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Raymasaki comments

Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

well i think its Funny & Stupid people always compare US to JP. the sea sheppard is a pain in the Butt. paul watson is from Canada & many are from every part of the world including Australia. WHY is there support for sea sheppard here? WHY is there thumbs down on the comment (GO Japan)? I thought this site was for people who Liked & Respected Japan. the Japanese people need to eat & for a self sustaining country its very Low so it has to use the Ocean as a resource for Food, I FULLY Support JAPAN on this!

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Posted in: N Korea threatens nuclear retaliation against Japan See in context

well here we Go again, this happens almost every 2 years. Not sure if many of you have paid attention to Asian news media stuff. NK is a little brat that wants attention & even thou there's a "new" president the same dumb acts keep happening i have a feeling its the Government that makes these choices, it seemed as though it was just kim jong il BUT his son is doing it now? well so much for the country changing for the better. I will say this the UN/US/SK & many other countries Will NOT put up with stupid threats from NK. & IF NK does something stupid they WILL Regret it!

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Posted in: U.S. tops Japan earthquake donor list See in context

well ive Read before in 2011 that we were the top donation, BUT many other countries who can't afford still donated Thats great they did. we the US Have a strong Bond with Japan & will always Help our Allies who ever it is. I think the SK Government didn't want to make its people mad or something YES theres anti JP feelings in South Korea. they should be closer. its important to know that many allies will Help each other.

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Posted in: Olympic judo champ Uchishiba indicted over teen rape See in context

did they have sex before? he should have asked her way before drinking, she should have known better than to drink in a hotel room with a guy. Not saying its her fault But she should have been smarter. Him too! he could have easly got another girl. either way its another star that get into Trouble & its their own Fault. my question is will he be banned from the next Olympics? just curious

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Posted in: 'Kizuna' chosen as kanji character of 2011 See in context

絆 kizuna is a good one. i didn't know about the Kanji of the year thing. its hard to say because so many words/characters can discribe how the year went. but 2011 was a bad year as far as the Earthquake & Tsunami. lets hope this next year 2012 is alot Better for Nihon & Everyone.

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Posted in: North Korea says farewell to Kim Jong-Il See in context

well not too many comments here compared to the Breaking news of kim. we'll have to wait & see when NK makes the news again. Hopefully it will be good news But we are just gonna have to wait & see. Many people in the world are hoping for a Better outcome & better way of life for North Korea.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim Jong-Il dead at 69 See in context

haha! YES! Good riddance to Bad Rubbish! im like many of you im Glad, Lets HOPE, wait & see could this be a better chapter for NK? Hey we (most people) just want a better life for north Koreans. they suffered long enough. IF the son is smart he would want to reunifie. the smart way would be to send south Koreans & other to NK & start to build better Hospitals & schools. (thats the easy part) I know i know its gonna cost Billions & take years but if the south koreans really want it it could happen. many countries would be willing to Help.

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Posted in: Yakuza involved in Fukushima clean-up: reporter See in context

oh the soft gentle side of the yakuza. they are just trying to win people over. & they are Not a "secret society" everyone one in Nihon & abroad knows about them. the Yakuza Helping - Yasashii, wonder what they want?

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Posted in: China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat See in context

"china has 50 modern war ships" LOL SO! we have alot more than that! besides economically it would ruin china people Would easly boycot them. its Asian neighbors DON'T want china in controll either. 7777 says (I also say look at Vietnam and NK. America didn`t win either of these wars with these tiny countries) we were NOT at war against these countries! but tried to help. in civil wars. 5 years after ww2 Proof that china is a Back stabber. LOOK at NK as far as thier life style! compared to south Korea! china impossed "communism" on them & the people still suffer to this day!

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Posted in: Japan whaling authorities sue Sea Shepherd in U.S. See in context

of course once again turn this into a VS. USA debate. sea sheppards captain is paul watson From CANADA. they are in the SOUTH ocean. washington is 45'0 latitude would be like North Hokkaido! they are based in Australia! many of them get HUGE support from australia. yes international court. im an American & support the whalers, Hate sea sheppard

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Posted in: Speeding blamed for pileup involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini See in context

they were bringing them to a car show in Hiroshima. well a car carrier would have been safer. these cars were going way too Fast! so once one hit the rail the others piled up. were they going crazy with other trafic? who knows what happened before. but they are lucky no other city drivers were hurt or killed. its an expensive lesson. but one people shouldn't be joking about.

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Posted in: Did FDR conceal Pearl Harbor intelligence about Japanese attack? See in context

well if any of you have studied world war 2, you would know Japan had stated in sep/41 that the naval fleets in Hawaii were a gun pointing to Japans head. BUT did not say if or when they would attack. (surprise attack) FDR/the US really didn't know. IF we knew they would have prepared & it still would have counted as an attack on US. too many people want to make it sound like we "tricked jp into attacking US. Nonesense! they attacked us we fought back & WON. I LOVE Japan more than anyone but you have to be able to Face FACTS! most japanese don't even like talking abbout ww2. the importantt thing now is we are friends now & will be for a LONG Time.

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Posted in: Amnesty International urges African nations to arrest George Bush See in context

arrest Bush? LOL! Keep Dreaming. waterboarding Terrorists? OH NO! leave those terrorists alone! you make it sound like these Terrorists should actually have Rights. i can imagine if spiderpig was in charge he would massaging & Bathing these terrorists. these Terrorists Kill innocent people with bombs in crowds their own people & some fools say they should be treated Fairly?

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

Funny how everyone is sticking up for korea But IF it was US Movies being protested you'd be on their side. Gizensha = Hypocrites. I don't blame the Japanese for not wanting too many K-Dramas in Japan, because many Koreans have a Negitive view of Japan & always insult / Bash it. ive been watching J-Dramas & K-Dramas since 2002 & ive seen some good K-Dramas & Many Good J-Dramas the Japanese ones are better in some ways.

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Posted in: Senior defense official fired for Okinawa 'rape' slur See in context

i don't think it was right for him to be fired. I do think its corny how they mention Negitive things. while theres many Japanese men who haved raped. the US Military has Helped in so many ways including the 3/11 Disaster. i think there should be less stationed in okinawa because one main threat is from North Korea. they should just simply vote on it & if most of the people want them out then they should leave. the US should always protect & Help Japan from any agressive countries.

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Posted in: Shiga temple bans visits by gangsters See in context

if they can & do ban gaijin from some restaurants, & its "ok" then why Not ban gang members from shrines? the yakuza have imported alot of drugs in Japan & have been guilty of many crimes. on a Large scale. they giving japan a bad name & are a menace to society

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Posted in: Aum trials end 16 yrs after sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway See in context

I thought Japan was quik with this stuff capital punishment, & i thought they were already executed. if not yet then they should be! why should they be kept alive for these years while many people have suffered? Execute them!

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context

soon we will hear about the chief of police gets in Trouble for uploading these photos to the internet. another reason why shoe camereas sell well in Japan, but seriously this shouldn't be something a cop would do. its hard not to make jokes about it even though its wrong.

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Posted in: Frenchman to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco See in context

seems inpossible. IF (nonstop) what about sleep, oh hes gonna stop on a boat each Night. thats like the man vs. wild thing where the guy slept in a cozy Trailer each Night. what about sharks? he'll reach sanfran then get stung by a JellyFish be hospitalized & Blame the us government for purposely "putting jelly fish in the ocean"

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Posted in: TPP opponents accuse Noda of making hasty decision to join talks See in context

it will Help Japan, & Japan & the US working together is alot more common & easy going than either of us working with china. Japans farm lands in Hokkaido are limited but also should be expanded & supported

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Posted in: S Korean severs part of his finger and mails it to Japanese embassy See in context

wow, yeah completey Stupid! never mind North Koreas threats & actions lets focus on some useless Rocks. VERY STUPID!

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context

well im an american & support Japan whaling. many do, its Australia & many of them who are against it it should be titled why the South is wrong NOT the "west"

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Posted in: How to win an argument – Japanese style See in context

i don't see how you can win an argunment with this rule. "Avoid direct arguing. Japanese will often avoid retorting or discussing a point, even when they know its right."

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Posted in: U.S. Congress honors Japanese-American soldiers See in context

they were honored when they returned home! theres footage of it! a jp drama shows what happened Yes they were discriminated against BUT so were Japanese in their home country who came back to japan after living in the US. Bless the ones who did serve, they proved themselves & things got better after years as did our (US-JP) relationship. the war is the past. since then & to this day we (US & Japan) are great allies & WILL always be!

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Posted in: New cyberattack hits computers in Diet See in context

thats funny JP beat US in a game & people go crazy with rude comments about the us. here china is hacking Japan & theres not many comments. this is overlooked & of course china always denies everything. many spies hired by the chinese government. china is a hightech (capitalist) version of north korea. the'll do something really dumb one of these days they won't be able to denie

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Posted in: Actors blast U.S. film website for revealing ages See in context

yeah cry me a river. if you are 50 then thats your age. so what they will find middle aged roles for you, what does this lady want? to be 50 & play the part of a 17 yr old Girl?

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Posted in: Tough talk See in context

well im an American & very Gald we are allies. & stationed in Japan it saved jp alot of money to do all kinds of Good things, BUT we should have less there at some point we will leave. we just need to let North Korea if they do anything stupid we will be there for Japan. with china becoming bigger military wise, Japan will also Build its military & start another arms race. Think of all the money would be saved IF there was NO threat from anywhere. I wouldn't call tibet a "landgrab" either, since its always been a part of china including maps from 4000 years ago.

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Posted in: Afghan President Karzai says he'll back Pakistan if U.S. attacks it See in context

its a little late for that. gadhafi gone now. besides we Helped afghnistan, so much for appreciation.

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Posted in: Pulled from drain pipe, Gadhafi was shown no mercy See in context

im surprised at the support for the capture/ END to this Dictator. & yeah im in FULL agreement another piece of garbage gone from Earth. these uprisings & dictators over thrown will Show the world these countries & people DO NOT want dictators. I hope they rebuild & Lybia lives in peace & Freedom. some doubt it But hey its what we are hoping for... a better world.

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Posted in: Protesters in Tokyo join 24-hour global 'Occupy Wall Street' movement See in context

they usually say we don't mind our Business, well if they Looked they would see the same thing in their country. what does protesting actually DO?! IF the Government does make wallstreet pay more taxes & restrict them in several areas its only gonna improve America.so much for people wanting to see US "Fail" give it a few months there will be other protests like this around the world, many protesters like Jumping Band wagons.

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