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efisherSEP. 15, 2012 - 09:05PM JST If one knows the Japanese war crime in WWII, he won't be surprised to see the chaos.

i know, i heard it. my country was invaded by japan during WW 2 and nasty stuff happened. but i believe that history exists for us to learn that hatred leads to never ending violence. i dont learn history to justify war. its the opposite. War for whatever reason, is death itself. Nobody wants their lives to be taken away by someone else. War justifies the concept of self-righteousness into the most extreme.

Most of the people i know in Japan only cared about living their lives peacefully. Honestly, to get by day by day is already a struggle to most people. To be burdened by sin that they have never thought of doing is way too much to carry. The criminals who did the crime are mostly dead or deterioted by age. If new criminals arise, then let the justice fall on them. Just because we are on the same boat as the criminals, doesnt mean you have to sunk all of us in it...

And stop hating someone just because you hate their parents.

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i am new to Japan Today, and quite surprised... Even though i think this is an interesting article, i hope the writer of this mini article really wrote this as an open article and not generalizing in order to create sensation.. anyway, i appreciate the writer's thought on parring the 'light novels' and 'manga' as literature. the wirter go even as far as using it as an indication for japanese 'literary craze'! awesome :-) Looking forward to more qrticles such as these.

But i look forward for articles that doesnt base itself solely from the title of the work discussed within the articles... i mean we really cant judge a book by ots cover, right? especially if you write that judgement on an article in a site such as Japan Today. At least, read what you write about a little mr.Simonich. You dont have to read the complete set, but if you could describe what the story really is so we can really grab asense of what the title is about that would be great. As a creator myself, i hate it if my work is written half assed by anybody.


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history is so subjective that every country have their own perspectives on the world. the problem here with this whole island dispute is that it has a hidden agenda, which for me who have no idea of what is the real history of this disputed archipelago, the agenda is something more than nationalist sentiment. This is a battle on resources. Scary stuffs... now imagine if one day nations will have to fight each other for clean water... i hope my future children wouldnt have to experience this.. seriously, war only looked good in movies. world needs a better way of resource management and manage international conflict. call me paranoid, but flags and borders are scary shit..

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