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Posted in: Putin says Russia didn't meddle in U.S. election, despite evidence See in context

"we didn't meddle, we aren't meddling and we will not meddle in any elections."

That is what Putin said. The article inserted "despite the evident", implying that Putin acknowledged the existence of evidence of Russian meddling. The article is a piece of deceptive journalism typical of the mainstream fake news.

If people are so concerned, why not discuss Israel's meddling in US elections.

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Posted in: Equity will be the theme of this year's Women's World Cup See in context

Yeah, and it's unfair to pay the top soccer player more than the top curler, or the top dart thrower...

If more people watched women’s soccer, the payout would be larger.

Very true.

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Posted in: More efforts sought against hate speech 3 years after law's enactment See in context

I have been in Japan for many years, but I have never been told "go back to your home country.".

Isn't it due to you having a problem or having rude remarks?

Same here, I have lived in Japan over 20 years and I have never been told to go back to my country. Some foreigners do tend to whine too much about things that are "inferior" (i.e., different) in Japan.

I can understand how some Japanese can become tired of these criticisms and respond harshly, but I wouldn't call it a hate crime.

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Posted in: Iranian president says talks possible only if U.S. shows respect See in context

As long as US foreign policy remains controlled by Israel, they will never show any respect towards Iran. Sad!

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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

There are plenty of legit reasons to be angry at McCain; he was a terrible person. We shouldn't just forget all these reasons just because he's dead...

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Posted in: Stressed 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington getting treatment See in context

Didn't he get married very recently?

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Posted in: Trump expects Japan's military to reinforce U.S. in Asia and beyond See in context

I really hope that Japan does not join the allies of evil. All the conflict the US is involved in were based on lies, as the next one will certainly be.

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Posted in: Pro-Europe vote fragments but limits nationalist gains in EU election See in context

I always liked Marine Le Pen, I hope she will soon surpass Macron, who is so hated by the French.

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Posted in: Two Japanese mobile carriers postpone release of Huawei phones See in context

If all this was really about security, why would Trump care about the sale of Huawei products in Europe and Japan?

That is because Huawei can not grow technically and can not release high quality good products.

So why were so many people buying Huawei products (before the ban).

BTW, Huawei had been expecting something like this to happen so they have apparently been working on developing their own OS (and apps?) for some time.

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Posted in: Two Japanese mobile carriers postpone release of Huawei phones See in context

I would rather have China spy on me than the NSA/CIA/FBI/ Mossad.

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Posted in: U.S. suspects Syria in new chemical attack, threatens reprisal See in context


Indeed, and these unfounded accusations (((lies))) always seem to come as Trump appears to move away from an area or indicates that he does not want war (e.g. with Iran).

And interestingly, this comes right after "hundreds of members of the U.S. Congress signed a letter to President Donald Trump on Monday arguing that the United States should remain engaged with the conflict in Syria, saying they were "deeply concerned" about extremist groups in the country."

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Posted in: Resolution submitted to rebuke lawmaker over Russia war remarks See in context

"Do you think there is any alternative to war (to recover the islands)?"

To me, it seems it was just his (awkward) way of implying they cannot get the islands back.

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Posted in: Iran tells Japan it is exercising restraint despite escalation of U.S. sanctions See in context

Trump undid an illegal and treasonous collusion with an enemy left by your beloved Comrade Obama!

No, all Trump did was to further show everyone that:

we must not expect the US to follow any agreement.

Trump is in the pocket of Israel.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

BTW, anyone who has signed (hankoed) a contract and wants to stop paying, my understanding is that you can always call NHK and tell them you no longer have a TV, and they will cancel the contract.

As far as I know, there is no way for them to check whether you have a TV or not.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

There's no penalty for not paying.

Yeah, as long as you do not sign the contract. Once you sign it, you must pay.

Anyway, I just tell the guy I don't have a TV and I don't own a car. And say good bye.

For some reason, my Japanese skill really worsens whenever the NHK guy shows up.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

The Sanctity of Human Life is an inherent right.

The Sanctity of the Body is an inherent right and embodied in the Constitution.

Indeed, the living body (fetus) must be protected.

Abortion exists for a reason and Planned Parenthood exists to hand these issues.

Exactly, Planned Parenthood is making a fortune selling products obtained from the fetuses.

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

It doesn’t mean that we can not help one of our closest allies in the middle east. (Israel)

Why is Israel important to America, what does it offer. No natural resources, oil gas minerals. Why is it anymore important than any other Middle East country?

Israel is more a parasite than an ally to America. Despite Netenyahu constantly praising Israel's amazing economy, America gives them billions in aid every year. America get nothing in return, except for "faulty intelligence" (lies) that support US wars for Israel, costing American tax payers trillions. An ally would not have attacked the US on 9-11, USS Liberty; and they would not have stolen and sold to the Chinese (and others) military secrets.

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

And based on their previous statements, it appears that the CIA and Pentagon do not have any intelligence.

And you or I wouldn’t know that.

I do know that they have been wrong about all of the intelligence they provided in support of all of America's recent (and not so recent) wars. So they either all have extremely low IQ, or they are lying, or both.

Anyway, Bolton works 100% for Israel. Trump about 50% for Israel...

And the problem is....

Indeed, this is not a problem if you are an israeli; but Americans should expect their government to work for them. Everything the US has done in the ME has benefited only the israelis and has been very detrimental and costly for Americans.

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

You don’t have the intelligence that the CIA or the Pentagon has.

And based on their previous statements, it appears that the CIA and Pentagon do not have any intelligence.

Anyway, Bolton works 100% for Israel. Trump about 50% for Israel...

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

Since 1969 when records started to be kept there have been more people killed in the US through domestic gun violence than US servicemen killed in all the wars since and including WW1. Take a minute to let that sink in.

Because US servicemen are well armed?

Hmmm, so having more people armed would decrease the number of deaths.

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Posted in: Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike; ignites social media See in context

And women won't give up rights to their bodies

Indeed, but let's not forget the rights of the body that is inside her.

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Posted in: What is your view on people or groups who use social media to air extremist views, hate speech, incite violence or libel others? Where should the line be drawn, if at all, with regards to freedom of speech? See in context

I'm concerned about who determines what is and isn't hate speech. Often, legitimate criticism or discussion of certain groups or countries (without inciting violence) is unjustly labelled as hate speech and shut down.

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Posted in: High levels of sunscreen ingredients end up in the bloodstream: study See in context

A bit of sun exposure is healthy.

Avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule don't look like chemicals that we should have in our bloodstream.

Perhaps we should find other ways to avoid excessive sun exposure.

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Posted in: Iran says it will resume uranium enrichment if world powers do not keep promises See in context

Perhaps Trump simply wants a war.

No, Trump just wants the money that his rich Zionist backers give him.

Israel now estimated 400.

The exact number of Israeli atomic warheads is unknown since they refuse to allow any UN inspections.

That should disqualify Israel from receiving any US aid (according to US law). Funny how they continue to get away with it.

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Posted in: Death tolls rise in surging Israel-Gaza fighting See in context

hate to break it to you, but there IS NO Palestinian State.

Hate to break it to you, but the Palestinian State is recognized by most of humanity. And except for the Israelis, everyone recognizes the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories as illegal.

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Posted in: Virulent anti-Semitism emerges from U.S. white supremacists See in context

The ever increasing rise in anti-Christianism is a more important problem that should be addressed.

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Posted in: Renovated Hiroshima A-bomb museum building opens with new exhibits See in context

However the Government of Japan has a responsibility to deliver a comprehsive historic account with lessons learned through the education system. This can be achieved in dignified manner.

This applies to all sides. I have yet to hear the US government deliver an honest historic account of why they dropped the bombs, or anything else for that matter....

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Posted in: Putin: N Korea ready to denuclearize -- if it gets guarantees See in context

Japan would be better off if they form close ties with Russia and let the US go.

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Posted in: Iranian parliament labels entire U.S. military as terrorist See in context

Most of the world already knows US military are terriorists.

Yes, they certainly are more terrorist than Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

[US] Soldiers are just doing their jobs and following orders. They are not to blame. The ones that give the orders and create the conditions are the real terrorists. Both military, and political leaders.

Perhaps, but I have trouble believing that they would be so intellectually challenged to not realize that they are being used for evil goals by their leaders.

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Posted in: IS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka blasts; officials believe they were revenge for NZ mosque killings See in context

I'm not buying it.

But I am very suspicious of all the attacks against churches in France and elsewhere. It seems like some are intentionally trying to fuel a conflict between Christians and Muslims.

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