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Posted in: Japan says North Korea missile launch threatens peace See in context

Here's the problem, diplomacy will not work with the North. Why? It's been tried already for decades! Soft talk won't work neither, because Kim will see it as weakness! Confronting Kim in his level of aggressiveness like Trump did was effective, it's the only language Kim knows, we didn't see any missile launch for about 3 years, but we have a problem with that language Trump used, it "offends" people, some see it as "rude", "unpolite" "unpresidential", we live in an age today that everything is offensive, Cancel Culture they call it in the US. That leaves Japan and the world with 2 options: 1. Give Kim what he wants, no questions ask 2. Just let Kim be who he is and enjoy the view and the fireworks from NK. Another thing to remember, NK is a buffer of China. What if NK and SK were to merge and become 1 Korea in the model of the South? It would be a nightmare for Communist China! Good luck my Japanese friends!

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