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Posted in: Lewis holds 1-shot lead over Wie in U.S. Women's Open See in context

11 year Lucy Li....awesome. She shot 1 stroke better than Mika Miyazato and is one behind Ai Miyazato. This kid is great. I think I wrote something similiar about Lydia Ko many years ago. yet another child phenom.

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Posted in: 26-year-old man arrested for beating 2-month-old son See in context

Whats the bet this sad excuse of a human being gets slapped on the wrist and nothing more. In saying that though, I seriously hope they throw him in prison with some real criminals who I'm sure will take delight in beating the daylights out of scum like this.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old girl dies after being hit by car in Iwate supermarket car park See in context

I wish this country would invest in some serious commonsense. A 1 year old in a car park (even though she was with her mother)......you don't have to be a genius to see the trouble that could be had, or in this case sadly, did have, if not held by the hand or even picked up.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for beating acquaintance to death See in context

Imagine what they teach their kids! She called you what????Right now take this bat and beat her to a pulp. I hope they grow a backbone, because where they're headed I'm sure they will be in for more than just name calling. Good luck in the slammer ladies.

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree’s disappointing attendance so far: 6.19 million visitors See in context

Tokyo Skytree’s disappointing attendance so far

Gee wouldn't have anything to do with the steep price would it? Drop the price to 1,000 yen or even a bargin 500yen for a few weeks and maybe they'll see the difference in numbers for themselves.

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Posted in: Rio Olympic preparations blasted as worst ever See in context

The IOC has adopted a more hands-on role; it is unprecedented for the IOC but there is no Plan B. We are going to Rio


Plan B should simply be to return to the previous Olympic City from four years earlier. Give it to London again and teach the future bidding Olympic Cities (as well as Rio) a lesson in that 'if you plan to bid make sure you can deliver'.

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Posted in: Chinese ships return to disputed waters after Obama Tokyo visit See in context

Just build a retirement house for Ishihara on the island and let him deal with the floating Chinese vessels. After all, he was the one who prodded the nest.

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Posted in: Driver turns herself in to police for failing to stop at yellow traffic light See in context

And who the heck taught this person how to drive and charged her a small fortune for the pleasure of doing so? I can't understand how some drivers actually DO STOP half way across the intersection because the light has changed.......how stupid. Is that what they teach at the driving schools in this country???? Ridiculous. Fantastic way to have the car behind you slam into the back of your car that's about it. I wouldn't go as far as to say

“if only everyone could drive with such caution, there would be no accidents.”

She is more likely to cause accidents driving with her mentality.

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Posted in: Bubba Watson wins Masters See in context

Asakura Cowboy....spot on. I'd go as far to say that if Bubba lived in Japan and had a Japanese coach he wouldn't have won 2 green jackets. Coaches often stifle talent by turning them into clones to play the way the manual says they should play instead of coaching the player and not interferring with the natural talents he has. Prime example would be that every coach would try to change the way his lead foot spins when he hits his driver.

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Posted in: Millions go on shopping spree ahead of sales tax hike See in context

Japan is bracing for its first sales tax rise in years, with last minute shoppers buying up a host of goods from gold to ice cream, as the government tries to tackle its crushing national debt. AND in other news.......

Yoshimi Watanabe, the head of the minor opposition Your Party has spent 800 million yen on lucky charms.

Japan is to give up to $1.5 billion in finalncial aid to Ukraine


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Posted in: Dempagumi.inc about to break into stardom See in context

Japan finds it hard to get off the production line of churning out the same groups over and over and over again. I hate to imagine what sort of entertainment the world will be forced to watch during the opening ceremony in 2020.

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Posted in: Japan chooses Pikachu as its official mascot for World Cup See in context

It could have been worse...they could have went with 'domo'.

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Posted in: March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day? See in context

At a LPGA golf tournament in Kochi when play was suspended and everyone headed to the clubhouse. No one was allowed to leave as there were fears of a Tsunami reaching the coastline. At first people had no idea of the seriousness of what had happened up north in my original japanese hometown and everyone was in a jovial mood joking about. But after watching the TV in the clubhouse everybody instantly went quiet and tears began to flow. The tournament was cancelled basically on the spot as were the following month of tournaments. It wasn't until we arrived home and I watched the news again did the realisation hit that 15 years ago I used to teach private lessons in the area where the tsunami washed ashore. I went numb and cried thinking about all the people who I used to know from many many years ago.

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Posted in: Poulter calls Matsuyama idiot for damaging green See in context

I'm guessing the Japanese media would have been up in arms if someone else had of damaged the green with a putter tantram and Matsuyama had of been in the following group and missed a putt because his ball had to roll over the patch that had to be fixed by the rules official. Matsuyama is very lucky he wasn't fined. Anyone who plays golf knows that damaging the green (especially in an event where a missed putt may end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars) is just plain out stupid.

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Posted in: Osaka man caught after teaching junior high for 15 years without a certificate See in context

I wish the reporter would have taken the initiative and interviewed both some of his current students as well as his past students and found out what type of teacher he was. That would have added more to the story and reduced the speculation.

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Posted in: Russia's Sotnikova stuns Kim to win figure skating gold; Asada 6th See in context

I can't believe there isn't more of an uproar. How on earth could someone enter the freeskate section 1 point clear, land every single jump perfectly, skate flawlessly and still end up being overtaken and beaten by 3 points by a skater who made a mistake on one of her landings (the 3rd jump of her triple jump section)? But of course....Russian in Russia. That is the one downfall of any sport that requires judges points to determine the winner. There is always going to be controversial outcomes and this is one of them.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chairman Mori critical of Asada, ice dancing brother and sister See in context

Hindsight is always better than foresight you old goat. If Asada had of landed every triple and the team walked away with the gold you would not have made your ridiculous comments. If by chance Japan didn't field a team in the team section, you probably would have been in the newspapers demanding why Japan didn't enter a team as they would have most certainly won the gold. Sheesh.....either way you would have complained.

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Posted in: Japanese business delegation of 180 to visit China See in context

The business card exchanges during the initial meeting are gonna take a week !!!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan glimpses ray of hope in All Blacks defeat See in context

Don't get too carried away.....The All Blacks were playing a game they 'knew' they were going to win. They won in a canter and if they had of put the foot flat to floor would have racked up at least another 30-40 points. Their focus is totally on the games ahead they have to play over in Europe. The game against Japan was in the eyes of the All Blacks....a training run for their fresh faces. But Japan can kid themselves into thinking the gap has closed between the two countries because of the scoreline. But at the same time keep your fingers crossed you don't meet them in a game with 'something' on the line because then you'll realise how distant that gap you think you have closed really is.

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Posted in: China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians See in context

There is no end to this problem. This will still be continuing long after we have packed up and left these shores for our homelands. This will still be continuing long after Abe leaves office and is replaced by the next Prime Minister and the next and the next. This will still be continuing long after my kindergarden aged daughter has reached University. Is any one country brave enough (or stupid enough depending on which side of the fence you look at it) to get on these uninhabited islets and start building things? Or is it just going to remain as barren as it is now with boats floating around it with people saying 'that's mine that's mine'

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Posted in: Cat set on fire in Tokyo park See in context

I agree with and second every single comment written above. I hope they do find this person and not just shuffle the report to the bottom of the 'couldn't be bothered investigating' folder.

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Posted in: Japan dreams of beating All Blacks See in context

Japan will pick a full strength side and the All Blacks will pick their 2nd or 3rd strength side. The All Blacks will still win in a canter though it won't be the cricket line score people are expecting. The best that the Japanese can do is work on other aspects of their game instead of fully expecting to beat the All Blacks in the final scoreline. Aiming to hold the All Blacks tryless for the first 15-20 minutes would be a great start as would aiming to score 1 try for every 2-3 that the All Blacks score would be another as too would trying to hold their attack in various quarters of the field without them breaking through with missed tackles. Other than that......it is nice to dream.......walt disney did and look what he did.

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Posted in: Man arrested after rice cooker found plugged into neighbor’s home See in context

Operator: Emergency Service can I help you? Caller: HELPPPPPPPPPP. SOMEONE IS COOKING RICE IN MY BACKYARD. Operator: Calm down sir. We will get the police there ASAP. Caller: PLEASE HURRY. The rice is gonna be cooked IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES. Operator: Sit tight and stay on the line until the police arrive sir. Now tell me again...how long until the rice is cooked?

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Posted in: Japan's luxury fruit masters grow money on trees See in context

Every May, a pair of canteloupe melons grown in the north of Hokkaido is auctioned off. They regularly fetch the price of a modest new car.

The hammer fell on this year’s pair at a cool 1.6 million yen.

Perhaps the writer should've been a little more honest in their thinking and replaced the word 'cool' with the word 'ridiculously stupid'

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Posted in: Kipsang breaks marathon world record in Berlin See in context

Sitting on 20km/h+ pace for 2 hours is amazing. These marathon runners are incredible athletes.

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Posted in: Olympics at 50? A 99.9999% 'no' says Date-Krumm See in context

I guess the media will be clinging onto the 0.0001% chance she does and constantly re-ask her the same question at every after match interview she does from here on in.

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Posted in: Japan's new home-run hero breaks barriers See in context

However, Hawks battery coach Yoshiharu Wakana gave a revealing insight after the game, telling reporters: “It would be distasteful to see a foreign player break Oh’s record.”

Completely ignorant to the fact that Oh himself is a foreigner.

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Posted in: With week to go, iPhone fans start queuing in Japan See in context

Every news show will be out to interview this guy....when they pan back to the studio the comments will be 'sugoi ne'....but what they'll really be thinking is 'what an idiot'.

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Posted in: Tritium levels spike at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Tritium levels spike at Fukushima nuclear plant

Only days after Abe san clearly stated to the IOC that it was "all under control" and also that he would take full responsibility.......why am I not surprised???

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Posted in: China warns Japan against stationing workers on disputed isles See in context

Just build a Koban on it and let the highly tuned fit looking key stone cops look after it.

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