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Agree with Onniyma & rickyvee. At least I haven't paid for any credits. Get e-mails introducing new members with nice photos but when I try to look often their profiles "no longer exist".

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lol! I don't ride the taxis very often but seems like every time I do, the driver releases a silent one!

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Poulter has right to be angry, although doing it over twitter rather than seeking out Matsuyama directly might be another issue. Matsuyama admitted his mistake & taking steps to correct it, just another process in his learning curve, following being penalized for slow play at the British (?) Open.

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From an overall business perspective need to consider the PR value and its' benefits. Tanaka merchanizing, Japanese tourists going to Yankee stadium, etc. - probably not such a bad investment. Unless of course he flops like Kei Igawa or gets injured like Daisuke Matsuzaka, which is a possibility.

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sensei 258,

For regular season only he will make about $6,300 per pitch assuming average of 32 starts/year and 110 pitches/start.

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my2sense - you may have already figured it out but it's Tuesday so they arrived yesterday

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Now's not the time for Ichiro to be so "Japanese" - remain loyal to the team, be risk averse and choose comfort over a new setting.

He's already done what he can there, no one will blame him if he requests (not demand, of course) to be moved to team that can complete.

Too bad if Seattle loses all the Japanese tourists but as a MLB fan, want to see meaningful games broadcast over here.

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Scrote: I meant ANA to LA while JAL to SF (so no overlap). . . my bad! If you check their sites most flights leave around midnight while arrivals are early morning.

So I guess take the last train to Haneda & the first train from!

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How original. . . excluding Paris, the routes are basically identical to ANA (except ANA is to SF, JAL to LA).

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Yeah, the basic storyline may be cliche & I'm the first to admit I'm not big on references to social statements - taking resourecs by force, destroying the enviroment, etc. - but from a pure entertainment perspective, it definitely gives you your money's worth & doesn't feel like 2 hours 40 minutes.

The 2D version is actually pretty good, but unless you plan to see both, be sure to see it in 3D, and rather than trying to find faults, open up your mind & enjoy the visuals!

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As much I'd love to see this in 3D, if you're a foreigner living in Japan you may be SOL! Rumor has it due to difficulty in 3D subtitles only dubbed versions will be in 3D. Think about the recent 3D animations - all in dubbed Japanese only.

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