with passenger still standing See in context

Prevent further accidents

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

Why not ! when I am in train , no body would sit beside me ! I am not surprised at all . I will send this to my wife who never believed my story about no body would sit beside me while in train .

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Posted in: Policeman arrested for stealing Y50,000 from elderly woman's home See in context

What ! 76 years old and still trapping those flies .

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Posted in: Actor Yuta Takahata arrested on rape charge See in context

what a news ! hopefully he was not filming something else . I believe he was drugged .

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Posted in: Muslim man goes on hunger strike after being served pork at Yokohama immigration center See in context

It is not incidental mistake - I guess . some authorities do not respect differences . So Pork is not the conflict , religion is not too. Imagine somebody with gluten allergy goes to detention center or hospital , his meal with be (the last dinner) .

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Posted in: Bawling Japanese politician sentenced for graft See in context

They will destroy his life now for this mistake , I feel sympathy for is family

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Posted in: Japan denies its jets were provocative in Chinese encounter See in context

routine patrol in the air ?! what they looking for up there ? I heard university campus patrol .. Shopping center patrol .. But his one I have never heard of it .

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Posted in: Apple sued in China over showing of war film from the 1990s See in context

Lived in China 11 years , I know everything there is fake

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Posted in: Man with only Y42 on him runs up bar tab of Y137,000 See in context

Well done ! Great one

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Posted in: Naked man strolls up to Akihabara Station in Tokyo to buy a train ticket See in context

I do not think this deserve publishing ! He might be sick or drugged .

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Posted in: 6-year jail term sought for man who cut off love rival's penis See in context

This expose the academic abuse of students . Our main focus shall move forward understanding the situation around this accident not the penis .

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Posted in: Uber finally makes inroads in aging Japan See in context

I have used taxi in China , hong kong, australia , Middle east . But nothing compares to Japan taxi , I hope this Uber can be blocked in Japan . It is downloaded to my mobile a while ago , but no taxi appear around . I can be simply replaced by Didi Dache application which allow searching for real taxi around .

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Materials, Chinese WWII slave workers reach deal See in context

As I lived as a non-Japanese expat in China for 10 years , both Japanese and Chinese enjoy enslaving others . Now , in Japan , the situation continues somehow , enslaving other nations is factories and labs in Japan . Japan apology should have some limits , bowing too much will let the pants fall down .

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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

Hope they are traveling somewhere safe

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Posted in: Japan eyes more foreign workers, challenging immigration taboo See in context

Well , when there is a protection or right for those called (Trainee ) working with basically nothing . Then call it whatever . At least from my experience worked as a trainee doctor for six months and received ( 0 ) Yen . Japan need slaves to join the slavery misery

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Posted in: Olympus' U.S. unit to pay $646 mil for bribing hospitals, doctors See in context

Come to China and Japan and see the bribes for doctors to use western pharmaceutical products with cheap gifts like printing books for doctors , research grants for others .

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Posted in: Police officer commits suicide with pistol in station toilet See in context

Search for his boss : harassment in Japan is like rain in amazon ! the issue everybody does not talk . Bless on this pure souls wasted for some bad bosses

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Posted in: 5 Palestinians killed while attacking Israelis See in context

5 palestinians were killed while attacking israelis .. No injury happen to the israeli . What a joke . International community are watching this irrational rationals to kill people

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Posted in: Couple arrested for locking up 6-year-old boy in bathroom See in context

Child abuse : What a misery .

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Posted in: Japan accepts 27 refugees last year; rejects 99% of applications See in context

I feel so sorry for those refugees . Some people will think they are blessed to get accepted . The adjustment and post traumatic stress disorder will only start here in Japan , with basically phobia to ......

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

The cove movie contain a lot of fake information about Japan . Yet, It is Japan freedom to deport anybody who does not adhere to laws and norms .

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Posted in: China arrests third Japanese; detains another for spying See in context

Spying In China ? Obviously you can buy whatever you need there . Spying , what a .....

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker says no early morning meetings if she becomes PM See in context

I wish so , spending almost 50 minutes listening to basically repeatitive talk in the morning is sickening

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Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners See in context


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Posted in: Muslim proposal prompts calls to ban Trump from UK, Israel See in context

The only thing I see from this trump dumb is the amount of ignorance and racism toward twenty thousand million muslim across the globe . And the stupidity of supporters who think US would risk profit from middle east by following this fool . And from this I can see the power of muslims are growing , definitely . When the only debate for the number one power on world in only muslims , that means ( they are coming) let us scare everybody about them

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Posted in: Two, including 15-year-old boy, arrested in Australia over terror plot See in context

Exaggeration about terror is just like making advertisement for it . I mean 15 years old boy , can create condom bombs , this way may commentators are filled with conspiracy theories trying to attack what's cold islamic supremacists , terrorists and so on . As much as I hate terror , I hate those attack everything belongs to around twenty thousand million muslim across the globe . Collective punishment create hate , hate create rationalization for everything according to the tolerance or IQ of the individual .

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Posted in: Gov't to step up measures to prevent terrorism in Japan See in context

Japan is being dragged by some west countries into a dirty game , while Japan is always peaceful , out of sudden , money will start pouring into security and weapons, and of course some countries will be more than happy to help using their " expertise , and weapons" , nothing for free of course . ( if they were successful to prevent those terror attack on their own nations , then they can offer help). Japan economy ,stability and security are a fear for some nearby nation. While Japan should take precautions from Terrorist , it should at the same time be careful of those pretending to be caring . I remember US expressed anger over TOYOTA sales in Middle east and how can terrorist access to them , but never asked themselves where those terrorists are getting their weapons from .

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting coffee on woman See in context

Interesting ! Stress from Work can lead to anything ... I think !

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