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Posted in: Japan's whaling ships leave for Antarctic hunt See in context

You can't escape Karma. It will come back to hit you.

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Posted in: Abe says he is ready to be more assertive against China See in context

Two great powers peaking around the same time..2 lions in a cage..how long can the peace last, that is to be seen.

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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

You hurt the sea, sea will take revenge. Japanese should learn.

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Posted in: Kono criticizes Abe for questioning war apology See in context

@sfjp330: The Germans provided full state endorsed apology to the jews, something you Japanese never did to the entire East Asians for the horrors you inflicted on them. That is the difference. All I can see are token apologies provided by few politicians long long time ago. You cannot right the past wrong, but you can show that future will be different. What heart do the Chinese or Asians or East Asians nations get from the Japanese generation that wants to revive its military? What guarantee that the Japanese will not repeat the history? All I can say is the Americans in Japan or Korea not only act as deterrent to the Chinese, they keep an watchful eyes on you Japanese as well so that you are not out of you leash again.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for double murder in 2004 See in context

How can you trust the Japanese justice system on this after Govinda Mainali? Guess nobody has other choice.

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Posted in: Back in Nepal, Govinda Mainali adjusts to life on the outside See in context

This man deserves a better justice. The police and the judges who destroyed his life need to be brought to punishment. Only then can the full justice is complete. Is there such an avenue in Japan at all?

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Posted in: Australian court case against Japanese whaling to begin Wednesday in The Hague See in context

@Probie Mate you sound like an expert in the matter and arguing vehemently in favor of Japan's massacre of whales in the ocean. I am not sure however, if you fully understand what it means for Australia or countries of the region. Just curious where you live, as we in this surrounding where the Japanese come to kill whales go through a trauma everytime they come. Have you really looked at any of the videos of it? Whales are big part of the ocean ecosystem, I am not saying they should not be killed because they are cute( I do personally think they are beautiful anyway), its because their sheer presence contributes to the survival of lives in the ocean in big way. Yes, it is the backyard for all countries where Japanese killer ships come to hunt, there is no two way about it.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni under scrutiny after Japan exits Confederations Cup See in context

If Japan performs like they did against Italy, they are ok. They were unlucky to lose that game.

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Posted in: 6 utilities include plans to restart 20 reactors in applications for rate hikes See in context

If only the people would learn to live less luxuriously, consume less..all of this would not have necessitated. YOu cannot blame these people wanting to turn on the reactors while you miss the shines of Ginza and Shinjuku at nights, while you want to enjoy every electronics you can imagine.

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Posted in: Australian court case against Japanese whaling to begin Wednesday in The Hague See in context

I do believe whales are special. They are different from the other animals reared for human consumption. Japan does not need whale meat for their hunger, they have enough of other meats and fishes already. Japan, get out of Australia's backyard, before other nations start doing same near sea of Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. conducting late-night Osprey drills despite agreement not to do so See in context

Wonder what would be happening now if they were flying over Tokyo or Osaka. It does seem that the Okinawans are putting up with the noise for the rest of the country. I am not saying US bases are not needed, but the entire country needs to share the brunt rather than pushing it down south.

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Posted in: Nepal's president arrives in Japan for medical treatment See in context

Best wishes for quick recovery to our president. Thanks to the Japanese medical staffs who will be looking after him.

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Posted in: U.S. Army general in Japan suspended amid sex-assault probe See in context

Wonder what the right wing Japanese politicians who keep on insisting the 'comfort women' were necessary during Japanese occupation of Asian countries would have to say to this.

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Posted in: Australia's Cahill disappointed after 1-1 draw with Japan See in context

Both teams deserved to win, may be Japan a little bit more. Awesome match.

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Posted in: Japanese, Spanish climbers, guide perish on Nepal mountain See in context

@BurakuminDes: You may live in a castle, but your attitude seems to be stemming for squalor for sure, or in real terms, it is squalor level. Don't throw around stats, do you know how many are homeless and poor and 'dirt-poor' in your own country?There are 'have's and 'have - not's everywhere. Even in Developed ones. You keep repeating you don't mean to demean Nepal or Nepalese, but cannot stop throwing mud on them, says a lot about you, could be your up bringing. Just shut up.

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Posted in: Japanese, Spanish climbers, guide perish on Nepal mountain See in context

@BurakuminDes - your attitude seems dirt poor, not Nepal. Its a naturally rich country and developing. It is a slight on Nepalese. Besides, get out of your little squalor in wherever you are holed up and search your info properly before making comments like this about other countries. Or better get there. There are rich and poor like anywhere.

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Posted in: Japanese right-wingers protest against S Korean daily's A-bomb editorial See in context

Everybody should remember that just because somebody else murdered, doesn't justify your murder.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop scrambling its fighters See in context

Both countries need each other for prosperity, without which there will only be chaos on either side. Neither seem capable of dominating the other completely by military means(at least that is how it appears on paper), so is there any good fighting? Probably both should share it.

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Posted in: Japan scrambled jets against China planes record 306 times in 12 months See in context

Just give it back to China..the islands don't belong to you, you know it deep down.

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Posted in: Kerry says U.S. will protect Japan from N Korean threats See in context

Japan appears from a distance like a little boy hiding behind the US giant for protection from a bully. What is one day the giant turns against you?

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