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Posted in: 12 killed, 59 wounded at shooting during 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere at Denver cinema See in context

Face it, this is just another horrible incident which will happen again and again and again! Won't be too long until this is forgotten and we have moved on to the next one where we all post mindless comments on sites like this. Guns can kill. That's what they are for. So until something changes.....nothing will!

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

Ask the Irish. 12 years spent studying it at school from around 4 and still most people know nearly more than a handful of words!!!

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Posted in: Flu season has peaked nationwide, say health officials See in context

My daughter been in bed for past few days with it but Tamiflu seems to be working. If anyone needs a good doctor I cant recommend Dr. Lomax at Tokyo Medical Clinic high enough!

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Posted in: Stainless-steel supported cushion See in context

is this for infants who drive????

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Posted in: All together now See in context

does that salute look familiar????????????????????/

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Posted in: 'Shallow-brained bureaucrats' crackdown on love hotels unlikely to thwart teen prostitution See in context

Long Live Love Hotels...they rock

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Posted in: Mirror floor at bar exposed waitress' underwear; owner arrested See in context

Don't see the fuss over this...so what.

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