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Posted in: More Chinese try natto products as panacea for illnesses See in context

Real natto are harder even for japanese to tolerate. 90% smell reduction by freezing etc. is sold in stores. Tempeh from Indonesia is somewhat between natto and tofu with less smell. If you are going to cook, minds well use miso. Those that don't like natto smell, it is stronger smell version of soy sauce. I would say try tuna natto roll first.

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Posted in: China seizes Mitsui O.S.K. ship over unpaid wartime contract compensation See in context

xybercApr. 21, 2014 - 04:54PM JST If that's the case, people japan can sue for private property in china, manchu,korea.

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Posted in: Abe offers sympathy, help to S Korea over ferry disaster See in context

Sending help is unnecessary and offensive. Did they bother to even ask? That sounds more than a little presumptive. You are clueless. Korean/Chinese has been taught distorted history. As a consequence they are haters. So if Japan offer help, they would take it as "(&)*, you think we can't handle the situation". Recent case in point, S korea ask for 10,000 bullet in UN africa operation. Japan send 10,000 bullet though UN. Later lots complaints from S koreans about offer was in public, and it was unneccessary and japan sent it for.... No words of thanks lol.

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Posted in: Japan to supply ammo to South Korean troops in South Sudan See in context

Laws are best to be interpret by elected official to fit the need of nation to some extent. So bullets can be interpreted as supplies and not a weapon.

Also, laws can be broken but prosecutors have option to not prosecute it.

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Posted in: Tokyo police take 13 underage girls into custody for 'JK walking' See in context

"96 establishments in Akihabara acting as bases for" What's wrong with the police? No arrest?

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Posted in: Japan's secrecy bill condemned by Nobel academics See in context

Evil power want to use TPP to ripoff japan's utilities and other wealth.

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Posted in: 'Omotenashi Bras' See in context

By the way 真心 is magokoro, sincere heart or sincere devotion.

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Posted in: 'Omotenashi Bras' See in context

Bra is ugly. Skirt look cheap. Maybe hands between the bra is easy snap off for great hospitality though. 8-)

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Posted in: Rocket launchers fired near U.S. base at Yokota See in context

"Extreme leftists, as in communists? Maybe the Okinawans are turning militant to get the US military presence off their islands." All the rape and atrocity during ww2 by usa military and occupation until 1970s probably some okinawans have extra resentment. Lucky for rest of japan, propaganda distored history taught dampened the resentment.

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Posted in: 3 agree to plead guilty in U.S. automotive parts price fixing case See in context

Way way worse crime by usa banks, apple, microsoft, intel, de beer, tv ad process, etc. are not punished as severely.

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Posted in: All-you-can-eat Whoppers at Burger King Japan See in context

Bi-king is man that swings both ways or eaten lol. Real deal was $1 whopper after oprah recommend not eating beef. Munch 4 of those for snack after drinking at party.

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Posted in: Japanese politician arrested in China on drugs charges See in context

"his hardline stance on diplomacy with neighbors China and South Korea."

So stupid to travel to there. Lucky for him he already lived life expectancy. Also if he is drug trafficker, it is great news for japan. Japan have less drug supply plus saved bundle on catching and prosecuting etc.

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Posted in: Condo ditches lawnmowers for grass-munching goats See in context

They should have them permanently. Either have one or two, or rotate them around various locations.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Smart humans base their assumption on facts. "Two, I am an English teacher (nope)" lots whites teached english so it is NORMAL to ask if some white was one. Often times, whites are treated extremely well. I think you are racist and don't even know too. Look how usa treat mexicans, especially when white pushed indigenous population from south usa. I bet you that you would not move to predominantly black neighborhood in usa for a year.

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Posted in: Samsung says it owes Apple $52 million See in context

Get real. If it was not for microsoft bailing out apple plus giving it protection, things like itune would not be possible. Microsoft wisely knew that since it had monopoly on os, it will not able to profiteer from itune type service nor become dominant cell phone service.

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Posted in: Diet to punish Inoki over his trip to N Korea See in context

I am more and more convinced that north korean leader is evil rich smart and powerful man. Only this year, I beginning to see if there's unification, it could be s korea merging to north.

I also see possibility that when fake oppressive communist in china is toppled, some will run to north korea.

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Posted in: Gov't readies additional Y3 tril for Fukushima clean-up See in context

I think no one will return. Area should be used to create new co2 nuclear plants as well as nuclear storage and burnt ash trash dump(mix with cement).

One thing I hate to see is evil connected people get over compensated. It seems they are using this as an excuse to steal electric power system and nuclear power.

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Posted in: Is U.S. also spying on Japanese email, phone calls? See in context

Wiretapping is expected from world's biggest spy and military country. I now realized that espionage is common and evil connected people get info to use it as inside trading etc. to have the edge in stock and trade negotiation etc. I guess even back in ww2 usa was expert and all radio transmission of japan etc. was deciphered.

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Posted in: Aso vows crackdown on mob loans after Mizuho chief testifies in Diet See in context

I think he SHOULD be punished a little, but not resign. It create oppitunity for the worse elite to ripoff shareholders.

Unfortunately for 99.9% of humans, there are various evil excessively greedy people trying to ripoff others. In usa, it would be like way way over compensation of evil connected executives and director etc. Oil, lawyers, war machines, lobby, media, private federal reserve bank, pac, etc. I now believe usa invaded afghanistan since taliban profiteered from some opium instead of old traditional evil. Now afghan probably export 10-20 times as much and profiteer old evil, perhaps they were same profiteer from chinese opium war time.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress meet Kumamon See in context

For those complaining about mascot, guess what college football teams have? Other than that home console games/smartphone apps are better than gun collection etc.

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Posted in: LG unveils curved-screen smartphone See in context

I guess we have to wait year or two for the phone that act like bracelet that can bend back to flat.

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Posted in: 8 months, 10 mishaps: A look at Fukushima errors See in context

If that's the case, they should stop hiring temp workers. Plus if it was usa, they would be paid $100,000 per year minimum. Of course they can only work short period before their radiation limit is up so harder to hire permanent workers.

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Posted in: Abe heads to Turkey to push Japan's nuclear tech exports See in context

If earthquake was in usa, both electric and GE would been bankrupt. It was bad designed plant by usa GE with poor procedure in triply bad location. It was in low area with ground water, near earth quake, and tsunami prone area.

"Thirty-five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric resigned from their jobs after becoming increasingly convinced that the nuclear reactor design they were reviewing -- the Mark 1 -- was so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident. "

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Posted in: Nagano legislators propose banning morning practice for middle school athletes See in context

Most japanese more sleep. I would say in morning, voluntary school wide light morning stretch. Or some snack club where some pay, some bring few slice of fruit to share or something.

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Posted in: World’s first home fuel cell for condominiums developed See in context

Nice synergy.

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Posted in: Head patrol officer held after absconding with firearm, Y3 mil in cash See in context

Why was he arrested? lol Is awal in police crime now days?

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Posted in: Architect says 2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium too big See in context

Japan don't need to impress anyone. It should have made slightly smaller and more green stadium. Other than that, I hope it is designed to withstand magnitude 9 earth quake.

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Posted in: JR East staff to be loaned to JR Hokkaido in bid to raise standards See in context

Snow, small population, etc. makes it harder to operate.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to bolster economy, defense in Diet policy speech See in context

Everyday is not every single consecutive day, but rather normal ordinary day. Japan has been using less than 1% of gnp on defense and it should pump it up to 1.5-2% gradually. There will be more threat from china etc., plus there will be some form of global catastrophe when oil become more scarce.

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Posted in: Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims See in context

Law is right. Many people misuse or misunderstand the meaning of allah, which should just be god in language. So it can easily be said god of muslims. Jihad is also misunderstood and abused words so it should be outlawed too.

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