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Posted in: Rare photo of A-bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima See in context

My father's ship, the American destroyer escort 410, USS Jack Miller was one of the first, perhaps even The First, into Nagasaki Harbor after the surrender. The pictures in his photo album are distorted by the residual gamma rays of the weapon, yet still convey the horror of the event. America was gearing up to invade Japan when the weapons were used. It is estimated that the conventional invasion would have accrued around 1 million dead Americans, and well over 4 million dead Japanese before resistance was ended. The heinous affair of WWII illustrates clearly why we citizens of the world must be vigilant of those we promote to power, and of how we treat the nonsense they endeavor to sell us. I am proud of my country and of the way we treated Japanese citizens after the surrender. I am also proud to call the Japanese my friends and allies today. They are a wonderful people, brave and worthy of all our mutual creator has granted, yet had I been of combat age during WWII, I would not have given a dime for their existence. Let us continue to move on, and never allow our leaders to take us into the horrific night of war ever again.

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